Fight to Win (Fight Night, #1)

Fight to Win (Fight Night, #1)➞ [Epub] ❥ Fight to Win (Fight Night, #1) By Maci Monroe ➨ – TYLER MMA Bad Boy Fight Night My first illegal fight A cage fight to knockout or surrender I knew when I saw her that she was the one But she was with my opponent LAILA Young beautiful full of class I TYLER MMA Bad Boy Fight Night My first illegal fight A cage fight to knockout or surrender I knew when I saw her that she was the one But she was with my opponent LAILA Young beautiful full Fight to Kindle - of class I hate fights I hate watching them being in them being part of them I was only there to support Raymond my unemployed lying boyfriend A MMA Bad Boy Romance The cage brought them together Would it keep them apart Tyler knew Laila needed to be his Raymond did not deserve her Fight Night Series This is book one in a five part Fight Night Series Sexual content Scroll up and grab a copy today This sexy steamy bad boy romance is perfect for fans of Joanna Blake Vi Keeland Lane Hart and Jen Frederick. 🎁 FREE on today 762020 🎁 Weird read this one Be aware that this is only the part one of the story so we don’t get an actual endI uite liked the hero he was sweet and caring the heroine I didn’t really liked I found this to be a weird read I'm not uite sure what to make of it Suffice to say this title can't be read as a standalone as it sort of just ends all of a suddenThere was a bit of info dumping here there but it wasn't too bad on that scoreI wasn't too sure about how the hero constantly referred to the heroine as a lady or the lady either And the music playlist he had prepared for ladies didn't do much for me particularly the Adele part ;I dunno I'm feeling confusedI don't think I'll be reading on Just want to say this is a part one you don't get the whole storyI liked the male lead character I like that he is caring and diverse Female lead isn't a strong female I found her weak and I'm not a fan of weak females in books I'm not a fan of cheating and that is what made me not want to continue with the series Fight to Win was a disappointment From the cover I was expecting a typical self published romance neither brilliant nor terrible That's not what I got Actually what I got was a rather fluently written story outline There are charming parts The romantic who put all of my thick fuzzy socks in the dresser of my coffee table so that I would never have cold feet“I hate it when he leaves his socks in bed” said Katie She was dark haired pale skinned and neat enough that she would consider breaking up with a guy because of socks in his bed “I hate it when he tells me to put stuff away” said Stephanie Her cubicle was cluttered with stuffed animals colorful paper figures pictures of her friends from college and every now and then she’d go to McDonald’s and pick up a few Happy Meals if they had toys that she wantedBy that point in the night I’d discovered he had a habit of blushing like a schoolgirl whenever I paid him a direct compliment —his entire face would flush red and he would smile so gently as if cracking one that was too hard would shatter something inside himWhen he ran his hands over my breasts it did not feel like a violation but a revelation that hands could be this gentle that they could fan the warmth in my the pit of my stomach and make it blossom so that it spread all over me When he tweaked my nipples I discovered that pain could also be a longing that an ache was not necessarily the same thing as a hurt And when he drew my knees up and apart I found that I wanted him to read me to see me to feel me I didn’t feel exposed at all —I felt understoodThese parts are great because of phrasing but also because they show character personality Unfortunately they're the exception not the rule The rule seems to be broad strokes and summaries We don't get to know the characters All we really see of the hero is a couple of fights and him mooning over the heroine for no apparent reason It's a shame here he is this one time class geek turned fighter A kind of dichotomy both nurse and fighter He doesn't have a lot of friends but his best friend is a lesbian graphic designer with a bit of a criminal record These are characters with potential I'm going to disregard a rather bizarre scene in which he pretends to be a beggar Such things are best disregarded I feelWe learn even less of the heroine she walks around wearing sheath dresses enough for the hero to deem her a lady and out of his league which honestly boggles my mind and worrying about having no money whilst seeming to spend a lot of money on cocktails The hero sees her as both elegant regal lady with a backbone of steel and fragile wisp of a girl trapped in a relationship with a man she doesn’t love I didn't see either She seems to be the definition of middle ground to me Very beige Perhaps this was a statement on how domestic abuse wears away the self but I doubt it I think it was just lack of effort on character developmentI'm disappointed because I get the sense that the author could actually be really entertaining if only she put the effort in and developed her writing Loved itI really enjoyed the characters and the storyline I kept wanting of these two and couldn’t wait to see what happened next My freaking fighter romance addiction lol Great short read especially if you are into the whole fightersports romance genre very disappointing the characters are good but the story is lacking I was getting into this book until I started to get towards the end While it was a very short novella it ended very abruptly I also was not a fan of how they handled Laila and Tyler getting together regardless of the situation