Handyman Special (Worth Fixing Book 1)

Handyman Special (Worth Fixing Book 1)❰BOOKS❯ ✭ Handyman Special (Worth Fixing Book 1) Author Dulcie Taylor – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Life left her in the dirt kicked her while she was down she s just plain broken But there s someone around the one she least expects he s a handyman His methods might seem odd, but he knows what he s Life left her in the dirt kicked her while she was down she s just plain broken But there s someone around the one she least expects he s a handyman His methods might seem odd, but he knows what he s doing He s pretty good at mending things that are broken and he already knows she s worth fixing even if she doesn t Follow five women who think they re beyond repair and their handymen that will stop at nothing including spanking them to put their tender hearts back together again. 4 starsI liked the short stories each was of a woman that was down or depressed or needed help makingit through the struggles of life Each story had a strong man to lend guidance The stories werecomplete with a happy ending They had mild corrections with OTK and paddle, hand and belt.They were loving males The females were down on their luck, hooked on sleeping tablets, had badexperiences that shaped they very existence It was a quick read, but enjoyable. SHORT, SWEET, AND SASSYI liked these short stories in this collection Each story is around 25 to 30 pages, has broken women and strong alpha men that are there to help pick up the pieces and make the women feel whole again If you enjoy a quick read and don t have time to become invested in a lengthy novel, this will be a great collection The plot is engaging with strong character interaction. This book is a very cute group of short stories that are funny, heart warming, full of feisty heroines and alpha heroes, spankings but most of all, lots of Love When I requested this book I didn t realize that it was a collection of short stories as I normally don t appreciate that format, however, I did enjoy this book and would recommend it for readers that like short stories as well as readers that prefer longer stories. Each of the stories pulled you in fast, giving you a small connection to the hero and heroine through the issue they are facing The men were all extremely handy to have around and instrumental in helping solve and fix the issues plaguing the heroines Spanking was the key to resolutions but in some instances romance began to blossom as a result My favorite story was between Hannah and Ethan. Their short stories that a handyman comes in and fixes the women by spanking them, great for lunch hour break My only complaint is it felt like like a sample of once day with them It would be nice if Dulcie would now write a novel on each of them Please.I was given this story for a honest reviews. 03 01 2016 02 34pm A group of short stories featuring women who are broken in some way Each has, or finds, a man who is willing and able to help them, but the women may be shocked at their methods A feel good read. This is a series of short stories about strong women who are having problems They have a significant other in their lives who are going to help them get thru, whether they want that or not Of course, there are spankings along the way to encourage them I give this 4 stars. This was a lovely sweet book with short stories about women who have problems that they can t fix them self and strong alpha men who help them by spanking them The men are also very caring and lovine. I have things that need fixingI love the writing style in this book The stories were hot I wanted to be the women in these stories The emotions described are really the kind you feel Thanks for good substantial shorts I ll be back if you are. Sweet stories that are about alpha males who love and discipline strong women to better themselves If you enjoy variety and love stories with a little spanking thrwn in then this book is for you.