Untamed ➷ [Reading] ➹ Untamed By Emilia Kincade ➬ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk A Bad Boy Secret Baby Romance I never told him about the baby How did it come to this Me, pregnant with his child Duncan tore through my life like a tornado through Kansas A reckless bad boy, he set h A Bad Boy Secret Baby Romance I never told him about the baby How did it come to this Me, pregnant with his child Duncan tore through my life like a tornado through Kansas A reckless bad boy, he set his eyes on me and never took them off His hot lips stole my mind, his possessive hands stole my body, and his azure eyes stole my soul He took me, made me his, and he never, ever stopped Then I got pregnant My father wanted to take my baby away, raise it as his own So I had to run It was the only way But I know Duncan is coming for me I know he wants his family back She was off limits I got her pregnant The moment I saw Dee, I knew I had to have her as my own I fell into her endless eyes, and her touch ignited my molten obsession The way she felt, the way she smelled, the way she tasted she was always my burning need We were meant to be a family, but she disappeared She never told me she was carrying our baby I found out, anyway I know her father is after her, wants to take her child our child I m not letting my family go I ll make her mine again, and I ll protect our baby Note Untamed contains the full length bonus novel Uncaged for a limited time only. This honestly felt like the longest book ever There was way too much story with very little plot here It dragged on forever I was so determined to finish it even though it seemed like nothing was really happening or advancing for a while.The ending was lackluster The characters were whatever All together I just got a very meh vibe from this story unfortunately. I loved the hell out of this book The H was to die for HOT He was OTT possessive, obsessive, protective, and a TOTAL alpha male The H was utterly devoted to the h and I loved him I ve been reading romance and erotic books for years so I am pretty familiar with reading sex scenes However, this book had the hottest sex scenes I ve read in a long time This author writes incredible heroes She is a true talent and an auto buy for me. Dee and Duncan share a forbidden love Dee s father, head of the mafia would kill Duncan if he knew Duncan was adopted and trained to be the son Dee s father would never have and the fighter who would make him millions When Dee finds out she is pregnant, everything changes and she runs She knows Duncan will be hurt by her actions but in order to keep him alive she will do anything she can to protect him and the child she is carrying Duncan though has other plans and they all include having Dee by his side.This was interesting, although I read a ton of books had almost too much sex for me in it Overall concept was good, I think I will reread again as I had just finished a book that was an instant favorite so expectations on this one was incredibly high. It was a good story I liked Duncan and Dee even though it was a new adult romance But it was just so slow It took forever to read it. To my surprise, this was a really really good book This is a 1st time author for me, and I really enjoyed her work I wasn t into the step brother fad that has been happening lately in the book world, so I really didn t think this was going to be a book I was going to like, but I couldn t put it down This is a Mafia book, or so it says.but I didn t find it was to much about that really It also has a touch of MMA This is a step brother romance but the H isn t really a step brother, he s just brought into the family by the Mob Boss father to make money as a fighter The H and h have a secret love affair This is a good romance book with some awesome hot sex I will be definitely reading from this series While the concept of this book was ok I was board really quick when it flipped back to the past I ended up skipping a lot of the book and just catching up here and there I finished the book but skipped about half of it because it really dragged and didn t feel I missed anything by skipping ahead OMG, what a powerful story I didn t like Glass AT ALL and he was a selfish and despicable man I loved Duncan for his strength to never back down from a fight to keep his money when the group home when bully wanted to beat him down I felt so sorry for Dee that she had to grow up without a mom and that her mob dad told her countless time that he wanted a SON How horrible for her Once I was rapidly reading and I couldn t put it down once Dee fled her dad. I love DPOV books and Emilia does not disappoint Duncan and Dee s story is so good Only a couple chapters in and I m bored Going to stop now. a very good story just took a long time to read it, found it repetive in some spots But I really likes the characters.