Anglické listy Karla Čapka

Anglické listy Karla Čapka☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ Anglické listy Karla Čapka By Karel Čapek ✎ – Karel Capek s Letters from England have established themselves as masterpieces of observation The letters and drawings are humorous, insightful and imbued by a profound humanity They convey a bemused Karel Capek s Letters from England have established themselves as masterpieces of observation The letters and drawings are humorous, insightful and imbued by a profound humanity They convey a bemused admiration for England and the English First Anglické listy Epub / published in the nineteen twenties in Lidovc Noviny, the Czechoslovak national newspaper, Capek s Letters from England quickly established themselves as masterpieces of observation, and classics of modern Czech prose The letters described Europe s oldest democracy for the benefit of the citizens of Europe s newest, and Capek was acutely aware of the deep down affinity between his countrymen and the English The same understated humour, the same unflappability, the same quiet search for peace, home and comfort, the same love of nature and animals, served to unite the two people, both then and now Shortly after Letters from England appeared, Czechoslovakia was betrayed by Britain at Munich, and handed over to Hitler. Jazykem, kter m u bohu el nikdo nep e, o Anglii, co u nejsp nen , spisovatel, kter se u n s u ur it nenarod. I was charmed by this book but is it enough to simply say I was charmed Should I not try to explain why I was charmed Ok You asked for it.First Impression A wise man once said nothing.Early in the book, Capek accidentally so he says wonders into Hyde Park on a Sunday and witnesses the spectacle of soapbox orators and debaters Although to a man like Capek this must have seemed like a heavenly vision of equality and freedom, he does not wax rhapsodic, choosing instead to draw only a simple humorous sketch As he puts it I might make this a starting point for admirable reflections on democracy, the English character, and the need for faith and other things but I would rather leave the whole occurrence in its natural beauty Capek s refusal to state his own opinions on all he sees allows the reader to feel the strangeness of being in a foreign land, and to draw their own conclusions This drawing in creates a great deal of the charm of the book.Second Impression The difference between manners and caring.Also charming is Capek s obvious love of humanity, even when humans act in ways he finds bewildering There is a knowing kindness behind these words that is not simple minded, although he at times he adopts a naive tone in order to make a joke Capek, above all, detects the good in other people, and this shines through almost every page.Third Impression The man has opinions after all Capek, that sly dog, lulled us in with his innocent observer act Boy, he sure fooled me Mid way through the book he starts making all these funny, opinionated remarks We, gullible readers, have been so lulled by the gentle tone of the book do not notice the shift, and since up to this point we have been left to draw our own conclusions, we think Capek s ideas are really our ideas My how smart and witty we have suddenly become I take back that first impression, please disregard it.Fourth Impression An unfortunate joke about children and a machine gun.I believe it reflects badly on our own time that one can no longer make jokes like this It was funny when he said it back in the 1920 s because it was so unimaginable using a machine gun to clear one s way through crowds of children that it could not possibly be seen as anything but a joke and so utterly impossible that no one would, at the time, even say it was in bad taste Unfortunately we live in a world were such acts are all too easily imagined, and such a joke would be considered very tasteless I do not think badly about Capek, but feel sorry for how the world has changed.Fifth Impression I love these crazy sentences.The run on, joyous, whimsical, semi colon filled sentence constructions may be the most charming aspect of the book Each is a delight to read Here is Capek on the isle of Skye It is beautiful and poverty stricken and the native huts have such a prehistoric look that they might have been built by the late Picts, concerning whom, as is known, there is nothing known There is an even rapturously good description of the harbour in Plymouth, but I don t have the book close at hand so you ll just have to go read it for yourself Page 160, I think.Sixth Impression It s over Already It s like when you are driving in the city and dealing with all the other idiot drivers and then you stumble on a beautiful piece of classical music on the radio that transports you, for an all too brief time, into a cleaner and better world Then the piece ends and you are back in the traffic with all the other idiots. An extremely charming travel book by the excellent Czech writer Capek writes about the eccentricities of British life in the 1920s He deplores British food, disparages the rain and the traffic and criticises the insularity but he praises the countryside and some of the quaint traditions Capek was a very humourous writer but also a very humane one He always supports the underdog He also has some genuinely profound things to say on nature, aesthetics and imperialism His sketches are superb and his wistfulness is moving. Karla apka jsem nem la v ruce od z kladn koly Pokud jsem od t doby narazila na n kterou z jeho pov dek, byla to ist n hoda a rozhodn ne m z sluha i touha po vzd l n O to v c jsem byla zv dav na jeho Anglick listy, na kter jsem nem la v bec dn o ek v n.Kdo by to byl ekl, e se mi do ruky dostane p enosn z sob rna dobr n lady Anglick listy jsou ide ln kniha do MHD Je to p jemn sb rka kratink ch post eh , kter m sty pobav a jindy donut k zamy len ten se kr sn ztrat v apkov mil m humoru, p ekr sn m jazyce a pobav se nad jeho roztomil m um leck m um n m v podob drobn ch skic, co byla m nejobl ben j st knihy Anglick listy jsou v born m p kladem toho, e v jednoduchosti je kr sa a e kritizovat a lichotit se d i s ctou a respektem. Velmi jednoduch , rychl a hlavn mil ten Ve sb rce fejeton , kter na sebe navazuj , apek popisuje sv cestovatelsk z itky z Britsk ch ostrov Postupn ten e seznamuje s lidmy, kter potkal, j dly, kter ochutnal, m sty kter nav t vil atp.P vodn jsem po knize s hla v r mci povinn etby na zkou ku z esk literatury, ale v d t, jak zaj mav je, tak po n s hnu o n co d v. Stromy jsou snad to nejkr sn j v Anglii Tak ov em louky a str nici, ale hlavn stromy, kr sn plecit , star , rozlo it , voln , ctihodn a p evelik stromy.Lond nsk ulice je jen takov koryto, kter m ivot te e, aby u byl doma Na ulic ch se ne ije, nekouk , nemluv , nestoj ani nesed ulicemi se jenom prob h k m V m, je to stra n stra n je relativismus asu a prostoru, ale stra n j je relativismus kultury a d jin nikde za n mi ani p ed n mi nen bodu klidu, ide lu, hotovosti a dokonalosti lov ka nebo je v ude a nikde, a ka d m sto v prostoru a v ase, kde lov k postavil sv d lo, je nep ekro iteln A j u ani nev m, je li portr t od Rembrandta dokonalej ne tane n maska ze Zlat ho pob e vid l jsem p li mnoho.Je tu v ecko, co lze zpen it, kupovat a prod vat od hrsti zrn po sal nn vag n, od kusu uhl po ko i inu z modr ch li ek Du e m , co by sis cht la koupit z t chto poklad sv ta Nic, nic vlastn cht la bych b t mali k a st t zase v kr m star ho Prouzy v pici, vyvalovat o i na ern pern k, pep , z zvor, vanilku a bobkov list a myslet si, to e jsou v echny poklady sv ta a v echny v n Ar bie a v echno ko en dalek ch zem , asnout, ichat a pak si b et st Vern v rom n o kon in ch divn ch, dalek ch a vz cn ch Nebo j , hloup du e, jsem si je p edstavovala jinak Mizern ch n kolik hodin m m odtud do Irska, ale eknete, m m pro nic a za nic zahodit stra n tajemstv , kter m je pro mne tato zem obest ena I budu se pov dy s l skou a radost d vat na mapu Irska Hle, zem , z n jsem rou ky nes al. Charmingly satirical anecdotes observations re the English, English institutions etc The man sitting opposite you in the train will anger you for two hours by not regarding you as worthy of a glance suddenly he gets up and hands you your bag which you are unable to reach Here the people always manage to help each other, but they never have anything to say to each other, except about the weather It is perhaps through sheer taciturnity that the English swallow half of every word and then the second half they somehow squash so it is difficult to understand them I used to travel every day to Ladbroke Grove the conductor would come and I would say Ledbruk Grrov Eh Ledbhuk Ghov Eh Hevhuv Hev Aa, Hevhuv Hov The conductor would rejoice and give me a ticket to Ladbroke Grove I shall never learn this as long as I live I was also amused by this description of George Bernard Shaw He is immensely tall, thin and straight he looks half like God and half like a very malicious satyr A joyful read with some timeless observations from the great Czech writer Predates many other tours of England, most famously J B Priestley, but contrary to its title also covers Scotland at his most poetic , Wales and very dismissively but mostly due to recommendation of his English friends Ireland In fact the latter provides an interesting commentary on the Irish Question as seen from the 1920s There are many comments on the English that seem, 90 years on, no less relevant Worth finding and reading, for it is a quick and pleasurable read. gil y pre ado de humor, y con el toque entra able de Capek Me fascina me fascina y me da mucha envidia, claro c mo es capaz de escribir sobre la esencia profunda de Inglaterra y Escocia y hacer re r al mismo tiempo. apek has an astute eye leading to elegant epistles from 1930s England a kind of travelogue about habits As a recent immigrant, I loved it.