Penal Station 05 (With This Mark, #1)

Penal Station 05 (With This Mark, #1) [Download] ✤ Penal Station 05 (With This Mark, #1) Author Valentina Heart – Jared, a guard on one of the many penal space stations, is good at his job, but painfully naive Getting convicted of a crime he didn t commit and being sentenced to a life in prison did not feature in Jared, a guard on one of the many penal space stations, is good at his job, but painfully naive Getting convicted of a crime he didn t commit and being sentenced to a life in prison did not feature in his vision of the future When he gets rescued then promptly claimed as property by Sar, the most dangerous and biggest man Penal Station Epub / on the penal station he s just about ready to faintgracefully, of courseBut Sar is a genius with a hidden face and big expectations Sar expects Jared to learn to fight, to serve his sexual needs, and to socialize with Sar s friends So while Jared works on his stances and, surprisingly, can t get enough of sex, he still has trouble cheerfully conversing with the same men who would rather kill him or claim him for their ownAll of that changes with new arrivals, a kidnapping, and secret agendas Will Jared survive torture and is Sar bad and mad enough to rescue him or are theylikely to perish when the clock ticks down and the station blinks out with the sound of an explosion. I bow down to the wisdom of our Queens Lorraine and Lyn for literally commanding and nagging me to death to read this book Because this was such a unique, different and fantastic book and I really enjoyed reading it Sar is a very unique and interesting person He was born and raised in penal station 05 and has been living there for his whole life Despite being born in prison and never receiving a proper education, Sar is far from being stupid In fact, the guy could have become a great scientist or someone genius if he were born in a normal condition He could speak various languages and always eager to observe, investigate and learn new things Life in penal station 05 is never changing New meat literally food and men every other month and inmates following a hierarchy within the prison since there s no real authority figure there And everything changed one day when there s a new inmate who claimed to be a former prison guard arrived to the penal station 05 Jared, a former prison guard, a fresh scapegoat in the grand scheme of politics and economics, and recently get his ass incarcerated in the worst station in the universe, the penal station 05 Just after he was abandoned there, there are inmates everywhere fighting to get a chance at his ass literally What can he hope in this situation where everyone there is the most ruthless, notorious and vile creatures of mankind And there comes a giant whose face is covered with a bandana rescued his ass and carried him back to his cell What does he need to exchange in order to get the protection of this man who rescued his ass Soon, Jared learned that despite being the top in the food chain and his face mysteriously covered by a bandana, under the stern, crude fa ade, there s a man who s kind, loving, understanding and starving for human connection Sar found Jared truly fascinating and beautiful Despite being born in the world full of privileges, he also soon learnt that Jared is sheltered and na ve than most people And boy, how that urged and stimulated Sar s inner alpha to protect and cherish his omega Their love is definitely not insta It s slow burning, self searching and cherished love Their love reminds me of a symbiosis relationship between living things Beautiful, necessary and heart melting But are they going to spend the rest of their lives just being in each other s arms in the prison Or will there be something interesting and intimidating waiting for them in a not very distant future This book is truly special when it comes to prison romance I m really surprised by how well constructed the world building and the characteristics of MCs Sar s character is the epitome of portraying a victim of the atrocities and the ruthlessness of human beings Just for the fact that because he was born of a prison guard who was abandoned on the penal station 05 due to a riot, he had to grow up there and spend the rest of his life on the space prison And to add to his misery, he was disfigured by other inmates when he was young just because they wanted a fresh meat to play It broke my heart to read about Sar s life story Jared story is not much better too Because of a crime he never committed and because he s too convenient of a scapegoat to sacrifice, he was sentenced to life in prison and stripped away from his life, his dreams and his hopes I feel like Jared is the light of Sar s life since he has never seen light in his life It is truly astonishing to see what human beings will do for love I love how Sar took care of Jared s every needs and how Jared return his love by the abundance of caring, patience and tender love Especially about 30% at the end of the book kept me on the edge all the time It was like watching a blockbuster thriller movie And the romance between Sar and Jared is heavenly to read So tender, heart melting and swoon worthy Loved every second reading it While the story ended with a very likely HEA and a definite HFN, I wouldn t mind reading of these two lovers adventures on the new planet So please write a sequel of this novel, Valentina Heart While you scratched your itch by writing about Sar and Jared, you definitely gave your readers an itch of wanting of these two lovers I think the ending is perfect for this novel But I still want Favorite excerpts from the novel I do not share No one will touch you, and no one will see you bare without me allowing it If you give yourself to someone else while carrying my mark, I will kill you, Sar snarled We will dream together, then I ll tell you about the moon and the stars, about the taste of strawberries and the feel of rain on your skin, and you can share the stories of others, and we will steal their favorite ones, combining them into our own perfect world where we would be free Jared pushed his head into the touch What do I smell like Sar asked curiously, pressing his fingers in tiny circles against Jared s spine Sweat, a bit like your vest, but mostly like a man Jared burrowed deeper, touching the skin beneath the edges of Sar s bandanna with his lips when he whispered, You smell mine I m here because I care for you, and I m likely to die protecting you than running away from you Jared loved each part of him, wore his mark proudly, and knew that when he died, he would die happy for having experienced something so fulfilling Sar was than Jared could have ever asked for And I love you, my little rose My perfect pet, my lover You are everything, and with each day you become You give me purpose, 4.5 genius, loving, symbiotic inmate lovers stars This was sooooooo out of my normal fluffy zone that I was shocked that I wanted ..and I do Anyone know if there is going to be a book 2 Thank you James Cox for the recommendation, I loved it. 4.5 stars for the HFN ending but round up to 5 stars because Sar and Jared deserve 5 stars In the words of my friend Barbara, this was a fluffin wonderful read Sar is the product of a prison birth and has lived all his life in prison While physically he is a big brute alpha, he s also incredibly book smart What I found most interesting about Sar was that even though he has a tough matter of fact attitude, there was something innocent about him Having lived his entire life in a prison environment, means he lacks experience when it comes to relationships Jared is an ex prison guard sent to prison for a crime he didn t commit He is saved by Sar, He soon accepts that to be protected by Sar, he has to be branded as his property Jared opens a new world of emotions for Sar Sar isn t used to anyone showing him affection, or worrying and caring about him, or accepting and loving him regardless of his physical scars and rough behavior In Jared s words, Sar is a harsh but inexplicably gentle man.The story isn t just Sar and Jared living in a bubble There s also plenty of cringe worthy action and angst This was probably one of the best prison romance books I ve read I can t thank my bestie, Lorraine, enough for recommending scratch that commanding she s bossy like that lol that I read this book.I desperately want another book, but I m not feeling confident that there will be a book 2. You have to read this book Fantastic plot, sexy characters and really damn hot WHERE S THE SEQUEL Writers shouldn t be able to make you fall in love with convicted criminals as much as Valentina Heart does in Penal Station 05 Though it s clear Jared and Sar are on the prison station for a reason, you re immediately drawn into their world and you want to cheer for them even though it seems utterly hopeless.In this future, prison is in space, and the worst of them all is Penal Station 05 After a riot decades ago, it has been locked off from the rest of the society There are no guards since the riot caused half to flee and the other half to stay behind, doomed Instead, supply drops and new prisoners are sent down every so often and the inmates regulate themselves It s a difficult life if it can even be called that but those on the station are the worst criminals out there.At least, that s what it seems.Sar has been on the station his entire life He s one of the biggest, and one of the baddest, and not many want to cross paths with him He conceals his face behind a bandana and keeps to his cell, reading whenever possible.Jared is new to the prison He s been convicted of something and given an unfair trial, which lands him on Penal Station 05 He is immediately taken under the wing of Sar, who keeps him safe from the other inmates who would rape, beat, and possibly kill him Jared has little choice but to go along with whatever Sar plans for him because, while being one man s property is not an option he wants, the alternatives seem far worse At least Sar seems kind and promises to ensure his safety.Not all is at it seems with this book, however There are interesting revelations about the main characters, and so many lovely twists that keep the reader engaged Despite the odds, I really rooted for Sar and Jared Their relationship might not be conventional, but they seem to truly care for each other.That said, there are some major trigger warnings for this book, so if you cannot handle violence both physical and sexual then this book is not for you If you can handle it, I highly recommend it There is rape that happens in the background, near rape, violence, murder, disfigurement It s really brutal But rather than being used gratuitously, I felt Valentina Heart truly depicted life on the station in the best way possible and revealed just what was at stake for Sar and Jared.I loved the ending and I hope the next book in the series continues to follow Sar and Jared Will I read it Absolutely I want to know what happens to them in their new situation I can think of several characters who will be recurring, and I can only imagine what difficulties are in store for them now.Reviewed by Jennifer for The Novel Approach Reviewshttp I don t know what is it that draws me to prison stories actually, I know, but explaining would be tedious, of no interest to anyone and beside the point of this review , but give me a romance set in prison and most of the time you ll make me a happy reader Give me a prison set in space with a pretty decent world building and you ll make me even happier.I think the world building and plot in this book were pretty good and I enjoyed reading this story, I guess my problem was mostly with some aspects of the writing and pacing I liked both characters and the connection between them was obviously there, but the progression felt slightly off and confusing somehow and they were in love with each other well before I could get on board with it Prison romances are by their nature unrealistic and require a certain degree of suspension of disbelief to be enjoyed I know that and I m perfectly okay with it, but in this case I wasn t completely convinced by the timing of Jared becoming comfortable with Sar and the building of their connection and that s partly because some of it happened off page, with time jumps of days or maybe weeks, I m not sure which because it was never said how much time had passed.Despite this, it goes to the author s credit that I never doubted Sar and Jared s rightness or devotion for each other, I would ve just liked to experience of their relationship development with them.The same confusion translated in the sex scenes, than once I had to go back and reread some parts to understand what they were exactly doing at any given moment and if they d actually had sex in the end or not Which was less of a problem, because if the romance isn t working I don t care about how good the sex scenes are and if the romance works I can close an eye on a disappointing sex scene, but it still added to my issues with the writing.Penal Station 05 ends with a view spoiler HFN and if I never get to know what happens next I ll still be happy with this open ending, but the last part of the story and the ending made it pretty clear the author intended this to be the first in a series, setting up a perfect premise for at least a second book hide spoiler The author did a great job of creating this fascinating, dark, vicious world of penal station 5 I really like how Sar and Jared got to know each other It is believable as is the violent state of a prison without guards Sar s history is sad and yet there is so much hope now that Jared is in his world. OK just so it is clear this book is amazing I had no idea what I was in for put it was a Mad Max experience all the way Sar and Jared were completely enthralling to me the danger they lived in kept me glued to the pages, and the romance was blisteringly hot D s tones abound but nothing formal and it s got a Survivor feel to it strongly It s harsh and unrepentant but there is a softer side it s no Flesh Cartel I REALLY hope we get set in this world Just Wow What a beautiful couple What a great story Thanks to