HardballA NEW SMOKING HOT STANDALONE Perfect Ass Perfect Arms Perfect Swagger They Call Dash Wallace The Diamond King He S The Hottest Commodity In Baseball And In The Bedroom When He Runs The Bases, Every Woman S Eyes Are Glued To His Stunning Body And A Smile That Puts The Night Lights To Shame I M No Queen I M A Regular Girl With A Regular Job I Just Watch Him On TV And From The Bleachers, Season After Season Girls Like Me Grab A Guy Like That One In A Million Times My Number Just Came Up, And He Is As Spectacular In Bed As He Is On The Field But There S Not A Woman In The World Who Can Distract Dash Wallace From The Game Not For A Moment Not Even Me Until The Night I Do And Everything Changes Hardball Is A SMOKING HOT, SEXY Romance With A Touch Of Angst And A Ton Of Heart From CD Reiss It S A Fun, Witty, Full Length Standalone Meant For The Over Eighteen Crowd Cover Model Is Ashley Gibson With Lovenbooks. Enigmatic, dirty talking baseball legend with gifted tongue revolving bedroom door meets a regular girl I m going to open your legs and have a field day on your clit Hardball stand alone is set in Los Angeles and follows baseball shortstop legend Dashiell Wallace, Dash aka the Diamond King during an off season Dash is a bit of an enigma never giving interviews and rarely seen with a woman twice But underneath the surface hides a dirty talking and determined seducer.School librarian Vivian Foster is just a regular girl on a field trip with a class of underprivileged kids when she encounters the legend Off to a rocky start story goes on to follow them from dislike to lust and beyond clouded by Dash s need for privacy, his well kept secrets and jaded ways.The reserved Dashiell Wallace, Dash aka the Diamond King with his hot bod and good looks is set in his ways and thus demanding and commanding, but for most part I think he of an oh so sweet hero , especially as the layers are peeled Nine words to describe Dash Private, dirty talker, non committal, s
It s LIVE US UK NOOK iBOOKS GOOGLE Read the first three chapters of HARDBALL I absolutely LOVE this new Contemporary, SEXY, STANDALONE romance from CD Reiss Dash and Vivian are everything I wanted them to be and Written in the first person narrative and from the alternating perspective of the hero and heroine, HardBall takes the reader straight to the heart of its characters, providing a direct line to their thoughts and feelings causing me to swiftly warm to their individual charm and combined chemistry Hardball is fiercely character driven with an engaging plot that gives this contemporary romance an easy breezy light feel I felt like I was floating on a cloud as I read It made me smile and chuckle, my eyes watered and I felt an abundance of contented love for their story Vivian Foster is a 24 year old public school librarian with an emotive history Readers will fall in love with this beautiful sweet girl next door whose soft, kind and caring nature flows from the prose Vivian is soft yet shows an inner strength, has been hurt in the past so knows her limitations in matters of the heart but is equally open to the good in life H
4 Stars To be honest I didn t know what to expect reading this one since it was only me second book by this author especially since I ve heard it will be a little different from her previous books Also, I was a little hesitant since I m a little picky when it comes to sport romance novels On top of that baseball is not my thing Like at all I m happy to say this one turned out to be so much than I had expected A great mix of sweetness and sexiness, HardBall was an entertaining read from start to finish, written really well with a little bit of everything angst, drama, engaging characters and witty dialogue Our heroine is Vivian Foster, a school librarian who lives a normal , quite life So she s a regular woman with a regular job she loves She loves books, she loves to read and she also loves Shakespeare At a school field trip ball signing, Vivian meets Dash Wallace a star short stop for the LA Dodgers Dash is a mystery in some way since he never gives interviews On the outside he seems pretty perfect, but Dash is than everyone thinks he is H
5 Double Play Perfection Stars There are some stories that touch all the bases for youYes, I used a Baseball Metaphorand then there are authors that can do exactly that, too When you have the experience of both a unique story and it is written by an author who delivers a homerun. nope, couldn t resistthen I am in reader s heaven.Hardball by C.D Reiss had it all for me It had the feel of Los Angelesto the point where I felt I was driving to Dodger s Stadium myself Every single reference to Los Angeles was absolutely on the money From the description of the haze in the mornings to the way it feels driving parts of Sunset Boulevard alone where there is nothing but twists and turns The descriptions weren t just thrown in to make it feel like where the story took placeInstead it was the essence of living there and being part of the lives of these characters And oh, the characters.all of them from the main focus of Vivian and Dash, to Vivian s father and even the useless old boyfriend.every single on
5 I ll walk the bases with you STARSI love sport romances and when I heard one of my fave authors was bringing us a baseball romance story, this girl was super excited Dash Wallace, heartthrob and short stop for the LA Dodgers was everything I d hoped he d be Sweet, adorable, sexy, kinky, dirty mouth Alpha and flawed Vivian Foster is every woman She s a librarian with bills to pay, a father to care for, heartbreaks and insecurities And this lucky lady, catches the eye of Dashiell Wallace Being an athlete, Dash has his superstitions like many do and things are starting to slide His encounter with Vivian not only shakes things up but could also be answers to his prayers He s got his rules, his routines all for the sake of the game Could Viv be a part of that Or is she Dash and Viv were refreshing, fun and hot Dash opens Vivian to new experiences, pushes her limits and Viv becomes his anchor in ways than he d ever imagined This
5 Sensual Stars Well well what can I say I haven t read Cd s work in a year sigh why I don t know, just one book leads to another and I ve been batshitcrazy this year, butttt I ve kept my eyes on this one Being that Sports romance is a go to genre for me I wanted to see how one of my favourite authors took this in her own way I m happy I dived in cause boy is this book kind of refreshing, different, unique Those are the kinds of words I d describe this book This is about a Man whom needs control in his life, structure is how he lives ALWAYS It s how he breathes, how he understands HIMSELF and the world he lives in And baseball is how he controls his urges. Yet he bumps into Vivian the Librarian who he needs her help on finding a lucky charm that s in his glove that went missing, he needs her help and she s attracted to him in ways than one DAH UM VivianVivian is a quirky Librarian that absorbs literature and enjoys the likes of Shakespeare which by chances so does DASH She s poetic, is loved by her step father and lives a normalish life, she has stability But then Dash walks into her life and gahhhh she is eloquently striked by Dash s testosterone, she starts to enjoy Dash s umm Cock Qualities. But
Dash Wallace is the star shortstop for the LA Dodgers, multi time MVP and Golden Glove winner and is now hot on the heels of librarian to the underprivileged Oh, and he s perfect Like P.E.R.F.E.C.T Told from both Viv s and Dash s point of view, we get the inside look into both of these characters And what I loved the most about that shift in perspectives that we get them at the right moments We get the most impact from each scene and this is something that for me has always stood out for me when it comes to Christine s writing It s purposeful If you need to be in that character s shoes to feel the full impact of that moment, that is where you are going to be I am going to really try to not include any or a million baseball puns, I really am I might fail But oh, well That s life right So, back to this book and the yummy goodness that was found overflowing from the pages Hardball is a contemporary sports romance, but don t worry my kinky friends, because Dash is not vanilla at all This particular story sort of had two parts, maybe even three So I am going to try to capture my reactions to those particular parts and stay away from the story aspects, which is best for you all to experience firsthand Dash had some battles of his own to overcome and I loved that these weren t swept under the rug or over explained We got to experience them It was honest, brutally Dash didn t have the benefit of disclosure, he had to cope and he had to dea
5 Bring it Home Stars Equal Parts Sweet Equal Parts Sexy Loving This Book Hard This book is incredibly perfect During my entire reading bliss, this book just kept me smiling and perfectly happy There is the right amount of drama, there is the right amount of sass, there is the right amount of tenderness and there is the right amount of love This book is a book that every lover of romance should read where the Prince Charming Baseball Player falls for the sweet, kind, cute librarian It is just a Super Sweet Sexy Read and if you are a fan of beautifully written contemporary romance then this book will meet and exceed every wonderful and magical thought possible Dash Wallace is the All American Baseball God He has his superstitious ritual and has ADHD He s perfect on the outside but inside he s a mess Vivian Foster is a sweet, caring, cute librarian She s not flashy and family is important to her They are not a perfect pair but they are a pair who makes each other laugh, who can talk to one another and ignite a fire in each other Love isn t always perfect, you have to work and make sacrifices and in the end, if you can think of the other person first, then you know you have found that special love The journey of Dash and Vivian is very fun, sweet, kind, sexy and spot on It s a journey that felt real and wonderful Christine Reiss writes beautifully loving words They are cute, sassy and sexy All together, they create a magical story of new beginnings and one that mak
This is my book I love it and I CANNOT WAIT to release it.Dash is a little kinky, a lot dirty, and sexy til Tuesday He s a genius on the field and his batting average in bed hovers aroundwelllet s just say he bats a thousand between the sheets.Vivian is unlike any heroine I ve written before Her talent isn t her music or her camera She s not a secret savage or a celebutante swaggering out of clubs with both middle fingers extended Her talent is her HEART She s a librarian at a school S
Vivian is just a regular girl, she works as a librarian at an elementary school She is actually working when she meets Dash Wallace, the famous short stop player Vivian and her father are huge baseball fans, so she is very excited to meet the team as part of a field trip Dash lives his life following these small superstitious Every decision he makes follows a strict routine, he is terrified of upsetting the balance in his life When circumstances bring Dash and Vivian back together he finds it hard to just let her go, but he can t really offer her or it would throw off his carefully balanced routine Vivian and Dash are such a great couple because they both grow with each other and I love that in stories Naturally this book is plenty hot and sexy like all of Reiss s books I literally enjoyed every word and moment between Dash and Vivian Their connection was fun, sexy and addictive.What truly blew my mind and really just amazed me was how well Dash was written Dash suffers from ADHD and I swear reading his parts I could really see and feel this, I could imagine his struggles and really empathize with him To me Reiss just took writing the male POV to the next level We all know Reiss can deliver sexy, suspenseful and beautifully written stories, but I just love it when she writes these fun sexy reads Hardball is definitely one of my favorite sports romance books

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  • English
  • 09 June 2017
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