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Face Value A Thought Provoking Examination Of How We Think And Talk About Beauty Today And The Unexpected And Often Positive Ways That Beauty Shapes Our Lives.For Decades, We Ve Discussed Our Insecurities In The Face Of Idealized, Retouched, Impossibly Perfect Images We Ve Worried Primping And Preening Are A Distraction And A Trap But Have We Focused Too Much On Beauty S Negative Influence In Face Value, Journalist Autumn Whitefield Madrano Thoughtfully Examines The Relationship Between Appearance And Science, Social Media, Sex, Friendship, Language, And Advertising To Show How Beauty Actually Affects Us Day To Day Through Meticulous Research And Interviews With Dozens Of Women Across All Walks Of Life, She Reveals Surprising Findings, Like That Wearing Makeup Can Actually Relax You, That You Can Convince People You Re Better Looking Just By Tweaking Your Personality, And The Ways Beauty Can Be A Powerful Tool Of Connection Among Women.Equal Parts Social Commentary, Cultural Analysis, Careful Investigation, And Powerful Personal Anecdotes, Face Value Is Provocative And Empowering And A Great Conversation Starter For Women Everywhere. My route to this book was circuitous it started with a makeup subreddit, which led to a YouTube video on consumerism and gender, which led to a podcast, which led to an NPR interview In this, the author spoke about the popular Dove body positivity campaign and how it and its ilk manipulate women into thinking they have self esteem issues by sending out the message that thinking you re average is pathetic, and you should consider yourself beautiful.That sound byte encapsulated the little niggling annoyance I had with increasingly popular ad campaigns like this, but one I could never quite articulate I bought the book immediately, expecting it to be rife with gems like this.What I got instead was a mixed bag of anecdotes, quotes from books I ve already read, too few gems, and the belief that all of this would ve been better off as a series of articles in one of the magazines for which the author once worked For me, this concept doesn t make sense as a book because there is no clear point of view, no opinion, no thesis statement to it This in particular was an issue in chapter 3, wherein the author made an attempt to discuss the motivation behind beauty rituals, how it relates to feminism and evolution, and the c
Je traverse un sale moment Sans aller dans les d tails, je constate quotidiennement qu une situation difficile ne peut se contenir en elle m me Plus elle atteint le coeur de la personne et son identit , plus l impact se fait sentir dans d autres sph res de la vie Tout cela pour dire que cette situation me pousse r fl chir, entre autres, au rapport des femmes l image du corps de leur corps et celui des autres et la beaut.Nous ne sommes pas dans la m me lign e que Naomi Wolf et son essai The Beauty Myth, je pr f re le mentionner Whitefield Madrano est r dactrice dans le domaine de la beaut depuis de nombreuses ann es Elle propose un essai int ressant sur les fa ons dont la beaut et ses rituels alt re la vie des femmes au quotidien Plusieurs de ses observations portent la r flexion L une des plus r ussies, selon moi, est sa cartographie du vocabulaire de la beaut auquel on essaie de donner une certaine forme d objectivit , mais qui ne trompe personne Se dire belle ou se dire cute ne veulent pas dire la m me chose On comprend aussi que se faire dire par quelqu un.e qu on est belle ou qu on est cute , a n a pas la m me connotation non plus L autrice couvre beaucoup de sujets, don
Summary I really enjoyed this thoughtful, balanced look at both the empowering and enjoyable side of beauty and the negative ways it affects women s lives In Face Value, journalist Autumn Whitefield Madrano thoughtfully examines the relationship between appearance and science, social media, sex, friendship, language, and advertising to show how beauty actually affects us day to day Through meticulous research and interviews with dozens of women across all walks of life, she reveals surprising findings, like that wearing makeup can actually relax you, that you can convince people you re better looking just by tweaking your personality, and the ways beauty can be a powerful tool of connection among women source As soon as I picked this book up, I found that it was making me think about ways beauty impacts our lives that had never occurred to me The author s own enjoyment of beauty and makeup, as well as her career as a beauty journalist and experiences as a professional woman, gave her a very balanced perspective on both the good and bad ways beauty can affect the lives of women I enjoyed the anecdotes and
This book was a whirlwind for me, and definitely nothing that I expected It started out strong In the first chapter, I think her summations of the flaws in the research on beauty as well as the sensationalist reporting by the media were both reasonable and correct I was impressed by how clear and informative the writing was, though I was irked by a few casual familiar phrases that I didn t feel belonged, like bona fide shitstorm and whatcha gonna do I only became less interested as the book went on It s less on makeup than I expected and on the concept of beauty and looks in general, and while it could be interesting, none of it is anything I haven t really heard before No shocking epiphanies, just calls for women to feel comfortable in their bodies, which is important, but hardly novel I thought for a while it would ve been appealing to women having insecurity issues, to feel like it s common than we think, but by the end of her book, Whitefield Madrano seems to be trying to say that we have overhyped women s insecurity for decades and that s the real body image crisis in America I was willing to keep reading even though we disagreed, but the selfie chapter and the chapter on men for whatever reason, both chapter 7 are where she lost me While relevant to the topic of beauty, Whitefield Madrano seemed under the impression that we should be using selfies and makeup as revolutionary or political and that it is disappointing that we are not, and I just don t agree At this
230618 this is an excellent work on the getting, living, giving, of beauty primarily by women i did not feel lost in jargon or missing allusions to other works, mostly to Naomi Wolf s beauty myth , so this was a quick, engaging, intro to thought of beauty this is not polemical, not judging, not all the fault of impossibly thin fashion models, or a society still in the grip of patriarchy few men will admit, and most women will sufferi have no idea why i put this on hold i was immediately won over by her reasonable, calm voice, as she deconstructed things like the neg insult compliment that male pickup artists deploy on women who are not entirely confident so willing to listen after the insult some chapters on common insecurity of women, of trying to quantifying beauty, of cliques rejecting women, of the usual misconception of cattiness, jealousy, envy, high school kind of thing , of bonding, competition, and what does a woman want from another woman both straight or how wanting is different from men lesbian there is some corrective about the media as having a role in low self esteem, but only a small role, then social media, social networks,
Thanks to NetGalley for supplying me with a free copy of this book for review This is a book about beauty Specifically, it deals with many of the social issues that have surfaced as a result of a beauty obsessed society Some of these social issues include photoshopping in beauty magazines, why women buy make up, self acceptance, dressing for identity, beauty aids for men The author uses lots of annecdotes to support the discussions as well as a smattering of facts and references to popular books magazines I had this nagging feeling while reading that these discussions were already something that I had already well, discussed To boot, I had already discussed them with a close friend I imagine many women have For me, therefore, this read was part dejavu, part pointless rehashing of information.I was hopefully expecting the book to delve into psychological motivations behind such acts I wanted facts, figures, science I got discussions with no solutions and lots of personal stories Perhaps this expectation was unfair The writer is someone who has made a career writing for beauty magazines, so she was speaking from her area of expertise The problem was that area of expertise individual s experiences with beauty is something that has been talked to death Whitefield Madrano discusses body image and dove campaigns, the disparity between men s beauty regime expectations and women s, super slim catwalk mod
This was a pretty great book Autumn Whitefield Madrano does a great job at discussing the complex relationship we have with beauty, from the vocabulary we do and don t use to the problematic Dove commercials to how even men are affected She masterfully weaves personal stories of her own and those she interviewed with case studies that reveal the subject is not as straight forward as we d like to think For example, while people decry photoshopping images and using unnatural looking models, records prove magazines that embrace a real woman on their cover actually tend to sell less than one that doesn t There is also some strange, conflicting data out there suggesting that media doesn t always negatively affect women s perspective on their own looks At no time does the author offer a simple solution or try to sugarcoat the situation our self image is complex and every changing, from day to day even by hour I app
Discussing cosmetics, selfies, ad campaigns, self esteem, and the marketing of cosmetics to men, Face Value wants to be an informative read on the industry But it s a bit all over the place and never really commits to one path or point of view.Given that Whitefield Madrano has worked for years at various fashion mags, I guess it was opti
Very thoughtful and perceptive Obviously our conceptions of beauty aren t simple, but I m not sure we have realized how nuanced beauty and its performance is Any progress to be made will have to be able to accept and act on a beauty culture that is
The author writes about beauty in magazines and has worked with the beauty industry, alongside beautiful models and is therefore quite an authority This book is a mixture of anecdotes, journalistic work, and scientific investigation As we will see, the discussion of beauty is fraught with danger 1 Science attempts to quantify beautify and to quantify its effect on many things self esteem, effect on earning power, mating strategy, matching, and even effect on donation However popular reports often misinterpret or sensationalize the findings 2 We use many kinds of words to describe beauty hot, attractive, beautiful, cute Each has its own historical and cultural baggage 3 Make up is complicated It can mean respect for formal occasions, self actualization, or going along with the expectation of women by society The fascination of the before and after photos show that we believe that we can use make up as a personal project to improve ourselves The taking of no make up selfies is commonly posted online, protesting that women can be beautiful without make up However when a website ask for made up photos of women, nobody sent anything because there is always the fear that that is all you got 4 Unrealistic, hyper photoshopped beauty in the media is often blamed for women s self esteem and anorexic problems The author pointed out that it is only one of t

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