StarStruck (Ryns Rural-Lit Book 1)

StarStruck (Ryns Rural-Lit Book 1) Linton And Rose Didn T Care If The NASA Skylab S Safe Re Entry Over Western Australia Was A Cover Up, As Long As They Could Be Together A Stand Alone, Not Quite Cozy, Mixed Genre NovelCome On A Powerfully Emotional, Twenty Year Journey Of Family Love, Mystery And Danger In Rural And Outback AustraliaIn A Year Of Wonders, Teenagers Rose And Linton Pledged Their Love, And Men Walked On The Moon But As The Moon Mission Ends, Rose Is Pregnant And Linton Is Gone Rose And Linton S Love Seems Doomed From The Start But, Can The Enduring Love Rose Maintains For Linton Win Them A Happily Ever After, When Even The Heavens Seem To Be Against The Lovers An Intriguing Story With Universal AppealRomance And Recent Historical Fiction Combine In An Australian Story That Is Highly Relevant In Today S World As With Ryn Shell S Other Historical Fiction And Rural Lit Mystery Novels, There Is Betrayal, Resilience And Love At The Core Of A Semi Biographical Story Set In Outback And Rural Australia Receive Your Free Rural Lit Newsletter At Scroll Up And Grab A Copy Of The Novel STARSTRUCK Today The key challenges of a book for me are simple Number one is always a good story and beyond that I look at pace and opening, dialogue and narrative as areas that challenge me or help me with the flow of the book While overall this is indeed a good read, there is something that I can t quite put my finger on which drew me away on occasion The book opens well, and if anything it drew me straight in I lived in Australia for some time so I always like to dip back into the territory in books at least Perhaps it was the dialogue, on occasion and I don t want to be over critical in this regard because often it worked well, but on occasion it drifted off it s best as did the narrative There is a slight inconsistency in terms of pace throughout the book and I think for me at least that is why I dropped away from a top 5 star rating That being said Ryn has written a good book, her style is perhaps not entirely to my specific taste so don t be pu
Starstruck is set during the period of 1969 to 1989 in rural Australia Linton and Rose are fated to be together but life is not always kind Rose carries this book with her grit and courage Forced to marry another man, her heart is and always will be Linton s I found this to be a very innovative story, mixing history with the contemporary, romance with a bit of space exploration.The characters are all well developed, in Ryn Shell style There are plenty of positive elements to the tale, one being the great
StarStruck is another stunning novel by prolific Australian author Ryn Shell The story is set in rural Australia during the period of 1969 1989 The two protagonists are Rose and Linton Their journey begins the day Armstrong landed on the moon And they are doing something just as significant that day..But young lust is clumsy and full of errors isn t it And we don t always get off to story book beginnings, don t I know But it s how we make it work after that that determines our g
As a huge fan of Ryn Shell s Kill Series, I snatched up this new book as soon as it was released Starstruck is set in a 20 year span from 1969 1989 in rural Australia, where star crossed teens Linton and Rose learn the hard way that true love frequently demands sacrifice and heartache Forced to marry Linton s older brother to hide a pregnancy seen as shameful by the families, dutiful Rose swallows her objections and does what she s told The years pass and Rose and Linton reunite, only to have a tragic accident courtesy of Skylab tear away their budding happiness It is here that we see Rose come
Starstruck, Strong Emotional Ryn Shell writes a poignant historical fiction of rural lit that takes place in Western Australia Full of real emotions, I found this biographical Kindle ebook to be a very inviting read This novel has an ove
QUITE A COINCIDENCEI learned lots about the Australian outback from this book and for me that was the best part It was especially fascinating as I was half way through it when I went to visit the Kennedy Space Centre in Orlando and there was no mention whatsoever of how the Skylab la
I enjoyed reading this book It s full of twists and turns, and you keep turning the pages to see what happens next.There is a lot of drama, tragedy, family, and love.The author has done a great deal of research before writing this book.I loved the descriptions
Such a beautiful, well written story I was swept away by it Never having been to Australia, I loved the author s vivid descriptions and the historical backbone incorporated into a story of star crossed lovers Even though their parents try to tear them apart, Rose and Linton come together It s not a perfect, all roses and sunshine sort of relationship they seemed real, a true genuine love and friendship between them The story was actually narrated by their son, Carl, which I thought created an interesting, yet intimate, viewpoint to the story I had no idea the story would include so much about NASA, but I love all things space so I loved learning about the Skylab cover up It was fascinating, but also frightening.This is a great, well developed and thoughtful story with believable characters, a lovely backdrop, and real history
The book starts with the love story of Linton and Rose, star crossed lovers as such, and is first set in the 1960 s when man first walked the moon, but in rural Australia The story continues on with their meeting and their separations when Linton and his brother are in a horrible accident Intertwined with the story is the news reports of Skylab, and as time moves on, the story goes along with it An intriguing tale of love, loss and happiness, from the first page you are d
The story itself was heart clenching, you feel for the characters from chapter one Contrarily to most books out there, it s not predictable, I didn t see half of that coming, because it has a realistic feel about it and in reality, life just happen So yep, a completely different genre from my usual reads, but I would recommend