Visions of the Future

Visions of the Future Visions Of The Future Is A Collection Of Stories And Essays Including Nebula And Hugo Award Winning Works In This Anthology, You Ll Find Stories And Essays About Artificial Intelligence, Androids, Faster Than Light Travel, And The Extension Of Human Life You Ll Read About The Future Of Human Institutions And Culture But These Literary Works Are Than Just A Reprisal Of The Classical Elements Of Science Fiction And Futurism At Their Core, Each Of These Pieces Has One Consistent, Repeated Theme Us.Contents Introduction Visions Of The Future 2015 Essay By J Daniel BattThe Shoulders Of Giants 2000 Shortstory By Robert J SawyerGift Of A Useless Man 1979 Shortstory By Alan Dean FosterLight And Shadow Skolian Short Fiction 6 1994 Novelette By Catherine AsaroLungfish Existence 1986 Novelette By David BrinThe Birth Of The Dawn 2015 Shortfiction By Nicole Sallak AndersonThe Weathermakers 1966 Novelette By Ben BovaLast Day Of Work 2015 Shortfiction By Douglas RushkoffI M A What 2015 Shortfiction By Frank WhiteThe Listeners The Listeners 1968 Novelette By James E GunnThe Emperor Of Mars Near Space 2010 Novelette By Allen SteeleLunar One 2015 Shortfiction By Jasper T ScottMy Father S Singularity 2010 Shortstory By Brenda CooperA Delicate Balance 2012 Shortstory By Kevin J AndersonMore Than The Sum Of His Parts 1985 Shortstory By Joe Haldeman Lazarus Rising 1982 Shortstory By Gregory BenfordUnit 574 2015 Shortfiction By Clayton R RawlingsPersistence 2015 Shortfiction By Keith WileyThe Boy Who Gave Us The Star 2015 S Shortfiction By J Daniel BattThe Etiology Of Infomania 2015 Shortfiction By Chris Hables GrayWater 2013 Shortstory By Ramez NaamLooking Forward Dialogs With The Artilects 2015 Shortfiction By Frank W SudiaTeleporter 2015 Shortfiction By Jim TankersleyThe Spa 2015 Shortfiction By Donald MacleanThe Automated Ones 2015 Shortfiction By Hugh HoweyAfterword Visions Of The Future 2015 Essay By David Brin. A good anthology on the future of men I tend to buy anthologies and then read one or two stories and put them down I ended up reading stories in this anthology than I have ever read in any other So it must be good, right And the answer is yes So here are a few mini reviews of some of the stories, so you can get an impression of what is in there The Shoulders of Giants By Robert J Sawyer Story about humanity once again sending frozen people to the stars Sounds like same old at first but then gets a fun twist 4 Gift of a Useless Man By Alan Dean Foster A man hurtles through space and crashes on a small, empty seeming planet He s about to die and I was about to give up on this story when the actual story begins A fun re telling of a classic this time with telepathic space bugs 4 Light and Shadow By Catherine Asaro Story about a grieving, suicidal pilot and an AI who get to test a new plane with a fascinating concept for an FTL drive I did not stay to study the mathematical explanations of Riemann surfaces that came with the story but rest assured they are there 5 Lungfish By David Brin This is actually my first ever encounter with Brin Though I ve heard a lot about his Uplift universe This story i
Seeing the FutureIs our Vision of the Future clear Can we see what is coming These selections certainly help us think through the possibilities To boldly go