Reckless☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Reckless By Saskia Walker ❤ – At the age of twenty nine London art valuation expert Katrina Hammond is evolving into a stronger sexual woman When she subseuently finds herself at the center of a struggle for power and dominance be At the age of twenty nine London art valuation expert Katrina Hammond is evolving into a stronger sexual woman When she subseuently finds herself at the center of a struggle for power and dominance between two brothers she welcomes the darkly erotic charge the situation bringsKatrina's job is to value a collection of art objects for auction in the Catalonia villa of the Teodoro family where Sergio Teodoro rules Sergio is a dominant master who compels her attention Nicolas his younger brother a disinherited artisan also seeks her out One brother will win her heart but danger awaits Katrina in the shadows of the Teodoro villa As she uncovers the subterfuge surrounding the collection she finds that there is to Nicolas and Sergio’s battle than meets the eye and to her growing allegiances than may be good for her. Erotic romances are one of my favorite genres to read When you add some really good suspense well written characters and some hot romance it just doesn’t get much better than that In Reckless Saskia Walker delivered everything I love in a good erotic romance and I literally sat down and read this book in one setting Ms Walker knows how to please a reader with her strong sexy heroes and her fast paced storylineKatrina Hammond is recovering from a badly ended relationship Not only does she have to work with her ex she feels like she is being constantly reminded of his infidelity throughout the relationship Feeling undesirable and frumpy she is flattered when the rich handsome Sergio Teodoro insists on her to oversee the appraisal and auctioning off the rare artwork his invalid father and deceased mother have collected over the years Not only is Sergio persuasively sexy he has let her know in no uncertain terms how much he is attracted to her and wants her in his bed Wanting to prove to herself that she is not the same old boring Katrina she accepts Sergio’s offer to come to Spain to appraise the artwork But when she arrives things are not what they seem and she soon overwhelmed by meeting Sergio’s disinherited brother Nicolas Sparks fly between them and they find themselves irresistibly taken with one another When Nicolas secretly meets with Katrina and tries to convince her that his father would never sell the artwork Katrina becomes confused She doesn’t know who to believethe sexy Sergio or the mysteriously handsome Nicolas But the she spends time at the Teodoro villa she finds herself drawn to Nicolas and starts seeing Sergio as not the nice man she once thought he wasNow Katrina wonders if Nicolas really wants her for herself or just as a means of getting revenge against his brother As the fragile relationship between Katrina and Nicolas develop danger and mystery surround them Will it bring them together or pull them apart? Katrina and Nicolas are characters that are both interesting and fun to read about I found myself lost in their storyline and was anxious to see how things were going to turn outReckless by Saskia Walker was a romantic read from start to finish It was interesting to see how Katrina evolved into a self assured woman She wasn’t as beaten down the past and was able to overcome her insecurities to be the best partner for Nicolas Watching the trust and romance develop between them made Reckless a real page turner A word of warning to some readers If you are offended by strong language and explicit sexual situations this book is not for you For information on the author Saskia Walker and her other works please visit her website at wwwsaskiawalkercouk At first I thought this would be your typical smut novel but there was an actual mystery twist to this one I liked how she overcame being dumped by her boyfriend by deciding to change her persona and become daring It put her smack dab in between two brothers who were looking to have their way with her The book kept me guessing on a few things and the romance in between was very descriptive This is one of the better erotica in that the characters don't immediately fall into bed with each other The story is predictable and the writing makes for an easy read I like to read books for escapism but I would rather the storyline no matter how outrageous is somewhat believable This is one of the believable stories 35 stars for me I had trouble deciding between 3 and 4 starsIt was well done and enjoyable I can’t say “I really liked it” which is my definition for 4 stars but I found the romance sensual and fulfilling and I loved Nicolas so I rounded up to 4 I enjoyed Katrina’s attraction to the two brothers and how it evolvedSTORY BRIEFKatrina works for an auction house in London Sergio hires her to come to his home in Spain to value and sell his family’s huge art collection He needs the money to support his father Jorge who is in a hospice Sergio tells Katrina that his brother Nicolas is the black sheep of the family and has been disinherited Katrina is attracted to Sergio and goes to Spain While there she meets and is also attracted to Nicolas Nicolas tells her a different story There is mystery and danger as the truth eventually comes outDATAStory length 309 pages Sexual language strong Number of sex scenes 9 Length of sex scenes from 15 to 77 pages Total number of sex scene pages 385 Setting current day Barcelona and Catalonia Spain and London England Copyright 2008 Genre contemporary romance with mild suspense and some mystery W O W This story has everything The characters are sexy gorgeous and believable The writing is brilliant and as expected from an erotic romance it's HOT I've discovered that Saskia Walker's stories are so much than a sexy read Reckless is full of exciting suspense and it's a real page turner I'm a frustratingly slow reader and even I finished this book in three sittings I LOVED it This is my first try of Saskia Walker's work and I enjoyed it It was a better written work in the genre of Erotica especially in terms of the insta love angle It was a very easily digestable novel and felt that it flowed well The story wasn't completely predictable which was a nice changeI will definetly be reading by this talented author Katrina Hammand is hired to go to Spain and check out the collection of the Teodoro family and give an appraisal on it There she is torn between two men Sergio and his brother Nicolas It was a decent read Dark and erotic It would not appeal to everyone but I did like it VERY disappointing The writing was awkward trite Seemed as if the author wrote according to a formula Poor writting Makes you realize that anyone can get published if there is such poor stuff out there as thisBig waste of time This was an enjoyable book Loved how it was not all about the sex It had a story a mystery to solve along with some hot scenes