Mary, Mary, How Extraordinary (The Adventures of Miss Mary Bennet #3)

Mary, Mary, How Extraordinary (The Adventures of Miss Mary Bennet #3) In Volume Three Of Miss Mary Bennet S Adventures, Caroline Bingley Provokes Major Ashton Vexes Lady Catherine Manipulates Mr Collins Annoys Jane And Mr Bingley Leave Hertfordshire All While Mr Darcy And Elizabeth Await The Birth Of Their First Child At Pemberley And Georgiana And Mary Endure A London Season Where Complications And A Carriage Catastrophe Affect How Mary S Story Will End. Great book Off to see if there are any . In this PP sequel it is the continuing story of Mary Bennet and her life in London as she has a season with Georgiana, while still continuing her writing, hopefully without too much interference from Lady Catherine And will the investigation into the spy affair finally be
Excellent plot but really needs to brush up on geography Great series of books but the lack of geographical knowledge spoils them Hertfordshire to Derby is over 100 miles not fifty You don t go to Buckinghamshire via Derbyshire from London And Knightsbridge Well I never. I was a bit disappointed that Mary and Georgiana were not active participants in the continuing investigation as they were in the previous novels However, I supposed that propriety would demand that they take a step back Ov
Loved the seriesAny one who likes fan fiction should enjoy this novel, as well as the others in this story of Mary Bennett Upbeat and a well placed plot make these three novels very enjoyable. When is the next book coming out I have read all three of these books and can only beg and plead for another one so I can see what happens next Please keep the story going.