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Hilton – A shockingly original thriller the launch title of Zaffre the new fiction imprint of Bonnier Publishing FictionJudith Rashleigh works as an assistant in a prestigious London auction house but her drea A shockingly original thriller the launch title of Zaffre the new fiction imprint of Bonnier Publishing FictionJudith Rashleigh works as an assistant in a prestigious London auction house but her dreams of breaking into the art world have been gradually dulled by the blunt forces of snobbery and corruption To make ends meet she moonlights as a hostess in one of the West End's less salubrious bars although her work there pales against her activities on nights offWhen Judith stumbles across a conspiracy at her auction house she is fired before she can expose the fraud In desperation she accepts an offer from one of the bar's clients to accompany him to the French Riviera But when an ill advised attempt to slip him sedatives has momentous conseuences Judith finds herself fleeing for her lifeNow alone and in danger all Judith has to rely on is her consummate ability to fake it amongst the rich and famous and the inside track on the hugely lucrative art fraud that triggered her dismissalSet in the exotic palaces and yachts of Europe's seriously wealthy plus graphic sex With a heroine as wickedly perceptive as Amy Dunne and as dangerous as Lisbeth Salander this marks the beginning of a seuence of novels that will have readers around the world on the edge of their seats and holding their breath. This novel is incoherent nonsense There is a GLIMMER of an interesting idea about rage and class that is destroyed by utter claptrap The plot makes NO sense It is choppy The protagonist hates fat people or maybe it's the writer and that's fine but in the early going it's uite distracting Then there is the extravagant name brand dropping The absurd twists that aren't really twists but perhaps limp shifts in direction Nothing in the book is shocking THIS BOOK DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL The sex is just silly There is a lot of cunt swelling and playing around with vaginal moisture I don't understand books sometimes I'm going to start from an unconventional place the ending Don't worry I won't give anything away For me I can love a book but the ending will ruin it if I don't feel it's done well Alternatively as is the case for this book I can like a book alright but the ending makes it so fulfilling that I find myself loving it In this book I enjoyed the story didn't love it I was fascinated by the pacing but didn't find myself unable to put it downand yet the ending will be what has me recommending it Maestra is the story of an English girl who finds herself maybe in a bit too deep The art world is what began as a passion and is now leading her down a destructive path that leaves some wishing they'd never come into contact with her The front cover asks the uestion Where do you go when you've gone too far? and in this case I think the answer may be anywhere but hereI think the biggest disclaimer I can add to this would be that this is adult reading but in a tasteful way It never feels like it's done for cheesiness value or as too much It adds to the story in a brilliant and entirely well done way But it is explicit and if that's not something you're comfortable with maybe stay away from this one What did I think? Although it took me a little while to really get into I really ended up enjoying this book I had heard a couple different opinions one of which loved the story and the other that hated it so I went in with an open mind If you're looking for heart pounding suspense it's not really that but you will want to know how someone could fit together these puzzle pieces in such an enticing way Who should read it? I know that a lot of you are fans of romance and others are fans of suspense and in all honesty this is the best mix of the two that I've come across If you love both of those I'm confident you'd love this one too WEBSITE | TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM After an uneven start this became surprisingly entertaining though it's not a good book by any stretch of the imagination mostly because of the abundance of humorless meant to be shocking sex But it's enjoyably sociopathic or psychopathic depending on how you interpret the MC's behavior and it's an interestingdifferent thriller because of its backdrop of stolen art expensive clothes and meals money laundering and assorted hustlers I was surprised to see the door left open for another installment as I think the character has run her course? But another bag of potato chips would be hard to resist Great plane reading if you have a weakness for thrillers featuring thoroughly shallow and unpleasant people 50 Shades meets The Goldfinch but not in a good way Like a person hypnotized by the evil Count Dracula I knew what I was doing was wrong but I was inexplicably compelled to keep going until I was finished But in this instance the compulsion was to continue reading Maestra by LS Hilton On some level I believe I would have been happier just opening the attic window and allowing a centuries old vampire in the guise of a black bat into my home to savage my family ultimately turning them into the living dead rather than to keep turning the pages of this truly wretched novelWith Maestra LS Hilton answers the uestion nobody was really asking as to what 50 Shades of Grey crossed with The Talented Mr Ripley would look like if written by somebody who had read neither Apparently it would resemble a car crash strewn with hundreds of pages name dropping high end fashion apparel boring violence and tedious sex scenes that would cause a 14 year old boy to struggle to achieve a boner And let’s talk about the sex because that seems to be the selling point here Written with all the finesse and actual know how of a 47 year old man still living in his parents basement the sex despite being told using only curse words and childish slang is oddly clinical and bland Paint drying Grandma having the calluses on her big toes filed and infected canker sores are a handful of things erotic then Hilton’s sex scenesThe story as it is concerns Judith Rashleigh an English woman just trying to make it in the high stakes art world of London As fate conspires against her she loses her job and is soon embarking on adventures across Europe Judith is finished being stepped on and has decided she will do anything necessary to survive neigh to thrive in this unfair man’s world she has not created As luck would have it this means buying expensive clothes and handbags taking drugs performing dull sex acts on unattractive people and killing folks Believe me it sounds much racy and cutting edge then it actually is It is like what your parents think is naughty and shocking instead of actually being naughty and shocking The character of Judith is never fleshed out; she is neither interesting nor original I’m looking at my bare wall across the room right now and that would make a interesting character then Judith Sadly the movie rights were already sold before the book came out and there are installments on the way as this is being hocked as a trilogy the book actually ends with a “to be continued” so it looks like we will be experiencing of Hilton’s low rent Dexter knock off Judith Rashleigh penetrating our world whether we wish it or not Maestra is fabulous darlingThere has been a lot of hype surrounding this title the first from Bonnier's crime imprint Zaffre so it was with great interest that I dived into this one and I was immediately and uneuivocably absorbed into Judith's world an artistic world in ways than oneSometimes all it takes to make a book bang on is a decent main character Well Judith is that and then some passionate and perfect the very definition of girl power but with added mayhem Seemingly passive in the face of events that bring her down underneath that cool exterior bubbles a dangerous but intensely likeable anti heroine who you cross at your perilAdded to that you have an incredibly addictive story that has many layers the world of art dealing comes vividly to life a world about which I knew nothing but that is completely fascinating A really spot on background to set Judith against as she blazes a trail across many different locations dealing with her problems one sometimes gruesome step at at time Maestra has an incredibly gorgeous vibe about it in both character study and scene setting the writing is visceral beautiful and indelible This one will stay with youJudith's tastes are erm eclectic Maestra is strong on graphic sexual content and if this is likely to perturb you then be prepared the author has created a character that has great psychological depth if anything Maestra only touches the surface of who she is In a way she IS Maestra colourful vivid unrelenting brilliant and well actually uite scary In an excellent wayThe uestion I was asked the most while I was reading this in the lead up to publication was Does Maestra live up to the hype? well my answer is a most definitive YES it sure does This is not one of those that you will come out of with a vague sense of disappointment this is novel that will live in your memory The last 3 words I read made me go YES with a huge amount of inner cheering Bring it onHighly HIGHLY Recommended uit at 30% It felt like the author really wanted to write about the art world but felt it wasn't interesting enough so created a dark but unbelievable underbelly for the main character The trashy sex scenes did not save the rest of the novel for me partially because they feel shoved in to keep the reader interested Sex does not sustain a novel at least for me unless it shows something about the character and she isn't connecting with anyone Instead those scenes are like the background in Eyes Wide Shut without the level of risk danger and drama that would have made them interesting Even if they had somehow been a dark side of the art world that would have brought everything together The protagonist's emotional range was too high for sociopath making this not as thrilling as Highsmith or even Kepnes and too low for anyone I'd have empathy for and as I wondered why I should care I decided that was a clear sign to set the book aside Thanks to the publisher for the chance to try it out before the pub date A special thank you to Penguin and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review L S Hilton's MAESTRA What is not to love about art theft a female fatale a psychological mystery crime thriller? Right? Unfortunately not what I received Had higher expectations Many of you may not agree with my review To each their own opinion; however rather than glossing over my honest thoughts The set up was great The first part of the book was entertaining and grabbed my attention You see Judith as a young woman trying hard to excel and make her way in the art world She wants to do the right thing A lowly receptionist at a well known art house She wants respect has debt lacks money poor and vulnerable She desires to gain entry into the upper echelon of the art world and societyThrough an old acuaintance Judith is persuaded to take on a second job working as a hostess at a champagne bar not a high class establishment Here she learns how to manipulate No salary only tips So the goal is to get the guys to buy expensive champagne However James old pasty overweight gross man does not drink but buys the champagne and has money She collects money and builds her savings account No sex at first All is good She is able to buy some nice clothes give me hot good looks not pasty and fatIn the meantime at the art house things go south She stumbles upon a conspiracy art fraud with misdeeds of her boss Rupert – she is fired along with her accomplice OK now at this point you can see the need for female vigilante – Justice Was really excited to see how this would unfold However not in the way I had envisioned A let down No real plotting to seek revenge Just a lot of brutal killing and sex When she goes on the trip with her friend and James an accident not really her fault She runs to escape Even the next guy Steve I am still hooked However thereafter when getting to the next guy and brutal murders – it is downhill from here until the end Judith does a complete 180 Out of nowhere She is now a cold blooded killer If you are going to create a sociopath lead up to it Create flash backs of her abusive childhood what made her turn into a killer Thoughts processes Nothing here It is supposed to be the journey which carries the reader Also what makes a good thriller is the chase No real investigation No forensics No imagination No one really much on her trail Just a girl who has crazy sex gets high and goes on to kill people for no real reason Where is the hook? You keep reading hoping you will get to the good part which never comesA femme fatale a mysterious and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers often leading them into compromising dangerous and deadly situations She is an archetype of literature and art Her ability to entrance and hypnotize her victim with a spell was in the earliest stories seen as being literally supernatural; hence the femme fatale today is still often described as having a power akin to an enchantress seductress vampire witch or demon having power over men A woman with both intelligence glamour sophistication and sex appeal that uses these skills to manipulate poor helpless men into doing what she wants May cause death When I think of the Greatest Femme Fatales in Classic Film Noir women were either of two types or archetypes dutiful reliable trustworthy and loving women; or femme fatales mysterious duplicitous subversive double crossing gorgeous unloving predatory tough sweet unreliable irresponsible manipulative and desperate women Usually the male protagonist in film noir wished to elude his mysterious past and had to choose what path to take or have the fateful choice made for himInvariably the choice would be an overly ambitious one to follow the dangerous but desirable wishes of these dames The goadings of the traitorous self destructive femme fatale would lead the struggling disillusioned and doomed hero into committing murder or some other crime of passion coupled with twisted love Instead of Sexy seductive glamorous provocative erotic passion alluring tasteful enticing You get x rated porn gross disgusting revolting distasteful obnoxious poor tasteWith this being said when I think of art culture wealth European travel—I think “Class” With the heavy usage in the book of designer fashion names ritzy hotels yachts and name dropping it wipes out all the glamour and class when replaced with bad trashy porn sex scenes Does not add up Falls apart midway Even though I am not an erotica fan I do enjoy good psychological thrillers and have no issues with graphic sex scenes if done in taste otherwise why bother For example A R Torre Deanna Madden Series She can get down and dirty with her sex scenes but they are tastefully done and her protagonist is someone you sympathize with due to her horrific abusive past So when she is evil you still root for her By 50% into the book I wanted Judith to be caught put me out of my misery I was not even rooting for her Disliked her in fact As far as the next two installments – no desire to read further However maybe I should skip to the final installment to see if we learn of Judith’s past and she gets away with her murders By the end at 3 am was glad it was over Unrealistic To be continued Don't think so I had pre ordered the audiobook; however cancelled Not up for a repeat performance In my opinion does not compare to The Talented Mr Ripley nor Gone Girl nor contains ingredients I look for in a a good psychological crime thriller Well flagging my review for alleged nudity come on Mr Bean in knickers? He's a national treasure even though the book's cover alludes to female genitalia and the content is anything but chaste and prim isn't going to keep this review offline The time some people have on hand50 Shades meets Dexter Another computer tailored bestseller mix and meshing allegedly established bestseller recipes while trying to create hype through breaking taboos by a cool journalistblogger turned sluttish author Alleged taboos that is And alleged sluttishness that is I'm so tired of this When can I read something original?Apparently a Mr Bean in knickers is flagworthy these days well let's give this a really harmless gif this time not humorous instead descriptive of my reaction to this trashETA I was just nudged to add the background of how and why I read this book It was left apparently accidentally by a customer in the waiting area of the office of a good friend of mine He called the customer when he found it in the evening and asked whether she would come back to get it or whether he should send it to her address She told him to keep it she didn't want it back This being somewhat and somehow linked to erotica and erotic content he then gave it to me It turns out that her bookmark was left on page 87 not even 30% in The rest of the pages were pristine By now I know why ★★★½Maestra is the first installment in an untitled erotic thriller trilogy authored by LS Hilton Lisa Hilton This novel follows the female lead Judith as she navigates her bank account social status and her pleasure exactly where she sees fit She exploits her sex appeal and manipulates people and circumstances to get what she wants she is unapologetic and I loved that Judith is a dark driven woman with no shame I believe this may be exactly the extreme point Ms Hilton is trying to make in Maestra – men are no longer the only cutthroat individuals who climb over rules and people in order to meet their personal goals Women are broadcasting their determined strength and offering no apologies for being the aggressor Ms Hilton's storytelling while definitely choppy held my attention and kept me engaged There is A LOT of brand name dropping and the art world is heavily incorporated throughout the storyline Although erotica is not a genre I reach for often I enjoyed this raw component simply for the representation of women embracing their sexuality Judith said what when and whereand for the exception of when she view spoilertasted a finger that just came out of her oyster scented anus hide spoiler

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