Designer Dirty Laundry (Style Error Mystery, #1)

Designer Dirty Laundry (Style Error Mystery, #1)[Reading] ➸ Designer Dirty Laundry (Style Error Mystery, #1) Author Diane Vallere – This is an alternatenew cover for ISBN 9780984965304 Samantha Kidd ex buyer turned Trend Specialist designed her future with couture precision but finding the Fashion Director's corpse on day one leav This is an alternatenew cover for ISBN Samantha Kidd ex buyer turned Trend Specialist designed her future with couture precision but finding the Fashion Director's corpse on day one leaves her hanging by a thread When the killer fabricates evidence that puts the cops on her hemline Samantha’s new life begins to unravel She trades high fashion for dirty laundry and reveals a cast of designers out for blood Now this flatfoot in heels must keep pace with a diabolical designer before she gets marked Designer Dirty PDF \ down for murder. Dollycas’s ThoughtsWhat do you do when you show up for the first day of your new job and find your new boss dead Well I would turn around and run as fast as I could but not Samantha Kidd She faints while someone else calls 911 Then she becomes the prime suspect due to the killer’s master set up Not the new life she imagined for herselfshe has no choice but to turn her fashion trending talents into sleuthing talents before she loses everythingSuch as entertaining read I immediately fell head over heels for Samantha Kidd Everything was stacked against her and she did not give up She had no idea who to trust and was being hounded by a mortgage company to verify her employment and the police who were determined to find her guilty Her inner dialogue and outer antics were hilariousThe story is very well written with a tight plot and a uick pace There were several potential suspects and I was completely surprised when the killer was revealed Seems Samantha and I missed the same clues 🙂I really enjoyed the fashiondepartment store backdrop The author brings her life experience into the story and it shows her passion for the fieldThis story will put a smile on you face and maybe even have you laughing out loudI am excited to continue reading this series Is there romance on the horizon for Samantha What is next on the job front I can’t wait to find out Samantha Kidd has given up a prestigious job in the fashion industry to move back to her home town in Pennsylvania to work as the trend specialist for a local department store But her dream job turns into a nightmare when she finds her boss dead in the elevator before she can even start Before the police can show up the body is gone What’s happeningHaving read some of Diane’s other books I was glad to finally go back to her debut novel As I expected it’s a lot of fun with many twists although Samantha does seem to do at lot of reacting to things There are a few things that could be smoother but that’s a minor issue over all The characters are great and make it hard to figure out the villain before it is revealed although all the pieces fall into place Plus we really get to see some growth in SamanthaRead my full review at Carstairs Considers I was debating whether to give this fun mystery 4 or 5 stars When I found myself thinking back on several of the clever lines in the book and smiling to myself I knew it was a 5 I read this lighthearted mystery over two evenings because I was so caught up in the fast paced adventure that there was never a point at which I wanted to put it down Samantha Kidd is a great character so I'm glad it's the start of a series It reminded me of Susan Kandel's mystery series fun characters and a bit of fashionchick lit mixed into the mystery Samantha Kidd leaves her sixty hour a week job as a buyer for a major New York store to work as a trend specialist for a store in her old home town Her first day on the job things start going wrong Within minutes she sees her new boss lying dead in an elevator In a light mystery like this the author has to walk a fine line between trivializing death and loss and writing humor around it rather than about it Samantha’s reaction to her boss’s death is human appropriate for the level of connection she had to him It’s an effective beginning which made me care about both the main character and the mystery As a narrator she’s likeable and energetic with a self deprecating sense of humor Her personal story is engaging—in one career move she is both starting over and coming home She’s better cut out for being a trend expert than a detective but her motive for trying to take on that role is solid It would be a spoiler if I told you but she couldn’t possibly have a higher personal stake In an amateur sleuth story I find it believable when the amateur is highly motivated like this and when she isn’t always good at detecting—doesn’t completely outsmart the professionals In her determined effort figure out who committed the crime and why Samantha makes progress but also misses major clues and makes a few near fatal mistakes Though a couple of details in the final resolution of the mystery stretched my suspension of disbelief the plot kept me turning pages curious what would happen next I was rooting for Samantha to notice those clues she overlooked Even though I’d picked up on them I still didn’t know whodunit only that these things were clues to something Overall this book is tightly crafted The characters are colorful but not caricatured and the romance subplot shows promise for the series I enjoyed the setting in the fashion industry It’s fun when a protagonist has profession about which I was previously ignorant and I learn something about it in the course of the story A cozy mystery with good characters is like a well made dessert with uality ingredients Indulge yourself in this one it’s a delightful treat Humor abounds in this delightful book the first in this series Samantha Kidd was a shoe buyer but is now turning her eye towards becoming a trend specialist Moving to her old hometown and starting a new job is all part of her career plan Finding the body of the man who hired her and was to be her boss wasn't She becomes the prime suspect in his murder because she has no proof that he really hired her and the store has no paperwork either With the help of shoe designer Nick Taylor she starts to get her life back together and find out what is behind the murder Love these characters and the fashion background they are in They are fun wacky and very real The fashion background will keep you laughing as you see what Samantha goes thru for her love of it and the murder plots are uniuely twisted A joy to read I received Designer Dirty Laundry free from Goodreads First Reads The book was pretty good fast paced and hard to put down The book begins with Samantha Kidd retuning to her hometown to start a new job at a fashion house On her first day of her new job she discovers her new boss dead who actually has been murdered As she tries to uncover who murdered him she becomes a target herself and also a murder suspect to the town police I enjoyed reading this very much Thank you to Goodreads and Diane Vallere Author Diane Vallere weaves designer duds and a devious murder into a cozy mystery that delights with results that will keep you topstitched to every page I’m definitely looking forward to of her books This novel was part of the Style and Error Boxed Set along with a related short story Just Kidding Designer Dirty Laundry was very silly and lots of it didn't make sense I enjoy Diane Vallere's style of writing for pure escapist fiction but this one was just too dumb with a protagonist who acted idiotic She was supposed to be a style maven yet constantly ate fattening junk food and had trashy housekeeping habits Somehow she managed to have handsome men attracted to her even though she had few redeeming ualities She constantly failed to make even semi intelligent decisions about anything perpetuating the vagueness of the story line I got this book as the grand prize winner of the Mysteries with Humor Sweepstakes contest and I'm gratefulFor me this was just a fashion chick lit with a little mystery Diane Vallere a 20 year retail fashion veteran has a new debut coming up for release on June 5 2012 which in a nutshell is a funny cozy mystery centered around a fashion director's murder We reviewed this story Designer Dirty Laundry and what comes next is our take on the bookA Brief Summary Samantha Kidd ex buyer turned Trend Specialist designed her future with couture precision but finding the Fashion Director's corpse on day one leaves her hanging by a threadWhen the killer fabricates evidence that puts the cops on her hemline she trades high fashion for dirty laundry and reveals a cast of characters out for blood The flatfoot in heels becomes sort of a private eye and goes about unlocking the identity of the killer In her race for solving the mystery she must keep pace with a diabolical designer before she gets marked down for murderOur Take An entertaining and fun cozy mysteryThis book reminded us a lot of the Death On Demand cozy mystery series by Carolyn Hart The narrative is written from Samantha's perspective and in a sense the story is similar to the detail memoir of the lead characterHoping to make a new start she moves to a small town from New York and starts a job in a local fashion company only to encounter a corpse in the elevator on her first day of work; a corpse which later disappears and makes people skeptical about herFrom this bang in the beginning of the novel some small events happen which at the end imply that the female heroine is being framed upThere is a lot of fashion talk in the book as this is an area in which the author has significant expertise and while she goes about finding clues as who is the killer the reader gets to know about the big buckets of activity in the fashion value chain and some industry trendsOverall an impressive cozy mystery from a promising author There is at or mysterytribune