Exuisite Redemption Iron Horse MC #3

Exuisite Redemption Iron Horse MC #3[Download] ➿ Exuisite Redemption Iron Horse MC #3 ➻ Ann Mayburn – Oaklandjobs.co.uk This book CAN be read as a standalone but for full enjoyment of the series read it in orderSarahIn my wild reckless past Carlos ‘Beach’ Rodriguez would have been my ideal man He’s handsome exper This book CAN be read Iron Horse PDF Æ as a standalone but for full enjoyment of the series read it in orderSarahIn my wild reckless past Carlos ‘Beach’ Rodriguez would have been my ideal man He’s handsome experienced rich kind and in complete control of his destiny Unfortunately he’s also a criminal the President of an Exuisite Redemption MOBI :¼ outlaw motorcycle club and I’ve sworn off bad boys in my efforts to live my dream of being normal It would be so much easier to resist him if he hadn’t saved my life than once and didn't treat me like his ueenBeachGorgeous smart and deadly Sarah is my ideal woman even if she Redemption Iron Horse Epub Û is almost young enough to be my daughter On the surface she’s one of the toughest females I’ve ever met but underneath all that hard beauty and menace lies an incredibly tender heart that’s been damaged in the past Winning her love is gonna be a challenge but I’m determined to have her as my old lady and I’ll do whatever I have to in order to make that happen That would be a hell of a lot easier to do if people weren’t trying to kill us all the timeAuthor's note This is part ONE of TWO for Beach and Sarah's story and ends on a Happy For Now Book TWO of Beach and Sarah's story will be available March rd . I'm behind on my reviewsI adored this Sarah and Beach are one of my new favorite couples Review for books 1 4 can be found here I loved books one and two about Swan Sarah's sister so when I saw a book three was out I immediately wanted to read it I loved Swan and Smoke and their booksbooks one and two Their love story and their lives drew me in and made me love them We meet Sarah and Beach in books one and two and we see them happy and together but in this bookand the next book to come book four we get to see how they meet and we get their story You know if you have read books one and two that these book have crazy all in the mix but surprisingly it works and makes this series even endearing So it is no surprise that we again get a lot of crazy since Sarah and Swan have the same parents but it again it just worksSarah is about to retire and with this being her last night she plans to live it up before she leads a normal life When a bunch of MC members ask her if she wants to party she agree's The instant she meets Beach Sarah has got to be by him and get to know him and the feelings are mutual for Beach The second he see's her he wants her and not long after knows she will be his What starts as a night to party soon turns deadly and Beach and Sarah find themselves kidnapped Getting out is just the beginning for Beach and SarahBringing Sarah with him all Beach can think about is keeping his woman safe And even though they haven't known each other for long Beach knows Sarah will be his Old Lady But Sarah isn't like most woman not only can she defend herself and kill Sarah has a lot to deal with after the life she led and trusting someone isn't easy for her As Beach try's to figure out who is responsible for taking Him and Sarah Beach also has to convince the woman he is uickly falling in love that she can trust in him and trust the love she is also beginning to feel for Beach all the while navigating this new world she has been thrown intoNow let me say that I loved Sarah the girl is kick butt strongliterally and figuratively and she has a cargo full of baggage that breaks your heart and make you want happy for her But I have to admit Sarah isn't my usual heroine and that isn't all bad and a lot of that come from her upbringing and all she endured and suffered Beach is the perfect hero for her He is strong enough to not be afraid or intimidated by her and smart enough to stay on his toes around her but importantly is is amazing enough to love her and protect her Sarah is it for Beach and once he see's her he lets everyone know that she is it and no one else will ever be it but her Beach and Sarah couldn't be perfect for each otherWe see others from the club in this book and I sincerely hope the author gives this huge mass of amazing men their own books especially Hulk I will admit that there are some bits int his book that aren't for me but nothing that pulled me out of the story but I will say I didn't like view spoilerthat Beach had other woman call him PapiI know some don't like that term but it has never bothered me especially with Beach's heritage I know that that is very common and it was fine with me when he wanted Sarah to call him Papi but when I heard he had woman call him thatwhen he was with them I didn't like that at all and I mean I really din't like that I don't know all I can think is if I had a pet name for my husband and then I found out he had all his ex's call him that I would be furious ugh hide spoiler Get ready to fall in love because Ann Mayburn has just written your next book husband Carlos “Beach” Rodriguez is sex on a Harley Davidson a stud in the bedroom and gooey enough on the inside to make you swoonIf you read the first two books in this series you have already gotten a glimpse of Beach and Sarah But that’s all you got—a glimpse This book is a look back at the beginning of their relationship and how things really happened not the story that was given to Swan From the beginning at Sturgis to the end I was on the edge of my seat and had a hard time putting this book down I fell in love all over again with the Iron Horse MC and its crazy cast of characters Hustler Smoke and a few others also play parts in this story that will have you “excited” as you turn the pagesThe heat in this book between Beach and Sarah is enough to start your panties on fire so make sure you grab something to extinguish the flames Now when does then next book come out? I want it NOW Devlynn 45 stars Re read 32117still awesome I don't even know how to explain this book because it has so much crazy shitI wouldn't know were to startApparently there are 2 books before this one about Sarah's twin sister I however like doing shit ass backwards so I jumped right into book 3 because it sounded better ;Book 3 and 4 are about Sarah and Beach Sarah is a playboy centerfoldpole dancing ueen Her mom is a crazy ass fuck up and con artist Her dad is some kind of former super military guy who has gone underground and is now a arms dealer and a prepper they live on a commune and her stepmom is a mafia princess This makes Sarah half assassin too because her dad thought her everything he knows I mean WTF shit is ridiculous Oh and she has a high functioning autistic twin sister Beach however was the most normal in this book He is the international president of the Iron Horse MC I liked him a lot He was all alpha toughness with a huge heart He really wanted to take care of Sarah I'm not gonna go into the plot because there is just to much crazy shit to explain There is kidnapping and people trying to kill both of them There is also very hot sexdamn these two were hot when they finally got it on Eventhough this book is ridiculous at times and way ott in my opinion I couldn't stop reading I'm gonna jump right into book 4 because I want to know what crazy shit will happen next Carlos Beach Rodriguez never thought about settling down but he knew when he found the woman strong enough to be the President's of Iron Horse Old Lady he would know it Meeting Sarah he knew she was it however she is enigma with walls tightly secured and an uphill battle to keep her by is side Sarah has a temper and she is uick to display it however she will lay down her loyalty to those who earn it Can she trust Beach or will he be another man who betrays her?Beach and Sarah's story There were a couple of things that didn't blend with the first two books on their journey not glaring enough that the story suffered though I will say I initially hesitated reading Sarah's story because you knew so much of her past from Swan's story and was worried I wouldn't warm up to her character I was wrong Sarah is strong she is powerful and has a vulnerable side that breaks your heart This story takes place from the moment Sarah and Beach meet Beach is pure alpha male dominant and delicious book hero from page one Can't say enough to do the book justice but it was one heck of a read A leather clad fairy godfatherwith nicely muscledwell everythingFor once I got it right the first time go figure Apparently this book is a preuel to the others so the fact that I read it first kept me from being frustrated like some of the others who already know things that I don't It took me a little bit to become totally invested in the story but by the end I was fully onboardSarah is multi talented and kinda over the top until you get to know her It was almost like reading a comic book about a female superhero when she was being snarky and showing off But after some of the blanks are filled in and I learned about her painful past it became believable Honestly it's Beach that convinced me to give her a chance When I started to see her through his eyes she became softer and sweeter while still retaining her badass bitch credentialsI totally fell for Carlos Beach Rodriguez Not only is he a very sexy muscled tattooed pierced dirty talkin' bossy badass biker he's the very well respected National President of the Iron Horse MC He has a huge responsibility taking care of club business for so many chapters He has never been interested in a woman enough to even consider taking her as his old lady He is too busy to do than use sweet butts for stress relief Until her He wanted her from the second he saw her Their chemistry was off the charts before they even met each other I made sure to not get between them because I had no doubt my kindle would burst into flames with the sparks that were bouncing off of them It was H O T And thenBAM All hell broke loose and it became than just the two of them as madness and mayhem threw them together forcing them to concentrate on survival rather than lustbut not for longI really enjoyed getting to know the other characters too especially Birdie She's a very colorful sassy 70 yr old biker chick with a big heart and lots of attitude I totally wanted to go hang out with her I'm looking forward to spending time with the Iron Horse MC family not just Sarah Beach but the other books in the series that I need to catch up with while I'm waiting for their next book to be released Until then I'll be reliving my Papi fantasies with his filthy mouth growling those sexy words Who cares if they are in Spanish his intent is clear that accent alone would do the tricksigh This series just gets better and betterIf you haven’t read Exuisite Trouble and Exuisite Danger stop reading this and go read those Exuisite Redemption and Exuisite Karma are companion books that tell the true story of how Beach and Sarah met and fell in love and what happened during the time Sarah was missing while looking for her mother I’m not a big fan of books that go over old ground but the insight into what happened to Sarah kept me engaged even though I knew how it worked out in the endSarah is definitely my idea of an almost perfect heroine She had it rough getting stuck with the craziest parent in the divorce Abused and used she clawed herself out of that situation at a surprisingly young age She made a name for herself and enough money to finally make her dreams come true in an unconventional way You can’t help but admire her spirit Taught by the best Sarah is one badass bitch who can take care of herself Having led such a tough life she is mature beyond her years but you get glimpses of the young girl she really is at times and it’s usually heartbreakingSarah had a plan to have one last night of wild with a random bad boy and then to settle down by going to school and finding a mature man who she could rely on Those plans were derailed in a spectacular way when her night ended with Beach and her getting violently kidnapped at a biker rallyBeach is amazing Definitely a case of biker insta lust but with Sarah being the beautiful badass she is how could he not want her? He could be one hell of an alpha hole but he needed to be He treats her with care letting her be the woman she needs to be but at the same time keeping her safe even if it was from herself My only complaint with Beach was he didn’t pick up on clues surrounding Sarah’s upbringing and the ongoing threat she continued to faceSarah and Beach were definitely good together There was a lot of push and pull both in and out of the bedroom Beach was 100% in charge in the bedroom and he was very very good at it When “Papi” came out to play it was intense sexy and unbelievably hotJust as things are settling down for them Sarah’s Mom shows up and all hell breaks loose I do wish Sarah had been truthful from the start but I got why she was reluctant to share her true upbringing When the worst happens Beach doesn’t handle it well and Sarah feeling responsible strikes out alone to fix thingsI did feel like Sarah was reckless by going out on her own and her excuses as to why didn’t really hold water for me As super protective as she was over Swan her not calling in reinforcements ended up putting Swan in danger How the merchandise ended up being found which we weren’t told in Swan’s books ended up being kind of a letdown for me I decided to chalk up all her uestionable decisions to extreme stress and just go along for the rideThe Iron Horse MC fascinates me–the infrastructure grit action politics and especially the men I am hoping we get the next installment soon because I am really enjoying this series There’s a war going on and no one is sure who all the players are so I can’t wait to dive into the next oneRating 5 Gritty and Action Packed Stars Ann Mayburn has done it again with another great MC tale This was Beach and Sarah's memorable and gritty story If you can recall Sarah was Swan's twin sister from Books 1 and 2 of the Iron Horseman series so you already know how the twins were raised and how it sorta effected why they are the way they are and even who the tend to associate with and gravitate to But from the start you see immediately that Sarah wants a normal simple life outside of dancing on poles because she has made a lot of money in that profession it seems but anyway while in Sturgis she meets hero Beach the National President of Iron Horse MC and watch how the their journey immediately takes off TOGETHER DUE TO nope no spoiler from me on this one just read it and find outAny how I loved this one too but not the cliffhanger much5 gripping series stars Beach and Sarah's story is definitely my favorite in the series Beach is the president of the MC who falls for Sarah who has sworn of bad boys Beach is simply swoon worthy with that touch of biker badass that is irresistible I loved that with Sarah that the soft comes out in him We've seen glimpses of them in the previous books but this one is all about them with the surrounding characters still in play I loved their story and can't wait to read I give Exuisite Redemption 5 hearts Fantastic I loved Beach and Sarah individually and adored them as a couple They fit each other in ways they both neededIf in a review I read that Sarah was an ex stripper professional pole dancer and was in playboy I probably would say moving on to the next book I know judgie of me We meet her on the last day of being a professional dancer that is seriously hard work You need strengthI decided to read since I loved the first 2 books in the series Exuisite redemption is a preuel to those booksI straight up loved Sarah She has fire but is not a bitch No TSTL moments She planned to move forward and accomplish her goals interior designer and someday having a normal suburban family She is a mixture of vulnerability humor and strength I got behind her bc she never backed down from doing what needed to be done Justice doesn't mean going to jail it can mean deathShe learned after meeting Beach what we need doesn't always follow our thought out path Beach a very yummy H Sarah is everything to him Beach sigh I want one A badass who knows he wants Sarah and is never letting her go No cheatingI'm always nervous starting a AM book bc she writes a lot of formal BDSM books w sex sharing which I know appeals to many readers Me not so much I think eventually books in this series will go down that path A few characters from her Russian submissive series have made cameos But maybe notThis book ends on a HFN and will continue into the next book coming out in March 2016 I want Hulk to get a book He's such a sweetie who deserves a HEA