Courage Is the Price

Courage Is the Price❄ [EPUB] ✼ Courage Is the Price By S.L. Dove Cooper ➝ – Seventeen year old Rue doesn’t need any friends other than Ghost her not so imaginary best friend They’ve been inseparable for as long as Rue can remember and Rue shares everything with GhostThe d Seventeen year old Rue doesn’t need any friends other than Ghost her not so imaginary best friend They’ve been inseparable for as long as Rue can remember and Rue shares everything with GhostThe day before Rue returns home from school for the long holiday Ghost disappears Ever fretful Rue tries to tell herself it’s fine Courage Is PDF or but she knows something is horribly terribly wrong She’ll have to overcome her anxiety find her courage and push her boundaries further than she ever thought possible in order to save her best friend and perhaps make some new ones as Rue finds herself drawn into the fringes of a secret battle for human survivalSoft science fiction meets fantasy in this exciting novella length adventure of daring and friendship. Disclaimer I know Lynn pretty well I did buy the book myself now available in a print copy But I do know her and my blog is actually hosted by herThat said it doesn’t much affect my review I mostly liked Courage is the Price I liked that Rue has anxiety and that it shapes the story profoundly; that Rue has to face that fact and figure out how to work around it how to help her friend despite it I liked that she’s pretty privileged and that up to the point of the story people have pretty much allowed her anxiety to run wild by keeping her shelteredAnd Priti a supporting character who becomes Rue’s friend is awesome too Casually trans poorer than Rue and aware of the world — and willing to reach out and help Rue get over that kind of thing even though they’re both bullied at schoolThe background is cool too the spaceship colony world the ‘imaginary friend’ who turns out to be just a different sort of being and uite uite real and indeed suffering her own struggles I wasn’t a major fan of Ghost herself because I know that all the methods she was using to cajole Rue out of her anxiety are ones which don’t work and that she let herself be an excuse for Rue not to seek out anyone else And of course that she didn’t tell Rue who and what she was or even anything about her and why it would be bad for the two of them to have so close a bondRue’s anxiety takes up a lot of the story plus her strained relationship with her parents who don’t really want the daughter they’ve got and expected someone uite different That sometimes makes the pacing drag a little for me — especially since I know darn well what a panic attack feels like and was torn between sympathy and wishing I could shake Rue out of it Probably a personal frustration there it’s difficult for me to see someone even a fictional someone doing things which I know actually fuel anxiety and make you afraid in the endIt’s a fun novella anyway and I’d like to see of the world and of Priti Rue is not my favourite character ever sorry Lynn but she does grow and change and learn and maybe towards the end she’s becoming a interesting character But really gimme PritiOriginally posted here I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis is a story about a girl who fights her anxiety to be able to help her friend and ends up gaining a different friend instead Also overbearingly strict parents sheltered upbringing class differences and sci fi elements Oh and Priti is the best I had trouble getting through this book sometimes because it was very introspective and slow and I just felt like there were too many little details but ultimately I enjoyed the story 35 stars Rue is not your average heroine Oh plenty of stories have ordinary characters doing extraordinary things but they usually have positive characteristics to help them along the way Not Rue She’s neither brave nor confident in fact she freuently calls herself a coward she’s not particularly clever she is naive and privileged and snobby through ignorance and has some rather serious anxiety issues However she’s also loyal so when her only friend goes missing she simply has to find a way to save herAs you may guess from that this is a rather unusual tale and not just because it’s set on a space station – in truth the sci fi elements are pretty light Nor is it unusual simply because Rue’s best friend is actually a ghost It’s strange and unusual because of Rue and how she finds her courage not just to track down Ghost but to venture outside alone to run on the grass trust me that’s a bigger thing than you’re probably thinking right now to go beyond the boundaries of her home to make new friends to face up to her own ignorance which she doesn’t do particularly brilliantly – she mostly bursts into tears about it to keep going despite her anxiety and to face down bulliesThis is a uiet tale though there is a bit of action at the end Rue does change and grow throughout it but the thing I liked most is that Rue doesn’t become someone else She’s still her at the end just a stronger version with a smidgen confidence Oh actually I lied The thing I liked most about this tale is Priti one of Rue’s fellow students who gets bullied just as much – if not – because of her trans status Priti is awesome No matter how feeble or fretful Rue gets Priti doesn’t lose patience with her Priti is a saint and only gets annoyed when Rue is particularly obtuse regarding wealth and status I loved Priti and would happily read about her doing pretty much anythingSo in all this is a story with a difference – a different kind of heroine and a different kind of plot It’s about friendship and anxiety and doing the best you can even if you aren’t one of the universe’s natural warriors We can all make a difference we can all matter but we have to believe in ourselves and those around us in order to make the change Rue might not be to everyone’s taste but have a little patience with her because her story is an important one that can apply to many And if she does get too annoying don’t worry Priti will make it better A heartfelt story with a very well done treatment of anxiety disorders and class issues I really felt for Rue She already struggles with getting through daily life and then she has to deal with losing her only friend and running headlong into utterly unfamiliar situations The world is intriguing I'm looking forward to reading about Ghost's people and the human settlements