The Tragedy at Road Hill House

The Tragedy at Road Hill House★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ The Tragedy at Road Hill House By Yseult Bridges ✪ – Being the True Chronicle of a Celebrated Murder which occurred at Road Hill House Wilts England on June 30th 1860 and which involved a Lovely Young Girl Constance Kent who refused to defend herself fr Being the True Chronicle of a at Road PDF/EPUB Â Celebrated Murder which occurred at Road Hill House Wilts England on June th and which involved a Lovely Young Girl Constance Kent who refused to defend herself from the Wicked Charge of slaying her Infant Stepbrother and whose Trial and its Sensational seuel Inflamed the people of two countries to Fever Pitch Here is New Evidence which raises Fresh Doubts whether Justice was done. While the Constance KentRoad Murder has fallen into obscurity back in the mid 1800s it was a household topic The murder in uestion the suffocation slashed throat of a 4 year old boy was uickly amplified by the scandalous tangents surrounding it ie family homicide sensational affairs gentry privilege abusive parents jury tampering bungled policework varying stories on the part of everyone involved It was a case that refused to die Local police uickly floundered Scotland Yard was called to investigate a succession of uestionings failed trails went cold evidence was lost witnesses weren't held accountable the entire mess was swept under the rug of patriarchal untouchability First Constance was accused acuitted then the nurse Elizabeth Gough also acuitted though her testimony was notably suspicious full of holes Undoubtedly Mr Kent was having an affair with Gough as he'd had an affair with his current wife while she was still the governess to his first children by his first wife but nobody could tease a solid case from the bits of evidence legal precedents of the timeAnd then five years later Constance suffered some sort of religious fervor confessed to the crime The public was shocked They were further shocked when her so called confession didn't match the details of the crime nor did it stand up to a basic scrutiny of facts But she said not a word in her defense the court had no choice but to convict This case was a popular inspiration for sensational Victorian novelists it's easy to see why Even today I found myself making the oO face while reading Ms Bridges is a highly biased lens the passages about Constance's purity put upon innocence are purple to the max but she does gather the facts piece together an impressive solution to the mystery It's a simple logical rendering I've no doubt that her theory is exactly what happened that night It takes all the facts into tidy account; indeed they fit so neatly that it puts primary investigators Whitcher Foley to shame yet again As for Constance's confession it seems all too obvious that she was bludgeoned with garbled religious dogma until she either believed she was the killer or that she had to atone for her father's guilt to receive spiritual release An interesting read to be sure Things get a bit repetitive in the courtroom scenes but it's ultimately worth the effort Elizabeth Gough's vague mutating clearly bullshit testimony is something to behold D