The Drake Series Complete Collection

The Drake Series Complete Collection[PDF / Epub] ☉ The Drake Series Complete Collection ❤ S.E. Lund – From USA Today Bestselling Author S E Lund The Drake Series Complete Collection Books 1 3 of the Drake Series Drake Morgan MD Neurosurgeon bass player philanthropist – Dominant He doesn't do girlfri From USA Today Bestselling Author S E Lund Series Complete PDF Ì The Drake Series Complete Collection books of the Drake Series Drake Morgan MD Neurosurgeon bass The Drake Epub / player philanthropist – Dominant He doesn't do girlfriends he doesn’t do sleepovers and he certainly doesn't do breakfast in bed the morning after He has his Drake Series Complete Epub Ü surgical slate at New York Presbyterian he has a charitable foundation providing surgical tools to hospitals in Africa he has his Brit Invasion cover band Mersey and he has his secret life as a Dominant in Manhattan's BDSM community Into bondage Ds and the occasional dungeon scene Drake keeps every part of his life separate the divisions between them neat and tidy His weeks are filled with surgeries music and Ds sex and none of the well planned and scheduled parts of his life intersect That is until Kate McDermott crosses his path and screws everything up Now nothing is neat and tidy any for Drake is smitten and things are going to get messy Note The Drake Series is The Unrestrained Series told from Drake's point of view It includes brand new material as well as scenes from The Agreement as seen through Drake's eyes The series is intended for due to explicit content. Emotionally controlling and mentally manipulative a hole I usually love dominance stories I read until almost the end of book 3 but seriously her dad had a stroke and he's upset she wishes to stay and trys to guilt her with ' your choosing your father over me' I'm sure he redeems himself and everything works out but reallythat was my breaking point InterestingI enjoyed reading from Drake's POV but the editing was terrible I really expected in that areaOtherwise all 3 books were good to read At times I felt that he was extremely self centered Not caring about Kate's feelings or well being when they were going through his ordeal with his ex wife and when they were living in Africa I truly was addicted from the beginning to end I might have read these out of order not really sure but enjoyed all of the books Drake is a Dom but when he meets Kats something in him changes Will she be a submissive? Great read This collection has the first three books This series was uite amazing I fell in love with Kate and Drake from the beginning The only thing that got to me was the repeat of I'm a dom Kate I seemed to read that often But it was all in good context The whole story was pretty predictable which I uite enjoyed I loved how Drake didn't treat Kate like one of his other subs I loved how they fought for each other and believed in each other I loved how caring Drake was and how sweet they were I just LOVED them It did take me about a month to read all 3 but it was so worth it I would go to bed wondering what would happen next It was a beautiful book set that taught about love after pain falling in love after divorce being different but still loving putting your partner first Which is how every couple should be Drake plays guitar is a neurosurgeon and is a dom He has never really been loved so it's so hard for him to give control to someone Kate is a sweetheart who has been through so much she is an artist and cares about the world She is an amazing person READ these books you will love them This was a good series not great Sorry Miss LundThe storyline was not to bad Great chemistry between Dr Drake Morgan and Kate McDermott but felt that trough out the series Drake just gets way to much bordering making you feel crowded Would seriously read from this author Happy Reading This book was wonderful I love a strong female character and found her here She was surrounded by dominant men and though submissive she found her footing and stood her ground I enjoyed the backstory of all the characters and found them compelling I listened to The Agreement and the Commitment on audiobook and enjoyed the narration by Emma Wilder very much I was addicted from the beginning I truly was addicted from the beginning Without giving away the good stuff the ending was what I was hoping but didn't think it would happen I want to see what happens next Less then a month till book 4 Loved this series as much as the 'original' There were a few instances where the story might have been mildly confusing if you hadn't read the first series