Sisterhood is Deadly (Sorority Sisters Mystery, #1)

Sisterhood is Deadly (Sorority Sisters Mystery, #1)[BOOKS] ✬ Sisterhood is Deadly (Sorority Sisters Mystery, #1) ✶ Lindsay Emory – We'll be sisters 'til we dieMargot Blythe is a professional sorority girl As a Sisterhood Mentor for her beloved Delta Beta she travels to colleges around the country advising on serious sorority issu We'll be sisters 'til we dieMargot Blythe is a professional sorority Sisterhood is PDF \ girl As a Sisterhood Mentor for her beloved Delta Beta she travels to colleges around the country advising on serious sorority issues and picking up all the gossip along the way Margot is thrilled when she's invited back to her alma mater to assist the Delta Betas—but tragedy strikes when their chapter advisor drops dead during a meeting sending shockwaves down sorority rowShaken by the death—especially when foul play is suspected—Margot has to step up Appointed the honor of serving as temporary chapter advisor she now must manage the drama of fifty frazzled sorority women with secrets to hide; protect the house from the annual fraternity pledge pranks which are ominous than they seem; and worst of all combat the ruinous rumors surfacing about a Delta Beta phone sex ring If she wants to keep rival sororities and a suspicious but dangerously cute local policeman from bringing Delta Beta's reputation down it's up to Margot to find out the truth—about whether a sister could have committed such an unimaginable sin as murderA sassy debut for fans of Susan McBride and Meg Cabot. I expected from this title From the description opening Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella Lindsey Kelk and Mean Girls I expected a brilliant book filled with humor and some hilarious bitchinessI ended up very disappointedThe humor is lukewarm if not AWOL The bitchiness is not fun at all This was one of those books you have to remind yourself to go back to and not one you can't put down Also there were way too many paragraphs without a single line of dialog wasted in I did that I went there I ate that I finished the book only because I wanted to know for certain who the murderer was even if it wasn't that big of a shocker Some extra points for the cute police officer Ty He was the best part of the bookOne word of advice it's probably better to read the sorority glossary before you start the book otherwise many terms will not make senseI received a free ecopy in exchange for an honest review This was a murder mystery with a chick lit slant on it set in the American sorority scene Margot works for the sorority circle and attends a meeting when one of the girls dies Initially expecting this to be from natural causes the book starts to follow an investigation into suspicious circumstances and Margot finds herself needing to ensure her name is in the clearThis was a fairly light uick read almost what I would class as a cosy mysteryWith many thanks to Net Galley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review 35 RatingReview Posted on Reading Lark 7415 now and then I crave a read that is pure fun As a kid I would often reach for a mystery or an RL Stine book As an adult I find that fun reads take many forms but I still am always up for a mystery I liked that this one was silly and fluffy as well as a strong mystery It was the perfect read after a string of some darker serious novelsMargot Blythe is one of those twenty somethings that can't seem to let her college glory days go Her sorority Delta Beta has been her family since her freshman year at Sutton Margot would do anything to keep the name Delta Beta above reproach She has been working for the national office since college graduation; her job is to travel to various Delta Beta chapters around the country helping them fix minor issues and improve their efficiency Margot loves her job but everything changes while on a routine visit to Sutton her alma mater when the chapter advisor drops dead Things spiral out of control when the police label the death as suspicious Before Margot can do the secret sorority sign she finds herself smack in the middle of a murder investigationMargot is hilarious and endearing; she is the sorority version of Nancy Drew The only thing she truly takes seriously is her duties as a Delta Beta There were moments when this one felt like a sorority parody but then it would veer back into serious mystery territory I found that the combination worked well and kept me reading The whodunnit was intriguing; I began to make a strong case for the killers' identity around the 60% mark and was rewarded with being correct I wouldn't say it was obvious but there are enough bread crumbs to lead you down the right pathSisterhood is Deadly is the perfect read when you're looking for something fun and fluffy I hope this is the beginning of a new seriesOne Last Gripe Margot was a bit immature for her age I liked her but this annoyed meMy Favorite Thing About This Book The humorFirst Sentence Sisterhood is powerfulFavorite Character TyLeast Favorite Character Dean Xavier Mean Sisters is a murder mystery but without the gore and grit of many books in this genre and is uite light hearted with a great sense of humor to it It is set right in the heart of the American sorority system and it was refreshing as someone who has been reading a large amount of British based books recently to read something clearly all American There is a note at the start of the book to let the reader know there is a glossary as the back of the book Although its easy to navigate an ebook I would have preferred the glossary at the front to have read it up front to give me a better idea of exactly what some of the terminology was Margot Blythe was in the greek system and didn't leave it after graduating taking a job for six years with the chapter at a national level Her job means she travels all over The States advising and mentoring at the local chapters of her sorority and then she is asked back to her alma mater the college where she graduated During that evenings chapter meeting a sister drops dead and sparks a police investigation and internal investigations Just why is the death suspicious and who did it are two of the things Margot is determined to find out while upholding the principles of the sisterhood even if it gets her in trouble with the police There are many revelations that keep on coming some shocking others not so much but all uite entertaining As someone who;s entire knowledge of fraternities and sororities comes from other novels and movies I found Margot's refusal to see anything bad about her sisters or about the traditions a bit frustrating as it was blindingly obvious things weren't uite as they seemed Mean Sisters is a reasonably fast and easy story that will certainly hold your interest as you read it I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story which I believe is the start of a series and with a mix of potentially exaggerated stereotypes a cute cop some hilarious pranks courtesy of the frats which I would love to know how they carried out and a mystery to solve Mean Sisters is a fabulous story that I didn't really want to put down Thank you to Avon and Netgalley for this review copy This was my honest opinion The cover got me here and when I heard the claim ‘Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella Lindsey Kelk and Mean Girls’ I was fairly sure I’d enjoy I have to admit I’ve never read chick lit enshrouded in something akin to murder mystery thriller clothing before and I was intriguedWe meet Margot Blythe ‘professional sorority girl’ who is on her sixth year in the Delta Beta sororities Now obviously over here we don’t have sororities and so I really enjoyed hearing about the background nuances and values of the sororities and I liked the way there was a glossary at the back of all of the terminology associated with it The murder was nicely done as was the investigation both tinged with humour At times I found ‘Mean Sisters’ very funny at times it didn’t uite hit the spot but I did always enjoyMargot was extremely tunnel visioned in terms of her duties and how she believed everyone should be in relation to their sorority duties and this added to the ‘Elle Woods’ aspect There were rivalries twists and turns and suspects and dead ends There were a lot of characters but you weren’t just introduced to them and then dropped you were gently reminded who they were and I liked the way this was done The backdrop of the college was great to showcase some greatly atmospheric dark descriptions that kept you at the scene of the crime All in all a very enjoyable read By the way as you might note from above this book seems to be titled ‘Sisterhood is Deadly’ on US and it also seems to be the start of a series Thanks to Netgalley for this book in return for an honest reviewRating 45 This book was certainly amusing Setting a murder mystery within a sorority setting is always a good idea because it allows for an extra element of secret keeping from those not pledged Margot was a fun narrator somehow both whip smart and dumb as a post as she looks after her sisters and decides to solve the murders on her ownMargot is a character who toes the party line with regards to what to expected of a Delta Beta sister and she expects everyone else to hold these values because why else have they pledged? It was nice to see a character so steadfast in their beliefs and not doing it in an overtly cult like manner For me I've always found sororities to be a bit weird yes to sisterhood maybe a no to secret chants etc I was a huge Greek fan so I have a good understanding of the Greek system but thankfully even if I didn't not only does this book explain the institution very well the UK version comes with a handy glossary in the back for those of us without institutions as complex as the Greek systemOther characters introduced were fun and you can definitely see them being familiar drop ins in further books The mystery element was pretty good I think it was obtuse enough to move the story along but also relatively easily solvable for a reader that likes to guess ahead which I guess is the best of both worldsOne last thing; how cute is the coverRecommend to fans of the Heather Wells Mysteries fans of mysteriesRating 35 stars Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest reviewMargot Blythe is a twenty something year old who can’t seem to let her college glory days go After all everyone deserves a family of ‘sisters’ like she had When she’s invited to speak at her alma mater her homecoming reception isn’t exactly what she expected Tragedy strikes and Margot has to step up especially when foul play is suspectedShe’s going to save her fifty frazzled ‘sisters’ keep the suspicious but dangerously cute police officer at bay and find out the truth – could a sister have committed such an unimaginable sin as murder?Margot is going to learn the real bond of sisterhood and maybe just maybe discover where she truly belongsTHIS book was publicized to fans of Sophie Kinsella so immediately I was interested The downer is it DID NOT remind of her work at all It was a cute light read Took me a while to get through it It was overly detailed and I didn't care for the lack of character development in some of the lesser characters One of the main characters Ty turned this into a 3 star for me I liked his personality throughout which made up for Margot's If you're into sorority reads pick this up If you like chick lit it is a light read but make sure to look in the index first or you may got lost in the SISTER terms Man this was such a fantastic book I enjoyed it so much so hilarious I loved the mystery and I can't wait to read of this series and this author I received this book from NetGalley and the publisher in return for an honest review This review is based entirely on my own thoughts and feelingsOverall rating 3Writing skill 3Plot 4Characters 3Utter Sass 5I know the average of my stars above basically mean its a 4 but it wasn't uite and I'm feeling mean sister This really was a fun light hearted seriously girly easy read I don't particularly know anything about sororities or even how the US collegeuniversity system works but I got the gist enough to follow along The characters were seriously stereotypical but in this it seemed to work just fine The dialogue was especially sassy and witty and brought it all together I probably wont remember this one in a few years but it did what it set out to do Lovers of Mean Girls get reading this While I didn't expect 'endearing' with the bitchiness you'd expect from a sorority house I also didn't think it would be this level of catty I was like why should I care? because these women my goodness It felt like I wanted to run away from this pack than anything which didn't end up being a read I wanted to dive back into Also not being American much of the sorority aspects fell flat for me because I was clueless and there was really no explanationshelp in the read to even give the clueless reader a hint at what is being implied

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  • Sisterhood is Deadly (Sorority Sisters Mystery, #1)
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