The Legend of Sam Miracle Outlaws of Time #1

The Legend of Sam Miracle Outlaws of Time #1[Download] ✤ The Legend of Sam Miracle Outlaws of Time #1 By N.D. Wilson – A new fantasy adventure trilogy about a misfit twelve year old with a dangerous destiny to fulfill a mystical time walker who is sent to protect him and a maniacal villain with a deadly vendetta that A new fantasy adventure trilogy about of Sam Epub à a misfit twelve year old with a dangerous destiny to fulfill a mystical time walker who is sent to protect him and a maniacal villain with a deadly vendetta that began two hundred years ago in the heart of the Old WestSam Miracle’s life is made up of dreams that come to him when he’s wide awake They take him to another place and time where he’s a courageous legendary hero instead The Legend Epub / of a foster kid with two bad arms that can barely move Sometimes these dreams feel so real they seem like forgotten memories And sometimes they make him believe that his arms might come alive againBut Sam is about to discover that the world he knows and the world he imagines are separated by one thing time And that separation is only an illusion The laws of time can be bent and shifted by people with special magic that Legend of Sam PDF È allows them to travel through the past present and future One of these “time walkers” is out to protect Sam so that he can accept his greatest destiny and another is out to kill him so that a prophecy will never be fulfilled However it’s an adventurous girl named Glory and two peculiar snakes who Legend of Sam Miracle Outlaws ePUB ✓ show Sam the way through the dark paths of yesterday to help him make sure there will be a tomorrow for every last person Legend of Sam Miracle Outlaws ePUB ✓ on earthNot bad Tom Wolfe. ND Wilson has become a bestselling author by perfecting a triad tipping his hat to the best that history and legend have to offer showing kids that they don't have to be British or a wizard or the son of a Greek god to live adventures that matter and letting his own imagination run wild Leepike Ridge combines Huck Finn with Treasure Island beating with a Pacific Northwest heart; 100 Cupboards turns Kansas into a Platform 9 34 that leads to dozens of different worlds; Boys of Blur springs from the swamps of Florida with bones of football and Beowulf; Ashtown Burials places an entire order of Indiana Joneses on the shores of Lake Michigan; and now here's The Legend of Sam Miracle a must read mashup of Western superhero and time hop I have to admit time travel stories irritate me as a rule And I hate the desert But Wilson won me over on both in this blistering adventure about gunslinging misfit preteen superhero Sam Miracle desperate to rescue his sister from the devil of an outlaw El Buitre The Vulture Sam is destined to kill El Buitre in a gunfight Sam knows this El Buitre knows this Victory has already been written in the book of Sam’s life But what can Sam do when El Buitre controls time itself? What can he do when El Buitre keeps rewinding the story to kill Sam first? What can he do when he escapes death—but El Buitre’s bullets shatter both his arms? “Every hero needs to be part nightmare” Sam becomes Poncho the legendary hero with two grafted rattlesnakes for arms and the fastest draw of all time Only he stands a chance against El Buitre before El Buitre devours all the riches and cultures cities and peoples of the worldSam’s ragtag team includes Father Tiempo the priest who “walks the secret paths between times”; Manuelito the tall Navajo with a taller hat and supernatural healing powers; a posse of rambunctious boyhood allies; but especially Glory the spunky and fiercely loyal fan of the book who is determined to help Sam live his story one last time—live it right With their help Sam just might have a shot at victory But when it comes down to the choice of all choices—save his sister or kill the Vulture—which will he choose? And will anyone he loves be alive by the time it’s all over? This fantastically creative tall tale will have you flipping pages as fast as Sam’s rattlesnake hands Wilson is an astounding phrase turner some of his words are worth a thousand pictures but he’s also just a crazy inventor crashing elements from all your favorite Westerns of every decade into one dust storms motorcycles cowboys Indians saloons scorching desert winds cacti and cool moon nights and coyote howls Not to mention an EPIC train wreck You might even run into an Earp brother or twoFor those worried about violence in a kids’ book as Wilson is famous for I’ll say two things One Wilson does an incredible job executing the action while skimming over the gore You’ll feel like you just witnessed a shootout for the ages yet without getting a bucket of blood flung in your face Two kids are tougher than you think or at least they would be if the adults would uit freaking out and actually let them read stories like thisThe issue isn’t violence per se; the issue is what is it for? Wilson tells stories of tough times and tougher heroes His worldview is jolly and robust his tone filled with strength and honor and the good guys always win A spectacular gunfight or two or three should hardly disturb the 10 year olds Just the opposite This is the kind of book that will produce heroes like Sam like Glory like Tiempo And those are exactly the heroes we need That’s the best thing about The Legend of Sam Miracle—it’s jet fuel for life No matter your age you’ll want to live better faster bolder Like Glory you’ll say “I only get one life story I don't want mine to be safe I want it to be worth writing a book about” But beware There is only one way to change history “By living” as Father Tiempo says “By dying” So what will it be? Hurry Read Help Sam Miracle finish the story the way it was meant to be written The way it was meant to be lived Help him defeat the greatest evil of his time And after you turn the last page what will you do with your story? Read this first in manuscript and this time around listened to it on Audible A regular roller coaster ride Blah This was really boring The thing is it's well written but there was just something so uninteresting about it Not even the surprising amount of violence could save this story And the snake arms thing was weird and made me feel itchy Hooked from the get go I love the way Wilson writes villains as really evil without being gratuitous and doesn't shy away from pain in his stories I love how he writes main characters the reader can actually root for flawed learning growing dependent human good I know this is YA fiction but whatever it;s just good fiction I really really enjoyed this bookND Wilson has done it again an action packed tale of an unlikely hero facing unimaginable evil But this one is a bit different from the Ashtown Burials series It's cleaner shorter and tighter With fewer characters MacGuffins and baddies to keep track of and with relatable characters navigating a recognisable world with nevertheless some truly spine tingling speculative fiction fun like a battleground filled with the dead bodies of the same time traveller at different ages the feel is much less chaotic and much imaginatively satisfyingMy only major complaint was that view spoilerthe plot ends without the big climactic confrontation spoken of throughout the plot There is a final confrontation and a victory so there is a welcome sense of closure at the end of the plot But I still found it a little anticlimactic compared to what the whole plot foreshadowed very definitely hide spoiler Whatever kind of story you like plot driven character driven deep meaning driven or just plain crazily imaginative ND Wilson delivers the whole constellation time after time I've read almost everything he has written both fiction and nonfiction and for now at least this my favorite on the fiction side I trust that as great books continue to flow from his word processor I'll find it harder and harder to pick a front runner I wish I could write some superintelligent reason for why I like it best but you know meMiss Subjectivity It just grabbed my heart I love glorious Glory and I hope she inspires a revival of the name Gloria which is shamefully underused I love the apostle y posse I love faithful as a rock Father Tiempo I love the way they all love Sam laying down their lives for him allowing him to be heroic despite being so brokenAll that and snake arms I received an advance reader copy of this book how you feel means nothing the priest said What will you do?Words to live by uite good Nate Wilson has a real gift and the sheer inventiveness of the world he created was enough to impress Snake arms? What? I have just so many thoughts But it's a road trip and I want to spend my time reading and not reviewing I'll write about both in my review for number two perhaps UPDATE Loved the book Another inventive and gripping story from ND Wilson And just as I suspected another series to follow and to recommend to lovers of Rick Riordan Hey is it just my pet peeve but why haven't kids latched on to ND's books? Everything is there great characters plots mythology inventive worlds great writing Come on booksellers and librariansFIRST POST Thank you to Edelweiss for an ARC of the book I am not too far into it but I can already tell that it is going to be just as good as Mr Wilson's previous booksI am a bookseller and huge fanBut why is he taunting us with a new story when we are waiting for Ashtown Burials #4?End of rant back to regularly scheduled reading

The Legend of Sam Miracle Outlaws of Time #1 PDF/EPUB
  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • The Legend of Sam Miracle Outlaws of Time #1
  • N.D. Wilson
  • 24 August 2016
  • 9780062327260