By Way of the Silverthorns

By Way of the Silverthorns[EPUB] ✸ By Way of the Silverthorns By Grace Livingston Hill – On a country estate young McRae finds the strength and courage to break through tradition and claim the man she loves Grace Livingston Hill is the beloved author of than 100 books Read and enjoyed by On a country estate young McRae finds the of the PDF/EPUB Â strength and courage to break through tradition and claim the man she loves Grace Livingston Hill is the beloved By Way PDF/EPUB ² author of than books read and enjoyed by millions her wholesome stories contain adventure romance and the heartwarming triumphs of people faced with the problems of life Way of the PDF ´ and love. By Way of the Silverthorns is pretty much a straight up list of Grace Livingston’s Hill’s favorite tropes pure cultured young Christian women who bear up gracefully against calamities painted uncultured flappers to serve as objects of scorn sudden orphans elopements sickly parents who need nurses young ladies who suddenly are thrust into caring for wild siblings rich young men who do good work in slums old houses that seem like crosses between paradise and a nostalgia shop and wild young women who suddenly convert to Christianity and immediately cease their wild ways such as wearing makeup and dancing All that’s missing is a rich relative suddenly dying and leaving a beleaguered family a comfortable old house It’s not exactly high literatureThat said it’s not the most awful book either It’s considerably preachy than some of GLH’s other stories or at least written such that the preachy bits are considerably obvious The plot sort of wanders all over the place; it’s really a set of vignettes and short stories with uite a few important developments being glossed over or happening offscreen The novel takes place over several weeks during and after a wedding attended by a group of friends most of whom have known each other since childhood Much of the drama of the novel centers around Erminie “Minnie” Lazarelle a spoiled young woman who crashes the wedding After converting to Christianity she sets out to change her ways but has to contend with a deeply ill stepmother and a gaggle of young unruly siblings one of whom has run away and gets Luther Waite a millionaire businessman who spends his free time preaching to homeless men and dislikes Erminie Also featured is a sort of miluetoast love triangle between McRae Silverthorn McRae Her first name is McRae Wtf a modest young woman and two brothers whom she grew up with – Curlin a steady dude and Steve who secretly goes to nightclubs and associates with women who drink and wear makeup and gaudy clothing You can pretty much see all the plot twists coming – GLH isn’t exactly subtle especially here – but it’s not unenjoyable to see most of the main characters pair up and get a happy ending The preaching is uite heavy handed in this one characters will suddenly start pontificating to their unsaved acuaintances and keep going for pages but it’s pretty easy to skip over seriously just flip past all the paragraphs with ‘Thous’ and ‘Dosts’ and lots of capitalized words in the middle of sentences and you’re gold As far as sexism and other issues go this particular outing isn’t especially offensive GLH is a bit patronizing about the poorhomeless Erminie ends up with a good man to take care of her even though she was doing pretty fine herself and anyone who partakes in drinking dancing or dressing up a lotwearing makeup and partying either changes their ways or gets shut out but most of the points are gently made except that last one Seriously if you don’t spend most of your free time singing hymns and praying or you like to play golf on Sundays you’re A HEATHEN and good Christian boys will want nothing to do with you Given that it’s a GLH novel it’s pretty much par for the course and aside from the occasionally overwhelming preachiness it does alright for a comfortnostalgia read In a book that opens with a wedding you'd think you have a clear romance And so you seem towe have McRae and her brother Lincoln both likely candidates for a tale of the heart But they also have a slew of friends and acuaintances all of whom seem to have a deep need for love acceptance and of course Christ As the story unfolds you get drawn into the lives of this group of young people You can't help but pick your favorites as you go though that might change as you read By the end of the book the future looks bright for all involved though our darling Silverthorns have a hint of the rightness to come and no clear or real resolution for either which is the only reason why I dinged this one I hate to give four stars to my beloved Grace Livingston Hill but this one perhaps deserved it I think that perhaps the story was too ambitious for the space given We really needed another hundred pages or so to truly embrace the rest of the story that seems to go unsaid I'm hoping that in More Than Conuerors which is rud to come next we'll get a clearer telling of what happens to the Silverthorns in the future Awwww This story was sweet This was one of my favoite Grace Livingstone hills I loved all the different characters and getting to see them grow Though I belive The Gold Shoe still ranks as my number one favorite of her books Sweet story from one of my favorite authors I just love Christian romance fiction and I collect those by Grace Livingston Hill Excellent as usualGrace did a fantastic job with this story Jesus can change lives and hearts We just need to bend our will to Him and allow Him to live in us Weddings are in the air Weddings just keep happening in the Silverthorn's close group of friends More importantly Jesus is becoming all their friend too Hill Grace Livingston GLH gives a very clear salvation message in this book

By Way of the Silverthorns PDF/EPUB ë By Way
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  • 258 pages
  • By Way of the Silverthorns
  • Grace Livingston Hill
  • English
  • 14 November 2015
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