Uncivil Rites

Uncivil Rites In The Summer Of 2014, Renowned American Indian Studies Professor Steven Salaita Had His Appointment To A Tenured Professorship Revoked By The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois At Urbana Champaign Salaita S Employment Was Terminated In Response To His Public Tweets Criticizing The Israeli Government S Summer Assault On Gaza.Salaita S Firing Generated A Huge Public Outcry, With Thousands Petitioning For His Reinstatement, And Than Five Thousand Scholars Pledging To Boycott UIUC His Case Raises Important Questions About Academic Freedom, Free Speech On Campus, And The Movement For Justice In Palestine.In This Book, Salaita Combines Personal Reflection And Political Critique To Shed New Light On His Controversial Termination He Situates His Case At The Intersection Of Important Issues That Affect Both Higher Education And Social Justice Activism. I m truly in awe of Steven and of his latest book I didn t think he could improve much on his previous book Israel s Dead Soul which is also amazing, but he did This is such a beautiful testimony to what kind of human Steven is and the blinders Zionists have that disallow them to see that level of deep humanity This book is a collection of pieces that range from personal narrative detailing his experience since UIUC fired him to parenting to essays about academia and, of course, Palestine Much of the book is deeply moving A great deal is also hilarious especially his parenthetical comments If there is an award for the best footnotes in an academic book
This is a chance to understand what happened to Prof Salaita from his own, very thoughtful perspective It is a series of essays, but all are linked through a series of themes Palestine, colonialism, campus politics, and academic freedom Salaita comes through as a complex person and a complex thinker than his enemies present him His firing comes throu
with all the precarious domestic scenes that followed his unhiring at the secret commandment of zionist donors from his position in the american indian studies department at the university of illinois urbana champaign, steven salaita s uncivil rites at points reads like a sensational hardcover commuter best seller it s an excellent pr strategy, and if mainstream progressives were so terrified to touch the israel palestine conflict, i could see salaita going on a talk show to plug it could you imagine what kind of a world it would be if people could talk about BDS on late night talk shows that would be wild the book is made for a world that doesn t exist this is possibly reach across the aisle salaita this book and some of its essays might be pretty good for an introductory course on the issue salaita is snarky,
Excellent memoir that combines strong analysis of how the author s victimization relates to academic freedom and free speech rights in general with a lot of insight about Islamophobia, Palestine, indigenous rights in America and the intersections between all these I knocked it out in a
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  • Uncivil Rites
  • Steven Salaita
  • 10 September 2019
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