She Steals His Boyfriend

She Steals His Boyfriend❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ She Steals His Boyfriend Author Megan Pony – When Kimberly Voss meets a handsome new man everything about him seems perfect until she discovers that he has a manipulative and unfaithful boyfriend already Being a plus sized girl she is used to me When Kimberly Voss meets a handsome new man everything about him seems perfect until she discovers that he has a manipulative and unfaithful boyfriend already Being a plus sized girl she is used to men appreciating her curves but she didn't expect that he would be seeking than just a shoulder to cry on After Brett and his Boyfriend Jason have a nasty fight and the She Steals PDF or truth comes out Kimberly finds herself in a position too enticing to pass on Brett had never been with a woman and Kimberly was going to need to make sure she makes it completely worth his while even if it means letting him do the things that would normally make her blush to even think about EXCERPT “Damn that looks good” Kimberly’s head snapped up at the voice She had been so intent on what she was doing on her phone she hadn’t noticed that someone had walked right up to her table It was one of the two men that she had been studying He was just as tall as she thought from a distance He was also the one with the bluest eyes she had ever seen she noticed now that he had come closer “Huh” she said and had to force herself to keep from smacking her head with her palm in frustration Out of all the things she could have said when a man this handsome walks up to you she chose to grunt like a cave woman She knew it was because he had caught her off guard coupled with the fact that she was tired and not used to the attention of random handsome strangers but still wished the first word out of her mouth was a little elegant Might as well go for it “Do you want a bite” she asked and instantly regretted it Even toddlers know you don’t take food from strangers and here she was offering him some of her already chewed on sandwich like a lunatic This man and those blue eyes that looked like they belonged to an ice dragon was just making her so flustered she was making a dork out of herself “Um I do but I think I will just order a whole one next time” he said “That would probably be better” Kimberly said happy to be off the hook “It is the Thursday special every week” “I’m Brett” he said simply and waited for Kimberly to give her name “Kimberly Voss and it is nice to meet you” she said She saw over his shoulder that his companion was paying and talking to the waiter It looked like he was flirting with the man “Are you here every Thursday For the special” Brett asked her and she returned her attention to him “I’m here almost every day now that you mention it” she said “My boyfriend and I just moved here we might see you around” Brett said smiling broadly “That would be wonderful” Kimberly said and meant it it would be nice to meet a new friend and not have to eat alone every night It took a second for the fact that he had casually mentioned that he had a boyfriend to sink in She guessed what they always said was true the good ones were either taken or gay Well she hadn’t been looking for anything like that to begin with it was only when she got lost in his eyes did she start having naughty thoughts Brett’s boyfriend came up to join them “Hey I want you to meet a new friend of mine” Brett said to him “Jason this is Kimberly” Jason looked her up and down and she felt that he was trying to hold back a sneer She didn’t like being judged on her appearance and had a feeling that was exactly what was happening now “Looks like must eat here a lot” he said. I wanna give but1st I gotta say I LOVELOVELOVE the ideaconcept why are their soo many books out their with either a woman either being dumped by a man for another man or a woman sharing a man with another man or just mm in gay fiction but No stories where a Woman steals a Man from another man? I especially a BBW woman ? Come on Getting a man to give up on being with other men should be a woman's romantic not reading about a woman sharing the man she loves with another man or watching as he finds happiness with another man and leaves her to be alone Why is a story like this the exception and not the rule ? I'm a woman who LOVES Men and I wanna a story where Wanda gets the man not Walter Great idea but basically No followers w thru but then again what can you expect for just 17 pages I'm bothered that such a great idea wasn't given any real work but I'm grateful that was able to satisfy my curiosity with kindle unlimited because this lil snippet of a book is soo not worth 299 That's another reason for just two stars while I love the premise this unfinished thought is barely worth99 cents and certainly not worth 3 dollarsMy wish and hope is that someone will write or I'll come across a book where the beautiful sassy heroine gets to do just that Steal his Boyfriend but in a way that's definitely worth both our time and our moneyMs Pony please try this subject again if you'll make a longer story of itThanks Pretty much porn with absolutely no plot and there were some grammar mistakes Overall if you're looking for a super uick porn read here you go