The Assassins Daughter (Sugawara Akitada, #15)

The Assassins Daughter (Sugawara Akitada, #15)[PDF] ✩ The Assassins Daughter (Sugawara Akitada, #15) By I.J. Parker – Fifteen years after the brutal murder of an imperial prince the crime casts its shadow on Akitada’s family The case is cold and the assassin dead but his young wife’s brother wants to marry the as Fifteen years after the brutal murder of an imperial prince the crime casts its shadow on Akitada’s family The case is cold and The Assassins eBook Õ the assassin dead but his young wife’s brother wants to marry the assassin’s daughter and Akitada is expected to clear his name Worse in doing so he must either destroy a friend’s reputation or his own marriage As Akitada searches for the truth among other suspects and unravels the secrets of the past he stirs up fresh murder and shatters his own happiness. Another good addition to the life of Akitada This one doesn't involve many of the usual cast as it mostly takes place on a short trip to the capital while he is stationed elsewhere The first half unfolds fairly slowly and there is a lot of familydomestic stuff happening but the pace picks up with a couple of smaller cases There's some melancholy relations near the end which make me long for the next book His sister Akiko appears uite a bit in this book as well Note One potential spoiler in this reviewThis was easily one my three least liked of the Akitada series one that had such a slow and frankly dull beginning that I had to push myself to return to reading it From the first lines of the first page the tone is of a soap opera ish melodrama than an intriguing mystery and the story didn't really build up a head of steam and kick into gear until well beyond the halfway point For a murder mystery that is not a good thingThe mystery at the core had potential but it was presented beneath such a dense layer of melodrama and mundane day to day life that only a couple of scenes in the final third of the book were able to break through and provide enough interest to propel the story forward to its conclusion The mystery as a conseuence had a long watered down and lackluster buildup with a climactic conflict and resolution which though they saved the story seemed as muted as they were abrupt and briefAdded to that was a lot of confusion for the reader in the fact that three of the figures central to the mystery characters from the past who were either dead or referred to only in the third person had virtually identical names Atsutada Atsunaga and AtsuyasuIt wasn't until a point roughly one third of the way into the novel 35% by the Kindle's estimation that all three were mentioned within the space of two pages and I was at last able to realize that what I'd thought was one character was actually three different people At that point I had to unravel the confusion these similar names had created up to that point Character names in fiction are completely arbitrary which makes the choice of three virtually identical names weird and unnecessarily confusing to the readerAs for Akitada the character in The Assassin's Daughter he's not the brilliant and resourceful detective we met in Rashomon Gate but rather morose brooding and indecisive wringing his hands and reacting passively to events that happen to him rather than taking action to set things in motion himself Worst of all for his character in this book We went through the angst of the potential loss of a baby with Akitada's family before that heavy pall made both The Convict's Sword and The Masuda Affair depressing to read and along with this entry the three worst of the series IMO As a reader I don't really care to get hammered with that again and along with being repetitive it's gotten to the point where it's undermining the believability of the Akitada character almost as if he's the butt of some unluckiest guy in the universe jokeI'm hoping this was a momentary detour by Parker because I enjoy the series and the historical setting in which it takes place The Assassin's Daughter wasn't really bad but neither can I say it was time well spent Hopefully she'll get back on track with Island of the Gods because this one was a disappointmentHaving heaped all of that criticism on it this book like all of Parker's to this point nonetheless shows her uncanny ability to place you the reader right beside the characters in that time and place It's almost as if an Akitada mystery is a ticket to a time machine to 11th century Japan Despite the fact that not nearly enough of interest happened on this particular trip I'm still finding myself thinking about characters and scenes from it days later Which is one of my litmus tests for good writing So my next trip is to the Island Hmm Governor Sugawa Akitada is asked by his young wife Yukiko to travel to the capital to find her brother Arihito who has run off Arihito has fallen in love with Masako daughter of Tanaka who was executed for having assassinated Prince Atsutada Fujiwara Kosehira their father would never allow his son to marry a woman from the family of a murderer Akitada reluctantly gets involved trying to find Ariihito He solicits help from his good friend Kobe Superintendent of police Because he prosecuted Tanaka fifteen years ago Kobe is insulted by Akitada's suggestion that perhaps Tanaka was not guilty Arihito reappears and joins Akitada in an effort to find the real perpetrator of the crime I really enjoyed the novel It gave me a glimpse into the culture and history of old Japan in with its rigid class system I particularly like Parker's portrayal of Akitada a likeable character; complex thoughtful and caring We see Akitada's inner struggles his doubts and fears Being married to a woman 20 years his junior he is bothered by how Yukio changed in their short visit to the capital He compares her to his first wife Tameko who was an only child gentle and respectful Together they had two children but she died of cholera We also see his values and firm resolve to untangle the mystery surrounding the Prince's murder The novel is fast moving with plenty of plot twists and suspense Wonderful adventures of Akitada Another adventure Another good read A page turner as in previous books Looking forward to read books by this author My favorite series