Wellbeing by Design

Wellbeing by Design❴Epub❵ ➚ Wellbeing by Design Author Kathryn Best – Oaklandjobs.co.uk 'Wellbeing by Design An Operating Manual for Humanity and Beyond' is an invitation and a call to action for a new generation of change makers to put wellbeing at the heart of our systems our structure 'Wellbeing by Design An Operating Manual for Humanity and Beyond' is an invitation and a call to action for a new generation of change makers to put wellbeing at the heart of our systems our structures and our lives The current state of our world merely reflects the level of consciousness of how we are encouraged to operate It does not have to be like this We have the right to imagine a better way of life We have the power Wellbeing by PDF/EPUB or to bring better visions of life into reality We can take back control of our systems structures and selves and begin to consciously shape a different world and a reality of wellbeing for allAs individuals we are responsible for our own wellbeing Starting with ourselves we must be the change we want to see By consciously choosing to place wellbeing at the core of how we operate and live we can begin the process of bringing ourselves our communities and our world back into balance and into a state of Wellbeing by DesignAs a collective the wellbeing of all really does matter We are all connected and by working together the possibility exists to catalyze a change in how we operate and live as humanity If we focus on the things that promote wellbeing in individuals in communities and in the planet and hold a vision for the wellbeing of all we can begin to upgrade our current reality to an alternative one The time is right for of us to get involved in creating a better reality and a kinder world and to enjoy the process of changing our lives and ourselvesBy becoming conscious of how we operate we also become aware that we are all co creators designers and makers of the reality and the world in which we live Through the choices we make every day individually and collectively we shape our reality We are the technology and with our imagination and thought word and action energy and intention we determine the nature of our lives and our world Once we understand how we operate we can start embracing our ability to realize organize and actualize a different reality and consciously impact what is going on in us and around usWellbeing by Design is not a book of solutions It is an exploration of the many possibilities and alternatives available to us if we choose to open our minds and hearts to new ways of living and being The ability to determine what comes next in life and in our world rests with humanity If we want to we can choose to anchor the wellbeing of all at the core of our systems our communities our lives and our world and make health happiness peace and prosperity our birthright todayReview from Steve Nobel author coach book mentor and founder of Conscious MediaWellbeing is something that should definitely concern all of us Wellbeing can transform our world starting with the individual and radiating out into local and regional communities and from there the planet itself Wellbeing by Design offers easy to assimilate gems of information as well as practical tools to turn this inspiring vision of personal and global wellbeing into a realityContent Headings IncludeWhat is WellbeingStates of BeingBeing Responsible for Your LifeThe Operating ContextGuiding Our GovernmentsOrganizing for Learning and GrowthHonoring the Process of LifeEvaluating our SystemsRestoring BalanceStandards for WellbeingWorld Creation Learning How to OperateCatalyzing RealityFrom Attention to ActionAligning Our Lives and OurselvesGoverning CollectivelyOur Resources Our PowerInstituting a New Way of BeingLearning to Operate on Purpose.