Lil Rip Haywire Adventures

Lil Rip Haywire Adventures A Rollicking New Adventure Story From The Creator Of Rip Haywire Rip Haywire Thinks He S Got It Made Instead Of Going To Bed Early, Doing Fractions And Eating Brussels Sprouts, He Gets To Accompany His Soldier Of Fortune Dad On Laughably Dangerous International Missions He S The Only 12 Year Old In The World With A Working Knowledge Of The Seven Most Common Booby Traps Used By Ancient Civilizations To Protect Their Precious Treasures It Sure Beats School, Right But Rip S Life Is About To Change When His Dad, In A Sudden Fit Of Responsibility, Assigns Rip His Toughest Mission Yet A Historically All Girls Summer Camp Will Rip Learn How To Get Along With His Feminine Camp Mates, Most Of Whom Have Never Even Seen A Flame Thrower, Let Alone Used One To Fend Off A Pack Of Rabid Hyenas Can Rip Solve The Mysteries That Surround The Camp And One Intriguing Girl In Particular Readers Will Follow Rip S Misadventures In His Whimsically Illustrated Journal, Helping Him To Solve Puzzles And Beat The Bad Guys, As He Learns That Friendship Can Be Valuable Than Ancient Treasure, And Powerful Than A Well Placed Land Mine. I absolutely loved this Li l Rip is the son of famous comic book adventurer Rip Haywire This book is a chapter book with a combination of text graphic novel panels and puzzles which include mazes, word, and logic Very interactive and a joy to read Both witty and sarcastic humour along with emotions and characters especially Rip learning lessons about himself The story is amusing he s his Dad s sidekick on his world adventures in the mode of Indiana Jones and Allan Quartermain His Dad is a bit worried that Li l Rip doesn t have any regular kid interests or hobbies or friends so decides to send him to camp just for the summer On such spur of the moment notice it s hard to find a camp with an open spot so when he does find one he quickly drops Li l Rip off and drives away fast As Rip walks up to the main office he finds out why his dad was in such a hurry to get away He ll be spending the summer at Pink Powderpuff Summer Camp for Girls So Rip has plenty
Li l Rip Haywire Adventures Escape from Camp Cooties by Dan Thompson is a fund read for younger readers It s a mix of text, graphic novel panels and puzzles to solve along the way.Li l Rip is the son of Rip Haywire, who is an amazing adventurer Li l Rip is too, and he has quite a few flashbacks to prove it His dad has sent him on a new adventure, but Li l Rip thinks there has been a mistake He finds himself at a Summer camp for girls Ths is not for him, so he tries to think of a plan for escape Will he escape or will he be stuck in the most boring Summer ever waiting for his dad to come rescue him This book was a lot of fun I loved the illustrations They felt like they had a bit of a retro style to me, and they reminded me of classic animation from my childhood I liked how the book incorporated the puzzles There are mazes and codes and other things that fit in with the story I hadn t seen that in a c
This was quite a lot of fun With exception to a couple of outdated references Do kids today even know who Scrooge McDuck is , and a cringe worthy for a girl line, the humor was pretty spot on I enjoyed Rip telling these outlandish stories about his adventures with his father and laughing at his inability to get along at summer camp There are plenty of crisp illustrations that have a sunday comic strip feel and the added puzzles and games provide an element of interactivity that isn t easily found in a lot of other chapter books Your reluctant reading boy will absolutely love this character because he is a caricature of everything that boys imagine and pretend to be I had read other reviews that said this book set a sexist tone due to the camp PowderPuff pink flowery cabins, but I just don t get that vibe here I mean, the change in Rip is not that he accepts doing lots of girly things and learns that gir
So, I said I d be doing comic book reviews and so here we are I m not sure if this is a children s comic or not, but I think it might be But I tell you, it can be enjoyed by children and adults alike I was laughing out loud reading this one So, let s get on with the review.The story begins with Rip Haywire explaining how he got into Camp He s a adventurer and goes on top secret awesome adventures with hid Dad He has discovered numerous treasures saved princessesor like her cat and even got into trouble with an abominable snowman who now has his iPad He even has two enemies who always try to spoil his plans The Doofus brothers But the problem is, he doesn t have nay friends, atleast none his age So, his Dad sends him to a camp And not just any camp a girls camp So now Rip has to escape the camp, or atleast try to not get into trouble,which is not easy cause trouble is his middle name This comic shows his adventures in escaping the camp It s so much fun to read It s not actually completely in comic format Like parts of it is written in a novel like format and parts are comic strip Although at first it was hard to get used to, I liked it soon The narration was awesome But at some points I felt that the author seemed to go on a tangent, like when Rip is about to do something like escape the camp, he d remember this one other time he had escaped a jungle or something and I would get inpatient to know what was happening in the present But again it s s
Copy provided by the publisherRip s father is a soldier of fortune he travels the globe hunting for treasure Rip and his dog TNT usually go with him, but are sent for the summer to a girl s summer camp that has been fortified so that it s a challenge for him to escape There are overly motherly counselors, a variety of campers, and some trouble Rip has frequent flashbacks to his adventuring days and his conflicts with the Doofus brothers, but in the end, settles in to camp and makes some friends This is heavily illustrated with Dick Tracey style retro line drawings.Strengths My students read Patterson s Treasure Hunters, and this has the same sort of goofy vibe Anything that is a notebook novel circulates in my library, even Stan and the Toilet Monster, so this will do fine The retro illustrations are a nice touch Weaknesses Sorry, couldn t get past the repeated incorrect uses of soldier of fortune or the vaguely sexist tone with which Rip treated the summer camp A cabin with pink flowers on it Really Is this, in fact, 1940 A soldier of fortune is not a good thing to be It is a mercenary soldier who fights for whomever pays him, instead of for a cause in which he believes It has a definite perjorative sense, and doesn t mean a fortune hunter Just could not get into the book after that What I really think
This is an illlustrated journal that is a cross between a chapter book comic book graphic novel Rip s father is a soldier of fortune He travels the globe hunting for treasure and Rip and his dog, TNT go with him One summer, his dad decides he needs to learn how to socialize with kids his own age so send him to summer camp The problem is that it is a girl s camp and Rip is the only boy there He decides he needs to escape, but his father has had extra security added so he can not There are overly protective counselors, a variety of female campers, and lots of trouble Rip has many flashbacks to his adventuring days and his conflicts with the Doofus brothers He realizes that he is somewhat of a bully, but can not seem to help himself With the help of Breezy, one of the campers, he finally settles in to camp and makes some friends This is heavily illustrated which will appeal to those reluctant readers There is a sill
A very strong four stars for this right, rollicking adventure for the under twelves Rip is the standard explorer extraordinaire s son, but there s one thing he fears the most not yetis, not mummy curses, but having to spend time with his peers, which is why his dashing father has dashed off, leaving Rip at a summer camp for girls Rip s journal, which handily illustrates all the dialogue as cartoon strips, and breaks out into illustrations at will, gives us a fabulous personality for the young audience, with the lad breaking up his story every few pages with an extended reminiscence, meaning he has been on a goofy amount of dramatic escapades, but ones which really pepper the page with action and excitement Not only do the flashbacks often include a puzzle, maze or code for us to solve, they dryly continue to form the spirit of the whole piece, which would probably have been fine enough anyway, moving as it does a sort of proto Indiana Jones
Here s a tale about the son of a soldier of fortune who does all sorts of dangerous missions with his dad and his talking dog Lots of flashbacks to his adventures, with riddles, cryptograms, labyrinths, and other games for you to help him with as he tries to survive being stuck in a summer camp with nothing but girls There s a lot of subtle humor in here, don t know if the kids in this age grou
This was a super fun graphic novel Rip Haywire is a fantastic character and his adventures are entertaining I enjoyed seeing the child version of Indiana Jones have to deal with spending the summer at a girls camp I thought the way the book was written was rather clever As Rip continues to find his way at summer camp,

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