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From Junk Food to Joy Food Reading From Junk Food To Joy Food Joy Bauer Jobs In We All Want To Look And Feel Better, But Where S The Fun In Nibbling On Boring Salads And Choking Down Steamed Broccoli It S Tough Sticking To A Diet When You Re Craving Barbecue Ribs, Fettucine Alfredo, Vegetable Lo Mein, And Chocolate Milkshakes But Best Selling Author And TODAY Show Nutrition Expert Joy Bauer Is Fresh From Her Kitchen With News For You You Can Have Your Cheesecake And Eat It, Too In These Bright, Colorful Pages, Joy Shares How You Can Drop The Calories In Your Most Fattening Favorites Without Compromising Flavor With A Few Simple Tricks, She Transforms A Bacon Cheeseburger From A Whopping 1,100 Calories To A Mere 425 And General Tso S Chicken From An Alarming 1,000 To A Slimming 260 From Boston Cream Pie To Spaghetti And Meatballs, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream To Buffalo Wings With Creamy Bleu Cheese Dip, Joy Takes The Most Decadent Treats From Fat To Fit Want To Give A BLT Some TLC Joy S Take On This Classic Comfort Food Could Save You 35,000 Calories Annually With The Potential To Drop 10 Pounds Featuring Than 120 Recipes And Oodles Of Gorgeous Photos, From Junk Food To Joy Food Has You Covered From Sun Up To Late Night Breakfasts, Dips, Soups, Sides, Suppers, Pizzas, Pastas, Desserts, Mocktails, And Don T Deny Yourself The Flavors You Love Learn To Make Them With Joy there isn t anything new or shocking in the book just how to take out a high calorie ingredient and add a low one in such as make cauliflower bread for grilled cheese or replace chicken wings with cauliflower for wing night and make a tuna sandwich with just using a can of light tuna with an avocado use whole grain bread under 50 calorieshide from pork find turkey turkey bacon is your friend I guess I was looking for something to really just
lolwut Some of the before calorie counts are not realistic It seems like she s taken the most caloric version she can find for the comparison in order to make her versions look great Others she s only cutting 20 40 calories, which I don t really see the point of I m also a bit skeptical of her portion sizes She ll show a huge piece of pie in her before shot and then a tiny cup for
I loved the layout, the pictures and the options in this book. This is a very good book I loved the recipes in it There are so many regular recipes in there that has been tweaked to be healthier So you can still love the foods you like but with a slight tweak you can make them better for you.The items in there that are rated good for us because is simply laid out.I especially loved the apple pie but the pastry was made with oats, yes, with oats
Originally published on my blog, In the Stacks I received a NetGalley copy in exchange for an honest review.What if you could eat all the food you love burgers, pasta, desserts without the bloating and negative effects In From Junk Food to Joy Food, Joy Bauer shows us how, with a few tweaks, we can turn our favourite comfort foods into healthy meals.I m always looking for healthier foods to make and eat, so when I read about this cookbook, I was so excited Who doesn t want their favourite food to be healthier This book is full of a wide range of recipes, so there s sure to be something in it for everyone It varies from starters and main courses to desserts and drinks All the way through, we re met with helpful tips as well Now, let s see which recipes I made I was still having issues with my phone during the time when I made these recipes, so you ll once again have to endure my not so pretty Snapchat pictures pictures should be back to normal for the next post There were so many recipes that I wanted to try, and I had a really hard time narrowing it down to threeso I did four The first things I made were Chocolate Crunch Bars p.196 These are basically chocolate covered Rice Krispies and oh my god I loved t
From Junk Food to Joy food allows you to plan meals where your favourite choices become healthier choices It points out how many hidden calories you are consuming when you pick up a takeaway Her recipes promise to leave you lighter, energised and healthy She states that you can imagine a lunch that you love actually loving you back and she will become your new lunch lady Simple tips like using low fat mayo are easy to incorporate.Amongst the tempting recipes are Sweet Potato Fries, Chicken Parmesan, Chicken Cacciatore and Cheesy Meat Lasagne There is also a section for Decadent Desserts which features a No Bake Key Lime Pie that I am going to have to try.It s a useful book to make you think about the calories that are in some of your favourite comfort foods and how you can make them healthier rather than give them up It gives you the calorie count of the original junk food and the low calorie equivalent count.I m really glad I got the chance to look thr
This is a pretty standard diet cookbook of the sort that I remember from when I was growing up in the 1970 s and 80 s In it, you ll find diet versions of standard American foods The recipes are not paleo, gluten free, plant based, all natural, or any other modern diet that s embraced for health reasons These are just low calorie versions of junky American classics.If you want to cook diet versions of foods like pancakes, eggs benedict, chicken wings and ho hos, this will probably fit the bill though you re definitely not going to be fooled by the recipes Bauer does things like have you swap out your bagel with a bagel flat or carve out the bread part, and then top it with reduced fat cream cheese and a few strawberries instead of full fat cream cheese and jelly do people really put jelly on cream cheese bagels Chicken wings her way no longer involve the half butter, half hot sauce treatment and are just chicken tenders slathered in hot sauce or a cauliflower version Pancakes are made with ground oats and egg whites Portions are much smaller, fats are greatly redu
I did not find out anything new that my family and I are already using I am sure it can be useful for some people but if you have already changed your food choices from red meat to turkey or chicken, or
Good quality recipes for the foods you crave, but know you need to make better healthy choices. Great recipes to work protein and fiber into your daily diet.

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