Long Road to Freedom (Ranger in Time #3)

Long Road to Freedom (Ranger in Time #3)❰KINDLE❯ ✽ Long Road to Freedom (Ranger in Time #3) Author Kate Messner – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Ranger is a time traveling golden retriever with search and rescue training In this adventure he goes to a Maryland plantation during the days of American slavery where he meets a young girl named Sar Ranger is a time traveling golden retriever with search and rescue training In this adventure he goes to a Maryland Long Road Kindle - plantation during the days of American slavery where he meets a young girl named Sarah When she learns that the owner has plans to sell her little brother Jesse to a plantation in the Deep South it means they could be separated forever Sarah takes their future into her own hands and decides there's only one way to run north. Ahaha sweet revenge My daughter thought I was pretty funny when I got choked up reading Charlotte's Web but she was the one crying when we wrapped up Long Road to Freedom I acknowledged that goodbyes were hard but was secretly gleeful that someone got her Messner really walks a delicate line here and I think she does it beautifully The book is captivating the hooks are so good that my daughter always begs for one chapter at bedtime It covers a very serious subject in a way that is honest but not too scary and Messner incorporates historical facts and figures in ways that don't jar the narrative This book is really excellent for the intended age group Ranger is such an appealing hero especially since he doesn't know he is one As a dog all he knows is that when his time traveling first aid kit hums its time to go help someone Messner has created an appealing historical fiction series that draws kids in with it's time traveling dog as the main character Students at my school really like this series This series along with Lauren Tarshis's I Survived series are encouraging students to read historical fiction who would otherwise never pick it up because history is 'boring' But in this volume of the series history is definitely not boring as Ranger sets off to help a young slave girl and her brother escape servitude There is plenty of excitement as Sarah and her brother try to work their way north to Philadelphia only to discover that Pennsylvania may not be far enough Along the way Ranger helps them avoid wolves and slave catchers The book contains plenty of excitement and tension while still conveying the drive for freedom that lead so many to accept the risks involved The book is child appropriate while still showing the value of freedom As always Messner includes end notes that explain where she got her facts and which parts of the story are real I love reading these notes and hearing about the research that Messner does to make her stories feel so real A great series for young dog or history lovers that I hope will continue for a while Another great adventure starring everyone's favorite time traveling Golden Retriever This time Ranger is helping two children escape from slavery in the late 1840s When Sarah learns that her younger brother is about to be sold South she does not wait for anyone to save them Instead she takes matters into her own hands and with the help of some good advice follows the river north to Philadelphia This story does not downplay the horrors of slavery but presents it in an age appropriate way It contains an excellent author's note detailing what is truth and what is fiction as well as several pages of books for further reading Another solid entry in this fabulous series Highly recommended for grades 2 up I read this book to my third grade class They thought it was awesome because a boy and girl were trying to escape from a slave plantation and they got to learn a lot about the Underground Railroad and about the life of slaves It was a wonderful adventure story and my students grew to like the characters very much and worried about what would happen to them They want me to read another book in this series This book has to deal with slaver in the 1800's I love these books because they are historical fiction I'm just glad slavery is over I like that I could comprehend the entire book The reason why I gave it a 4 star rating though is because there wasn't enough suspense I probably would have given it a 3 star rating if I didn't like history so much I did like the content of the book Messner didn't jump around in her writing It all went in Chronicle logical order I don't like books that you actually have to think about who's talking A nice short read about slavery I loved that it taught about the slaves I am definitely a fan of this series because of the interesting way historical information is shared and because of the way this author documents her own research and fact finding at the end of the books This story follows Ranger as he helps a brother and sister leave a southern plantation and they depend on the network of Underground Railroad locations for safe travels along the way I hope there are many Ranger books to come My 7 yr old daughter has eagerly awaited the publishing of this book I ordered it from the library as soon as I could and gave it to her When she was done reading it she came to me with it clutched to her chest I just wish this series was already finished so I wouldn't have to wait for the next book Then she tossed the book at me and said Here read it So I didHigh adventure Good connection with the main characters Great history lesson My thoughts – Sarah and Jesse are both slaves Their mom passed away and their dad ran away in hopes of getting North and buying their freedomOne day Sarah overhears that their Master is going to sell Jesse She isn’t okay with this and knows that he wouldn’t survive down South as a worker in the cotton fields He had a wonderful talent with animals but in a field is an altogether different storyShe decides to take things into her own hands She gets together a bag and finds her brother and together they go on the run Right before they are able to leave the plantation Ranger finds themHe sticks with them protects them keeps them safe They go on a long journey that causes them to run hide look over their shoulders and hope to not be caughtEventually they get somewhere semi safe but soon a new law is passed That law makes it so they aren’t safe any and they end up on the move to find safety again This time they are headed to Canada with a lot of help on their sideIf your interested in their story and learning how it ends this book is perfect I really enjoyed reading through it and learning about what Sarah and Jesse had gone through It’s true to what might have happened to any runaway slaves in that time period

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