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Orbiting Jupiter✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Orbiting Jupiter By Gary D. Schmidt ✸ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk A heartbreaking story narrated by twelve year old Jack whose family is caring for fourteen year old Joseph Joseph is misunderstood He was incarcerated for trying to kill a teacher Or so the rumours sa A heartbreaking story narrated by twelve year old Jack whose family is caring for fourteen year old Joseph Joseph is misunderstood He was incarcerated for trying to kill a teacher Or so the rumours say But Jack and his family see something others in town don’t want toWhat's Joseph has a daughter he’s never seen The two boys go on a journey through the bitter Maine winter to help Joseph find his baby no matter the cost. 4 12 stars My god this book was so sadI'm not a book crier Not really When I say a book made me cry I usually mean that tears filled my eyes but that's all This book though I got pretty close a few times and then in the penultimate chapter I just lost it I actually felt my face crumple and my nose was stingingNow I've painted you that beautiful picture of my breakdown I'm going to try to review this book It's not easy I've loved Schmidt's other YAMiddle Grade contemporary novels Okay for Now and The Wednesday Wars each had a sadness to it but not uite like this one Orbiting Jupiter is uiet and simple for the most part which makes it all the devastating when the blows come And come they do Schmidt has a way of effortlessly drawing out emotions in every scene without ever making you feel like you're being manipulated This uiet sadness is effective than any drama I could readThe story is narrated by Jack the 12 year old son of foster parents When 14 year old Joseph joins their family his life is changed in many ways and not all of them are good It actually tells two stories on the one hand it's about the power of friendship and sob having someone's back on the other it's about Joseph's backstory I'm not sure which one elicited the greatest emotional response from meIt made me sad and even angry at times Joseph we soon learn is a 14 year old parent to a baby called Jupiter Both naive and mature all he wants is to be with his baby and love her You understand why being with Joseph is not in Jupiter's best interests whilst also being heartbroken for him Especially after learning of his abusive loveless upbringingThe author's decision to narrate from Jack's POV gives the novel even strength We are not clouded by Joseph's blind love for his baby but we do also see how powerless children are We feel their frustrations and sadnessAs we reached the novel's climax I thought I had mixed feelings about the way it was ending but that last part completely won me over I recommend this to everyone who enjoys contemporary YAMiddle GradeThe characters are young but it has as much depth as any YA bookBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest this book is short its only about 200 pages and it took me less than an hour to read the writing is very straightforward and easy but this book is anything but simple its a story of the highest ualityand the overwhelming value of this story outweighs any of its slightness because i cannot describe how profoundly this moved me especially the last two chaptersthis book is proof that stories do not need to be long and extravagant or deep with hidden meanings some of the most touching stories are those that are humble and speak plainly the kind of stories that dont beg for attention and yet strongly influence the reader regardless 3↠ 45 stars This book takes all your certainties and let them shaken to the core This book uietly breaks your heart through and through but rarely characters managed to make me feel a love so bright so pure and real This book doesn't need uirky teenagers or fantastic settings to enthrall you but pictures real life issues with such honestly and tenderness This book doesn't do purple prose clever metaphors and yet I love this writing to pieces for the powerful way it conveys emotions uietly so so uietly This book is aimed to middle grade readers and yet I could name a thousand adults books that can't even come close to these boys so full of life and despair and longing and whose smiles mean so much One might say that its characterization suffered from its shortness and really I get that I can't deny that Jack's family looks a little too perfect and on the contrary Joseph's father reeks too much of evil I suppose that the only thing I can say is that it worked for me nonetheless I know that some people are so fucked up that they seem rotten to the core and I want to believe that there are people out there who genuinely want to help others without waiting for anything in return Sue meOne might say that the climax is manipulative and by all means perhaps it is Honestly I just don't give a damn because I cared for each and every one of these characters from page one I smiled with them I cried for them and the book didn't earn my rating in the end It earn it all the way This book deserves a real review I might write at some point don't hold your breath though I might never find the right words and leave it as it is If so I'm sorry ► This book though I won't forget it It might not be for everyone but it was oh so right for me For of my reviews please visit If there is a benevolent all powerful God then why does He allow evil to persist This is the uestion that this short book made me ponderI once saw an interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson in which he expressed that the existence of a God that is both omnipotent benevolent is in itself contradictory to the existence of evil in the world God must therefore be one or the other; He must either be all powerful with a capacity for allowing evil or he must be all benevolent without the ability to intercept evil From a logical standpoint I can identify with this line of thinking Being confronted with the sad and often unfair presence of tragedy always inspires me to contemplate the existence of God But don't let me give you a false impression this isn't a book that deeply focuses on the existence of GodThis is a book for those of us out there with parents who failed to love their child than themselves with teachers who failed to see the seeds destruction blooming in the hearts of their students with friends who failed to see the need for empathy But beneath the surface of all that pain there is an everpresent hopeThis is a book about the depth permanence of loveThis is a book about the generational cycle of brokennessThis is a book about what it means to be selflessThough it was heartbreaking I'm very glad I read Orbiting Jupiter It's a short novel packing a heavy punch and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes to read Very beautiful and heartbreaking Orbiting Jupiter is the story of a fourteen year old boy Joseph who was in prison and is now joining the twelve year old narrator Jack's family as a foster child Between these boys we learn what it means to have someone's back and how powerful friendship can be We slowly learn Joseph's backstory including the fact that he has a baby daughter Jupiter he has never even seen This is a very uick read and has the message of getting to know someone before judging them The setting is very realistic with the palpable frigid air Though the writing is simple it works perfectly in this middle grade novel Schmidt successfully evokes emotions I wasn't aware I had without feeling manipulative Beautiful and devastating Don't miss this one but get tissue for the inevitable sobbing Find all of my reviews at “Christmas is the season for miracles you know Sometimes they come big and loud I guess – but I’ve never seen one of those I think probably most miracles are a lot smaller and sort of still and so uiet you could miss them I didn’t miss this one” WTF have you done to me Anna Good grief I had feelings two days in a row My robot heart is obviously in need of a tune up Orbiting Jupiter begins with Jack’s family making a very important decision – that of bringing a troubled foster child into their home You then are introduced to Joseph – and your guts get ripped from your body instantaneously “Since he left Stone Mountain he won’t wear anything orange He won’t let anyone stand behind him He won’t let anyone touch him He won’t go into rooms that are too small And he won’t eat canned peaches” Eventually you learn all of Joseph’s story including not only how he ended up in juvie but also how at 14 he became a father to a baby girl named Jupiter You read about the bond of friendship and the true meaning of having someone’s back “You want to tell me what a sixth grader was doing in the eighth grade side of the locker room in an eighth grade fight”“Winning” Oh Jack And you discover that you should always trust a cow’s opinion of strangers If you’re an adult you probably will end up finding the ending than a bit contrived but this story wasn’t really written for grown ups to begin with and it still won’t stop the onslaught of feelings you’ve had up to that point If icewater runs in your veins like it does mine you may not cry but you might find you still need a bit of “moral support” to get through the rest of the evening I fell in love with Gary Schmidt when I read Okay For Now I read that before I wrote imaged up book reviews so Anna’s getting a double whammy of linkage I’m going to put it on record that I think he writes the most important middle grade books that I’ve ever read and rather than “reuired” reading consisting of bullshit like Marie Antoinette Serial Killer my kids cough all kids cough should be reading Schmidt’s books instead He makes you think – he makes you feel – and he makes you see the not so pretty side of growing up but he manages to do it in a child friendly way “He really could have been any other eighth grade kid at Eastham Middle School Except he had a daughter” How do I even write this review I love books in case you hadn't noticed I dedicate so much of my time to reading because I am constantly searching for those exciting stories with living breathing characters Yet out of all the novels I've read only one I've ever come across has made me cryI sniffled at the end of Allegiant and A Monster Calls but the book that really did it for me was The Fault in Our Stars For the longest time that was the only book that was able to make me cryNow there are two What can I say This book broke me It ripped my cold emotionless heart right in two Schmidt delivered a powerful and original story that played on all of my emotionsFrom the first chapter when Jack and his sweet farming family were introduced to the addition of Joseph's character a fourteen year old who was in juvenile prison I was totally absorbed in the story My pulse raced when Joseph got in a fistfight I was angry when teachers were unfair to him because of his background and it warmed my heart when Jack's family treated him so kindlyI never stopped wanting Joseph to see his daughter Jupiter whom he's never met before It broke my heart when he told Jack about his abusive father and Maddie With all of these emotions combined into an amazing story no wonder it made me cryThe writing and plot weren't complicated and there were only about 180 pages—what I would call a ridiculously short novel But I think some of the simplest stories can be the most effective Orbiting Jupiter provided an emotional punch but not in a cheap manipulative way It was subtle and raw I loved Joseph and his uiet inner struggles that were so obvious I loved Jack's compassion and the boys' relationship that grew into something stronger than friendship They had each other's back “I can’t see Jupiter” Joseph said “The moon’s too bright And I don’t know where she is” Why are all the books out to break meI feel numb For a middlegrade this is incredibly deep and touching it will forever change the way I look at 'trouble kids' and I WANT TO HUG JOSEPHThere isn't really anything I can add other than the synopsis without spoiling anything so I won't Just know that 192 pages can do a lot I read this in 2015 and it was one of my favorite books of the year I just read it again for a YA class and will amend the review a little to account for my current view of itI uote Richie Partington's review Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy; The Wednesday Wars; and Trouble are three well known historical novels for young people by Gary D Schmidt Each of the three contains a complex exceptionally well drawn father character Each of the three fictional fathers exhibits notable blind spots and character flaws These sophisticated portrayals of father characters are one of the reasons that Gary Schmidt is one of my all time favorite authorsDitto for me This has been described as the third in a trilogy but if so it is a loosely based trilogy which sort of begins order doesn't really matter maybe with Wednesday Wars continues with Okay for Now and concludes with Orbiting Jupiter In all three of these books there are characters from the same fictional Vermont town Minor characters from one book become central characters in the next book Themes interlock as Partington alludes to above You don't need to have read any of the others to get what is going on These books are for middle school I think though tweens also read and love themI am somewhat influenced in my reading of this book by my former student's Emily an English teacher fine MA thesis on this book so since I liked the thesis I have read from Emily I am sometimes sharing insights she has put forth and will try to credit her but I say nothing I don't believeThis novel is about fatherhood parenting brotherhood and love but principally it's a book about grace About grace andor something that Schmidt calls greater love All of Schmidt's books are about grace seems to me And the opposite of grace too the horrors that young people face as they grow up without decent parenting guidance love The book works as Schmidt usually does through repetition of images humor and parallelism I can't show you some of the key parallels without spoilers but an early dramatic incident at an icy river is the precursor to something that happens later in the book Contrasts happen to help you see what this grace might be about yet I wouldn't call the book didacticWhat we know at the outset is that 14 year old Joseph has been released from prison for attempting to kill his teacher We later find out why but hearing this information doesn't make us or anyone in this town likely to be particularly sympathetic to him We know these stories of classroom violence from the news and there's no excuse for it When we read these things in the paper we think or some us think Monsters Joseph is also the father of a baby Jupiter and the son of an abusive father Jupiter was born to 13 year old Maddie who spoiler alert died of complications giving birth He loved Maddie and his rage in part derives from that loss of course He's moved into a foster family's farm after being released from prison and he thus becomes the brother of Jack 12 who has his back right from the beginning Joseph goes to school and does welland he learns to milk and love cows and he's both supported by a few and bulliedshunned by most in school and his new town but his main goal in life is to find Jupiter who has herself been put in foster care in lieu of adoption What does it mean to be a father Can Joseph be a father Can a foster parent be a father to Joseph What does it in fact mean to be a father Is it a name on a birth certificate or something else Can Jack's Dad be a better Dad for Joseph than Joseph's biologcal father How do you get to be a brother I loved Okay for Now and Wednesday Wars which layered things throughout the central story like Shakespeare baseball and art and masterfully So when I didn't see these same kinds of layers uite as much in Orbiting Jupiter I felt initially a little like it was a fault Like it was too lean not substantial enough This is how English types are about books sometimes The complex the better But this book is direct less metaphorical and I don't think it is a fault finally that there are fewer layers of meaning There's the repeated mention of a book Joseph is reading Octavian Nothing which is relevant but there's not much else in the way of extra narrative thematic links as with the other books The planet Jupiter is Jospeh's favorite and it's the name of his daughter It's like it was written in a kind of white heat without artifice direct Leaner and maybe meaner closer to the core the source soul Obviously the grace and fatherhood issues are everywhere thoughPart of what makes me think that one reason for the less literariness is that Schmidt lost his wife on Christmas eve a couple of years ago That loss permeates this work as he says in an interview Orbiting Jupiter takes place in the fall leading to Christmas Joseph and Maddie's giving birth to Jupiter parallels the Joseph and Mary story in certain ways and Joseph hears this story in church Christmas eve and ueries the minister about the story one he had never heard never having been to church growing up At the end of the service Joseph walks up to Pastor Ballou and asks him how much of the story is true“I think it all has to be true or none of it” he said“The angels” said Joseph “Really”“Why would you not believe it” said Reverend Ballou“Because bad things happen” said Joseph “If there were angels then bad things wouldn’t happen”“Maybe angels aren’t always meant to stop bad things”“So what good are they”“To be with us when bad things happen”Joseph looked at him“Then where the hell were they” he saidI thought Reverend Ballou was going to start bawling And that was the end of our Christmas Eve service at new First Congregational Orbiting 69I think Schmidt knows something about love and grace and also has to deal with the fact that bad things sometimes happen to good people like himself and kids like Joseph Where God is in a sometimes terrible world is a uestion anyone must reasonably ask I think But Jack and his family have an answer to that and a powerful one And I'm not at all religious any though I grew up in the same faith Schmidt did But read it to find out Cows and milking play a part in this story that I like The cows speak without words and this is in part what Schmidt has in mind I think when he writes about grace and love Ach I can't say much else without spoilers Except this is a lovely lovely moving book for maybe fifth grade through high school readers And me So so much for me

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