Bobs Burgers Ongoing #1

Bobs Burgers Ongoing #1 Ebook Bobs Burgers Ongoing 1 Author Rachel Hastings Bob S Burgers Is Back For Join The Belcher Family For The Second Ever Series Of The Bob S Burgers Comic Book Brought To You By The Producers And Animators Of The Hit TV Show, This Series Brings Back Your Three Favorite Belcher Kids, Along With Some Brand New Stories From The Minds Of Bob And Linda Each Comic Includes New Installments Of Tina S Erotic Friend Fiction, Louise S Unsolved Mysteries And Curious Curiosities, Gene S Rhymey Rhymes That Could Someday Be Songs, Linda S Attempts To Take A Nice Family Picture In Front Of The Restaurant And How It Always Goes Wrong , And Bob S Fantasy Food Trucks If Money Were No Object. I enjoyed the first series so much But this loses major points for dropping Letters from Linda and Bob s burger of the day ideas I get that it s nice to add graphic art, but I really loved those two items and seemed authentic to the characters than the new features for them. Aaaalllriiiight It s so much fun to read and hear their voices This comic is totally spot on and can t wait for PerfectThis comic was everything I had hoped it would be I can t wait to read the next issue full of wise cracks. I strongly identify with the Belchers I really just need a Tina comic. Love, love, love it Im so thrilled they continued the comic series I can t wait for