You Only Live Once

You Only Live Once You Survived Your Freshman Year At Kings Academy, The Prestigious Prep School In The New Hampshire Hills, But Hold The Slow Clap Turns Out Sopho Year S The Real Grinder You Ll Have To Deal With The Stress Of Keeping Up With The Soul Crushing Homework Not To Mention Your Glam Classmates Are Throwing Glitzy Sweet Sixteen Parties This Year And You Ll Need A Job If You Want To Join.Will You Take That Babysitting Job In Town And Pretend Not To Notice Hot Dad S Flirtatious Ways Will You Bribe Your Way To A New York Times Internship And Land A College Guy Filled To The Brim With Twisting Paths And Turns, This May End Up Being The Best Year Of Your Life Or It May Send You Home To Hope Falls In Tears Whatever Snap Decisions You Make, It S Going To Be An Unforgettable Year. This book is SO boring So boring It lacks even the little bit of spark that infused its predecessor, Maybe Tonight.So boring.And I can t get over how much and how casually all these 15 year olds drink Not even in secret, they get served alcohol in restaurants and bars and I m like, Hello Carding The law Hello I mean, WTF And it s so, so, so casual like the 15 year old is saying, I could use a glass of wine Or even a whole bottle And that s not even questioned or commented on.Actually, as I ve said be
1.5 Not real impressed So, my so called friends , who hated me at the end of You Only Live Once by Brodie Clark portrays a story about a teenagers where you choose your story At first she starts out in a school environment and you have to choose which people are her friends and where you want to go Then you choose if you want it the job or not because it you have a lot with all your schoolwork and it would be a lot to take on Your decisions make up how your story ends If you choose to kiss the husband, you might end up losing your job However, if you don t kiss him you still may end up losing your job All the small decisions end up making something in the bigger picture Like what not to do and why to make the correct decision The character was you and you could either make the right decision or choose the fun way, it only affected you, your family, or your friends You could go to that party in Texas or you could stay home and study It s your life, your snap decisions This book was amazing What I liked about it was first of all, that you got to choose your story I thought that was really interesting considering i ve never read a book like that and I think it s the j my one Also I liked that the main character was you but it was also planned to make decisions to change you This author has amazing taste and
I very rarely abandon books, but I just could not go on with this one There is really nothing appealing about this book I hated the choose your own adventure structure I hated that it was written in second person so annoying I hated the main character and her shallowness she only cared about boys, clothes, which party she should go to, and hoping against hope that no one at her snobby private school would figure out that she was a middle
I always get a non ending on my first read through, and so does Brayden It takes a few goes before you actually get a satisfying ending. Review coming soon.