Twelve Kings in Sharakhai

Twelve Kings in SharakhaiEbook Twelve Kings In Sharakhai By Bradley P Beaulieu Sharakhai, The Great City Of The Desert, Center Of Commerce And Culture, Has Been Ruled From Time Immemorial By Twelve Kings Cruel, Ruthless, Powerful, And Immortal With Their Army Of Silver Spears, Their Elite Company Of Blade Maidens And Their Holy Defenders, The Terrifying Asirim, The Kings Uphold Their Positions As Undisputed, Invincible Lords Of The Desert There Is No Hope Of Freedom For Any Under Their Rule.Or So It Seems, Until Eda, A Brave Young Woman From The West End Slums, Defies The Kings Laws By Going Outside On The Holy Night Of Beht Zha Ir What She Learns That Night Sets Her On A Path That Winds Through Both The Terrible Truths Of The Kings Mysterious History And The Hidden Riddles Of Her Own Heritage Together, These Secrets Could Finally Break The Iron Grip Of The Kings Powerif The Nigh Omnipotent Kings Don T Find Her First. Hi everyone Please Like this review I ll be using it to post news about the book.Please like this review I ll be using it for various updates as the book heads toward release and beyond Dec 28th, 2016 With Blood Upon the Sand has ARCs Advanced Reader Copies Find out at my blog If you re a reviewer and would like a review copy of the book, please send me your name and the site you review for and I ll do my best to get you a copy NetGalley should have it up next week, and you can request a copy there as well once it s available.Oct 19th,2016 If you re curious to learn a bit about the series, here s a fun YouTube video that I recorded with Ezekiel Boone The Hatching and Mark Stay from Gollancz Oct 19th,2016 This is and update for Book Two, With Blood Upon the Sand I ll update here a few times, but if you want to keep up with news on the second book, please go to its Goodreads page and mark it as Want to read or what have you.At this point, we re still on schedule for a February release of With Blood Upon the Sand The near final book has been turned in and is being copy edited I expect to have something back in the next month or so, and then I need to turn around edits quickly for the final run up to production.We re also nearing the final cover design The artwork itself was turned in a while ago, and the artist, I think it s safe to share at this point, is Donato Giancola It s some pretty stunning artwork, and I can t wait to get it out there for you
Desert setting Sinister immortals Blade Maidens Blade maidens Monstrous creatures Secrets, revenge and glorious battles I think I ve heard enough The desert fantasy I ve been waiting for has finally landed on my lap. I reserve my 5 star ratings for a VERY few books on the tip top of my all time favorite s list, so don t let the lack of a 5th star mislead you This book was a joy to read and Twelve Kings in Sharakhai is my favorite Bradley P Beaulieu to date eda is a wonderful protagonist beautiful, capable and I enjoyed traveling with her through the sun sco
4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum love Epic Fantasy for many reasons, not least of which is the fact every book is a portal to a whole new world But when you read as much as this genre as I do, you sure get to visit a lot of them That is why, when every once in a while I come across a setting that truly stands out, I sit up and take note And Bradley P Beaulieu s Twelve Kings in Sharakhai made me do just that.Right from the start I was captivated by the magnificent desert city of Sharakhai, where this novel takes place Surrounded by a literal ocean of dust and sand, this political and cultural trade center attracts all manner of visitors From merchants to dignitaries, they sail across the dunes in great sand ships to treat with the city s kings, twelve immortal men who have held power in Sharakhai since time immemorial However, not all people are happy with their rule, and many remember the injustices wrought upon them by the kings and their ruthless agents.The novel s protagonist eda is one such individual When she was eight years old, her mother was a rebel captured and executed by the kings, then hung from Sharakhai s walls as a warning and example to other detractors eda has sworn vengeance ever since Now than a decade has passed, and eda is still as determined as ever to take down the twelve kings, with the help of a book of cryptic writings left to her
This I vow, O Kings She did not whisper she spoke plainly and clearly, as if the Kings were standing there before her I am coming for you I am coming for you one and all You know me, I am the weird one I love books nobody likes and hate books everybody loves And this one is not an exception to this rule.The first thing is that I must have a soft spot for desert cities settings as you d know if you remember my love for the City of Bones Enter Sharakhai, Shangazi Desert s amber jewel, an oasis that bloomed on the sea of sands If the image of a desert brings to your mind caravans of camels and wading through the dunes, forget it Here, people sail the desert how incredibly fantastic is that Also, since Dune, if not before, there has been a certain stereotypical way of presenting this kind of milieu roughly mimicking what we can generally call an Arabic Islamic culture You will not find this in the Twelve Kings What Mr Beaulieu does here is truly original I grant you there are some Arabic sounding names, and elements of food or garments, but that is about it The theological, legal, societal and cultural framework is anything but The worldbuilding is sumptuous, detailed and so imaginative I can see that it might be too much for some readers, but I relished meticulous worldbuilding and soaked up all the details like a sponge Now, in the very hear
The best stories thrived when they contained a kernel of truth One just needed to know how to prune the falsities and deceits to find the truth lying at their shared center Twelve Kings in Sharakai is probably the best epic fantasy book this month you probably won t be reading.Actually, I m not even sure this book even belongs to that genre.There s no dragons in it No dwarfs and no elves.There s no magic and mages, nor epic quests There s no Tolkien s big bad Sauron, and the fate of the world doesn t hang by a thread No one waits for that chosen one in a final decisive battle in manners of Robert Jordan s Tarmon Gaidon to be saved by him.Gods, even though existing in this world, are exactly there were we are used to find them absent.Also, in persistent flourishing of grim dark as sub genre of epic fantasy, in recent years we started kinda guarding ourselves especially while reading Martin s, Erikson s or Abercrombie s books, or those alike in a way that we almost instantaneously assume how every character we meet on the streets, castles or slums of their books, are also potential candidates to commit some form of shameless act of violence or evil
3.5 stars Twelve Kings in Sharakhai is a book I ve had high on my priority list ever since that enticing cover came across my radar in 2015 The cover is actually a pretty good indication of what to expect from this book excellent attention to world building and a main character determined to shake up the status quo using swordsmanship and stealth It was a very entertaining read, but it did leave a few elements on the table.Pacing was by far the biggest miss for me This book is riddled with flashbacks that, while interesting, effectively killed momentum for the main story Actual forward plot advancement took forever It s only saving grace was that the flashbacks contained a good number of reveals that I think were supposed to serve as plot advancing tools where the story moves forward in concept instead of action , but I think it could ve done with far fewer as it was, I occasionally got confused and forgot which timeframe I was reading and had to reorient Eventually, it all came together, but the lack of momentum made for the type of read I didn t have qualms setting it aside for other reads.The characters also lacked a little bit of depth They had great backstory as was emphasized practically every other chapter , but never real
In the city of Sharakhai the people hope to see the Immortal Kings overthrown eda, a young woman with a sad past, fights in the pits to make a living eda as much as anyone prays for the downfall of the Kings and on one holy night she may have just received the hint she needs to overthrow them.Twelve Kings in Sharakhai from the outside seemed so appealing It has an interesting cover and the premise was promising The first chapter of eda fighting in the pits as The White Wolf enveloped me with excitement, but unfortunately the story meandered past mediocrity to the point of drudgery from there.In many ways this book is centered around mystery, but for me it missed one crucial aspect necessary to make a good mysteryI need to care I was unconcerned with the Kings secrets of immortality and eda s secret was painfully obvious Page after page of mystery I wasn t concerned with and tangents that were no interesting left me drained whenever I tried to r
Twelve Kings by Bradley P Beaulieu is the first book in a six book epic fantasyseries set in the great city of Sharakai, deep in the heart of an oppressive desert landscape This is the kind of fantasy I ve been searching for A world of sand dunes, fighting pits kings tribes, waking gods monsters Sex, lies, betrayals determination, ruthlessness, skill all together makes Twelve Kings one of my favourite reads.It is wonderful and I ll tell you why.Now, I m the first to admit that I enjoy the traditional medieval Europe sword sorcery fantasy setting It s comfortable, familiar Yet this new to me desert setting really fascinated me Beaulieu s descriptions of clothing, food and tradition were luscious, sumptuous and kind of breathtaking The detail was thoroughly immersive without having large paragraphs of information dumping I felt like I was wandering the very streets the characters tread, I could feel the hot dry air prickle my neck The whole experience was completely addictive And that s before we begin to unravel the mysteries hinted at from the first page.We mainly follow Ceda, a fantastic pit fighter who battles under the guise of the White Wolf to earn money while she tries to fulfil her vow to kill the Twelve Kings of Sharakai I really enjoyed the writing style, I found it very engaging and it masterfully built tension as the story progressed and the stakes got higher The varied sentence structures were particularly good at this in the
I am really not sure if I want to carry on with this series Definitely split 50 50 on it A pretty solid three stars, mainly because of the world building To be honest, I really didn t gel with the characters and at times the writing style annoyed bored me I felt it was a little too long and that there really wasn t enough plot growth for such a large book At 25% shorter, the pacing would have felt better.The premise behind the story, trying to bring down the ruling 12 kings is good and the way it can be done works well and the author does spend a fair bit of time developing the main characters personalities, but I have to say that I just felt like I was ambling along with it Everything kind of went along and we finally came to the end, which certainly picked up the action, but it was a LONG road to get ther

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