Yesterdays Gone

Yesterdays Gone[Download] ➵ Yesterdays Gone By Sean Platt – THE FIRST SEASON OF THE SERIALIZED POST APOCALYPTIC SERIES COLLECTED IN ONE FULL LENGTH NOVELOn October 15 at 215 am everyone on Earth vanishedWell almost everyoneA scattered few woke alone in a world THE FIRST SEASON OF THE SERIALIZED POST APOCALYPTIC SERIES COLLECTED IN ONE FULL LENGTH NOVELOn October at am everyone on Earth vanishedWell almost everyoneA scattered few woke alone in a world where there are no rules other than survival at any costA journalist wanders the wretched reality of an empty New York in search for his wife and sonA serial killer must hunt in a land where prey is now an endangered speciesA mother shields her young daughter from danger as every breath fills her with terrorA bullied teen is thrilled to find everyone gone Until the knock on his doorA fugitive survives a fiery plane crash Will he be redeemed or return to what he's best at the killAn eight year old boy sets out on a journey to find his missing family What he finds will change him foreverAnd there's a few people who aren't surprised that this happened at all In fact they've been dreaming about this day for yearsThese survivors aren't aloneSomeone or something is watching themAnd waitingStrangers uniteSides are chosenWill humanity survive what it never saw comingThe only certainty is that Yesterday's GoneYou've never read anything like Yesterday's Gone the epic groundbreaking thrilling new series of serialized fiction Season One takes you on a non stop ride from the day the survivors awoke all the way to the shocking finale In the tradition of superbly scripted serialized television Yesterday's Gone will change the way you read ebooksNOTE This is the full season of Yesterday's Gone Season One collecting episodes into one full length book This edition contains all six books in their entirety along with new Author's NotesWARNING This is a post apocalyptic horror book where badpeople do evil things and as such this series features disturbingscenes and foul language While it is all within the context of thestory some readers may find this content offensive. so this is a fast paced novel made up of six formerly serialized parts modeled on tv episodes about what happens after a scattered number of survivors wake up and realize that 999% of their fellow humans have disappeared and now there are these horrible monsters scurrying about wanting to eat them and there are psychic powers and strange dreams and sinister government types too and the whole thing was so fast furious that i read my eyes out really the pacing is often excellent such a driving narrative and so many compelling mysteries it was so much fun really addicting crack type fun so fun that i ignored the rather horribly trite characters including a cardboard abusive dad and a cartoon serial killer and a nauseatingly precious cutesy poo psychic child and a few supporting characters who are noted as black or asian and i give the authors points for trying to be diverse i really do but then why aren't the white characters noted as white well i guess that's just the default skin color dear reader just assume someone is white unless you are told otherwise and then despite the pace still being set at FAST FAST FAST there was just tons of that awful so called characterization flashbacks stories being told lots of dialogue except it was all so terrible so trite overly long boring the authors need to realize that characterization is actually their weak point their soft spot their fontanelle that all that characterization began to be a real drag a real block to my enjoyment i started skipping all that crap and then whaddyaknow it didn't matter that the pacing was often so expert and the mysteries were still compelling i just got so fucken frustrated that the end of the novel was actually a relief because then i didn't have to read such horribly amateurish attempts at characterization any ugh finished over done happy sigh but now i wonder what happens nextsorry Shovelmonkey i still think you have great taste 1211 I'm halfway done with this erm season and I can tell you that I'm already terribly disappointed For a few reasons1 Sweet baby Jesus the number of characters that I don't give a shit about is astounding I don't know how many actual characters are in these books 20 25 but I do know that there are TOO MANY If they had maybe chosen to go with 3 or 4 main characters and really really developed them I feel like it would have been much better Instead we get 500 words of a character's POV jump to another character then another and another and by the time you're back to the first one you've run out of fucks to give 2 The prose I get it I know and I'm guilty of it myself Self published romance authors such as myself are told time and time again to dumb down our prose We're writing for a 5th to 7th grade reading level We're pulp fiction But I thought fantasy and sci fi were exempt from this rule Obviously not Unless this should aptly be categorized in action then the rule applies again 3 I really wanted to like it Sean and Dave and Johnny have a podcast I listen too uite often and while it's mostly them bullshitting for an hour occasionally a useful nugget of information will fall between the cracks I like these guys and I wanted to like their books I'm going to finish it just in case it takes a turn for the better but as of right now I'm just really sad that I'm not enjoying it very much 1215 So in the five or six hundred pages contained within this book we only advance the plot like four or five days Going through so many characters was mind numbing for me and I won't be doing it again I haven't looked to see how many books total are in this series but if it's going to chronicle a year or two Jesus help us Also there are few characters I have actually physically hated than I have Borocio sp Not because he was supposed to be a bad guy and I'm supposed to hate him nope it was because the authors made him ridiculous I wanted to scream at him SAY BEER BATTERED BULLSHIT ONE MORE TIME ONE MORE TIME I WILL FIGHT A FICTIONAL CHARACTER BITCH And his excessive use of ridiculous analogies was a little than I could handle Or I mean to say his beer battered bullshit analogies were fucked up than a pump and dump pimply prostitute giving a blow job to a priest in the Vatican on the popes lap while singing a Conway Twitty tune and playing dice with a cum covered clown in a car full of Mexicans Remember when your mother told you that using a constant stream of constant swear words or dirty language meant you don't have a very good vocabulary Well in all but a dozen or so scenes of Yesterday's Gone the language is fine So what if there are some four letter words scattered throughout It's the inclusion of a disgusting filthy mouthed character named Boricio that made me wonder why the authors thought the rest of their book could not stand on its own It's almost like he was added after the fact mixing his scenes in with the rest because there was not enough shock value in a monster Martian mummy pod being version of DisappearedBeyond the vile mind of Boricio and the themes introduced by his character the obvious writing talent storytelling prowess other characters talking dog oddly aging boy shape shifting beings gory fight scenes weird happenings and the rest of the unbelievable goings on ALL would make for a book that could merit a great review if not for the filth that the Boricio character brought to the party That's pretty dramaticAnd yes that's how I really felt None of the good things about this book offset the language and themes the writers introduced and kept bringing up over and over and over through this character I mean enough already I lost my appetite enough in these scenes to last for the rest of my reading lifetimeYup For awhile I turned my reaction to this charactertheme off but just kept reading and tried to let the stench roll off me But after a certain point and clearly once I found out that any scenes including this character would follow the same vile pattern and there was no purpose for it that was enough to make me not want to read any And that is really almost impossible to get me to do Even if your target audience is composed of prisoners or prepubescent boys from the lowest caliber of home life the slime spewed by this character would be appalling As a book for general audiences even rated R it's beyond that And the themes introduced by this character is the ONLY thing that keeps the book from getting 4 stars And yes it's not just gaggingly rank it is unnecessarily so Really REALLY unnecessarily so If I uit books I can tell you exactly when I would have uit this one It was at 53% and I had uite hit my Ugh saturation I don't uit books however so I slogged through endless pages of crap This book is a giant pile of shit and every time you think it is as smelly and disgusting as it possibly can get the authors take another giant dump on the pile making it even grosser until it is completely unbearable By that I mean that this book is a humorless unmitigated series of unfortunate events that makes it dreary and unenjoyable By the end I was seriously experiencing physical nausea at the idea of reading any of it As other readers have mentioned the worst part was the Boricio bits I could have perhaps put up with it if his role was deemphasized but the authors were clearly having a rollicking good time writing their serial killer and actually expand his poison into other characters Fun Speaking of serial killers aren't they pretty much by definition psychopaths Which means that they can't feel empathy at all Right so some of the events toward the end are a stretch for me Oh should I say something about all the lurid PA details They're not fresh You can see which various books and movies the scenes and characters were borrowed from so let's add unoriginal to my stack of adjectives Also I can't tell if it was difficulty incorporating those borrowed images or a desire for a stack of red herrings or if the authors were just making it up as they went along but the plot was all over the place like a schizophrenic ratI considered giving this two stars because the first episode was pretty snappy but let's be honest I hated this and I didn't want to finish it so for me it is a one star book Kindle Lending Library Feb '13 for Apoclaypse Whenever group This was fun Downloaded Season 2 already Apocalyptic fiction is a guilty pleasure but hey it helps me relate to my 14 year old son and his friends really well I'll never forget the conversation I had with a friend of my son's when he tried to go toe to toe with me on Zombie and end of the world books He left with a long list and I finally got someone that could discuss my disappointment with World War Z intelligently BravoAnyhoo this is enjoyable Everyone disappears There are creepy survivors a serial killer nice touch and those who are genuinely good There are scenes that actually spooked me monsters that scared even his jade 42 year old mom and let's face it not much can scare a mom and characters that are well developed and intriguing Written in serial form I wish I would have heard about this series when it first came out Reminds me a lot of The Walking Dead without my beloved zombies Love the cliffhangers and I think it would have been delightfully agonizing to await the next installments On to series 2 I relented and actually BOUGHT yes you saw that word correctly the first seasonI downloaded the first two parts for free a while back and thoroughly enjoyed them My annoyance at not knowing how the rest of the story pans out finally got to me and I bought the first season last week Congratulations Sean Platt and David Wright you jointly have the honour of being the first downloaded authors to my kindle that I paid for with actual moneyFull review to come One of those books I didn't know I'd like so muchI mean I'd read the blurb and thought this sounds interestingBut within the first 10 pages it pretty much had meBasically it deals with the USit doesn't mention any other countriesOne evening all the humans disappearWith the exception of a scattered fewNYMOLAFLCAWith only a smattering of people in each stateAnd the type of people really variesfrom a psycho killer to a man just looking for his wife and sonAnd all these people are subconsciously going to the same areaI wouldn't say this is YA apocalyptic because of the graphic violenceThere are creatures that have to be killedor do the killing and it can be messy sometimesI would definitely recommend it As much as I hate comparing things to my all time favorite show 'LOST' this book just in the first episode alone seems to be a perfect mash up of 'LOST' 'Fringe' 'The Stand' and even a little bit of '24' thrown in for good measure Simply put It's AWESOME I was perusing the Kindle Store this afternoon over my lunch at work trying to find something new to read and I came across 'Yesterday's Gone' I wasn't sure how I felt about the serialized nature of the book but after reading some very positive reviews and seeing there are 3 seasons so far I decided to give it a shot Not to mention the first episode is currently free which is always a plus And wow was I in for a shock this is awesome I got about halfway through the first episode during the remainder of my lunch and as soon as I got home from work I immediately pulled out the iPad and finished the remainder of the episode As soon as that was done I joined their newsletterfan group and immediately purchased the entire first season 6 episodes each one about 100 110 pages It's THAT good I have a feeling that if the pacing suspense and intrigue continues at the way it has so far; I'll have no trouble finishing the season by Monday morning It seems almost a crime to reveal too much in a review as it would spoil it for you but I'll try the best I canThe first episode jumps between a group of several characters that wake up only to find that everyone has inexplicably vanished with creepy occurences following in their wakeThere is the prisoner who wakes up only to find that the airplane he was on has crashed with no survivorsbodies to be found Standing in awe amidst the wreckage another airliner screams by overhead in an uncontrolled dive exploding in the surrounding woods as if no one was at the controls Stumbling into a residential area still in handcuffs he manages to free himself only to find that everything is seemingly abandoned and no one around The circumstances creeping him out he borrows a car from an empty home and attempts to put as much distance between himself and the law enforcement he feels must be closing in on himThe serial killer who after a gruesome killing and night of hard partying awakens in New Orleans to find the city completely empty with even some prominent landmarks simply gone as if they never existed Stealing an empty police car he sets out for the Mississippi River where he feels everyone must have fled for an evacuation of some sort Along the way the static filled radio begins acting very strangeA group of neighbors in a well to do neighborhood outside St Louis MO awaken to find their families mysteriously gone; with no trace of them at all After banding together with one of the richest of the rich in the neighborhood named Desmond one of my favorite characters from 'LOST' I have to add who seems oddly prepared for this specific occurrence they hit the road in several vehicles for Fort Leonard Wood MO a large army base where they believe others must have gathered Shortly into their journey they encounter something that doesn't appear to be uite human and shortly after come across something truly horrifying that changes the entire gameI've left out a couple of characters mostly because I don't want to give away too much; and secondly because the ones I skipped I'm having trouble coming up with words to describe exactly what the hell is happening in their scenesLOL And I don't mean that in a negative way it's totally engrossing it's just that not enough has been revealed so far to understand exactly what is happening or why; and it keeps you flipping page after pageMr Platt Mr Wright My hat is off to the both of you; you have yourselves another hooked fan and I can't wait to see where this goes next This is my very first set of books I have read that are a serial; like you get on TV but are now on your kindle I had my doubts whether I could actually get into a book with the knowing I may have to wait for the next book to be publishedleaving me hanging grinding at the bit to find out what has happened to my favourite charactersBUT OMG I love it you guys absolutely drive me mad its fast paced well written and the cliff hangers are the most amazing cliff hangers I have ever readI adore sci fi and love post apocalyptic reads and films You have bundled all my favorite aspects of the genre into these books Im nearly finished season 2 and I cannot put my kindle down its glued to my handWhat have you dont to me guysThe characters are relatable and so believable I've wanted to yell scream and shout at the booksno don't do thatdo this and have made me feel a whole volley of human emotions within just series oneI did find it at first confusing jumping from one character to another without them joining up or getting together; but now its like having stories within one and it really works its nothing like I have ever readI have my favorite series of the moment Walking deadabout to finish on season finale this Friday True blood now waiting for next season and Vampire diaries waiting for next seasonand NOW Yesterdays gone you have me clenched to my Kindle waiting for the next series 4 in JunearghI cant wait so I've gone and bought Available Darkness as well as I cant be without one of your bookBrilliant imaginative creative and funny in places and I love Boricio and Brent some fab characters within the series and I'm so hoping they dont get killed offWell yes you can tell I loved these books I highly recommend this style of reading if you love your cliff hangers and dont get too mad waiting for the next instalments I find it exciting and such a refreshing change within the book worldIll add to this review once I have completed series 2 as its a hard series of books to review without giving spoilers away and believe me you won't want to know its the whole excitement of the the seasons series of booksSo looking forward to reading of the series I cant wait you guys are so cruel leaving such amazing cliffhangers for us Both episodes one and two which are offered free at and the author's web site were pretty good so I decided to spend the 499 for the entire season one of Yesterday's Gone consisting of all six episodes In case you are confused why I'm saying season and episodes on Goodreads and not Netflix it should be noticed that despite the TV vocabulary Yesterday's Gone is a serial novel that is influenced by TV series like Lost but so by the serial novels like King's The Green Mile or even like King's not so serial The Stand of which it has some very loose similaritiesIt was 499 well spent Platt and Wright have concocted a very imaginative post apocalyptic tale that has plenty of interesting characters and lots of bizarre and scary happenings The only problem is that it is easy to lose tracks of all of the characters I would suggest making a list to remind you who's who The one I never have trouble remembering is Boricio who may be the worlds' most interesting serial killer Sorry Dexter The novel reads fast and furious with some interesting turns throughout The authors use a ton of cliffhangers with one in almost every chapter and episodes but leaves the reader with a real WTF moment at the endSo why four stars and not five Nothing except my own critical bias Yesterday's Gone is basically a summer read or to use the authors' own TV parlance a prime time series There is no heavy message here and no real insight into humanityno Kurtz's The Horror The Horror momentat least not yet This is pure escapismnothing wrong with that either But I also am not really sure where this serial novel is headed There are so many loose ends it can go anywhere at anytime Since there are lots of Lost similarities the author might do well to heed the mistakes of Lost's season three where they lost viewers because there appeared to be no ending in sightBut this is only season one and the roller coaster has just started Maybe I'm being too harsh OK Four and a half starsNot to mention I've buying Season Two