An Original Man: The Life and Times of Elijah Muhammad

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Clegg outlines the life of Elijah Muhmmad from his humble beginnings in Sandersville GA to his days as a factory worker in Hamtramck MI to WD Fard's selection of him as his messenger to the lost found in the North America A very balanced assessment of his life he seeks to neither vilify the man nor laud him with praise Instead Clegg gives an account of Elijah's life that is accessible one that can easily be read in the historical context of the era of American history which he lived in; this is definitely a positive about this monograph the author sets the stage for Unlike the autobiography of Malcolm X in which you feel that for some reason or another key info is being left out this work leaves you with a holistic view of Elijah's life decisions in light of his environment something that other biographers of Islamic and Psuedo Islamic personalities have failed to do His theology and what informed it is covered to a satisfiable depth and to my surprise much of what is popularly thought of as the later machinations of Elijah are actually the teachings and organizational structure laid out by WD Fard How this theology was expanded upon and how its effects were curbed by circumstance and opportunity gives great insight into Elijah Muhammad as a social leader first and foremost and as a religious leader secondlyHis relationship with Fard is touched upon but not in enough detail to understand how Fard groomed him to be The Messenger The reader is left wondering if his succession was really a matter of divine providence or was a power struggle or a culmination of both Allegations of Fard and Elijah's involvement in the Moorish Science Temple is hardly dealt with at all and Clara Muhammad's role in enticing her husband to follow Fard is only lightly touched upon Additionaly Fard's identity is not dealt with in enough detail leaving the reader wanting to know about this mysterious figure It would have been extremely useful to read some of the personal correspondence between the two which can be viewed on the internet to gain a greater appreciation for the love and respect the Messenger showed for his Savior Until the end of his days he claimed to receive revelation from Fard hearing his voice like thunder from the sky Interestingly enough there is enough information outlining Fard that one really could suppose that he was of South Asian origin as WD Muhammad has said he was most probably Pakistani WD Muhammad's claim to have spoken to Fard either in person or on the phone is not dealt with at all making the man's identity all the a mystery Could Elijah's freuent trips to Pakistan be evidence of Fard's origins and outcome? Did the Asiatic Black man simply return to the sub continent after the USA got too hot for him?The book deals with many facets of Elijah's life some of which were eye opening We learn about Elijah the man Elijah the Messenger Elijah the entrepreneur and Elijah the father figure The pit falls mentioned of the Nation's management structure and business acumen are enough to wake any idealist of the movement up to reality; that the NOI was and is no different than most religious organizations Elijah as father figure is especially important as it explains not only the man's great ability to motivate his followers and nurture their innate abilities but explains the nepotism that became inherent to the organization in its later years as well as the changes WD Muhammad tried to make after his succession to leadership upon his father's death Sadly however Elijah the thinker is never touched upon We never get a clear enough reading of Elijah's psyche and thoughts we are never able to see his thought process of read his mind Although mental health problems are alluded to when discussing his imprisonment no analysis of his personality is given in depthElijah the movement is the most outstanding part of this book He successfully protected his brand until his death and was hands down the most successful Black leader of his time perhaps in the history of the US This work is recommended to anyone that thinks they have Elijah Muhammad figured out and is definitely a credit to the legacy of this man about whom I am sure a much longer work could be written I haven't read Karl Evanzz work on him as of yet but afterward I am sure there will be much to compare and contrast I could totally understand why Elijah Muhammad fell for this religion But it puzzled me why it continues today But having said that I found the book really really interesting Claude Andrew Clegg III has done us a great service in writing this most significant book Who has never heard of Elijah Muhammad Malcom X Muhammad Ali and Louis Farrakhan? This work instructs the reader as to the history of these individuals and their connection to the Nation of Islam Clegg goes into great details as to what events influenced Elijah Poole to be an important part of the launch of the NOI One cannot ignore the horrid mistreatment of blacks by whites in America especially in the South post civil war and way beyond Experiencing the effects of Jim Crowe laws observing lynchings poverty among blacks and joblessness Poole was compelled to follow Fard Muhammad with his black supremacist ideology as they worked together to found the Nation The theology of Fard Muhammad is wrought with separatism black supremacy white devilry and the need for blacks to become financially independent from whites On this last call for blacks to become economically independent from whites and self reliant the black community has benefited greatly Fard Muhammad had his own brand of Islam that was removed from the larger world of al Islam Once again black separatism from whites even white Muslims became the message of the Nation greatly expanded upon by Elijah Muhammad Clegg goes into great detail regarding the relationship between Elijah Muhammad and Malcom X Looming in the background the disciple of Malcom X is Louis X better known as Louis Farrakhan Upon Malcom’s assassination Farrakhan had no problem approving the murder of a man who dared to speak against Elijah Muhammad If you want to get beyond the eye grabbing headlines about the Nation of Islam and Farrakhan this book is a must read The amount of little known information about Elijah Muhammad makes this book a necessity to become informed about these issuesI took a personal interest in antisemitism in relation to the NOI Other than a few jabs stating Jewish people were behind Civil Rights and desegregation it became apparent that the current connection of antisemitism to the Nation is mostly due to Farrakhan’s leadership and was not part and parcel of Elijah Muhammad’s teaching This book will pull the sheep’s clothing off the wolfish identity of Louis X Farrakhan Mr Elijah Muhammad aka The little lamb was a very intelligent man His father was a preacher Elijah Muhammad learnt how to read from his sister who taught him how to read from out of the bible Elijah muhammad government name is Elijah Poolewhen he was a student under Master Farrad Muhammad he was giving the the name Karrem He later on changed his name to Elijah Muhammad Elijah Muhammad was a very successful business man teacher during the 1950's The books in which he authored are still very popular in our day time you can also find his books through out the prison system amongst those who are trying to mold there life in accords to his teachings By the way Elijah Muhammad was very educated in matters of theologymathematic historyfreemasonryhealth fitness The brother was a head of his time One of the better histories written about the Nation of Islam and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad Although as with all of them by non Muslim there are flaws and misunderstandings this one comes closer than any other to producing a factual presentation of a history of an important American movement I do have to commend Clegg for the effort Cray cray This book is tremendous If anyone wanted to read just one book on the Nation of Islam this would be the one I would recommend

An Original Man: The Life and Times of Elijah Muhammad
  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • An Original Man: The Life and Times of Elijah Muhammad
  • Claude Andrew Clegg III
  • English
  • 05 February 2014
  • 9780312181536