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Simply Calligraphy❰PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Simply Calligraphy Author Judy Detrick – This simple guide to calligraphy teaches just the basics allowing novices to jump right in and make their own wedding invitations hand label envelopes write their own placecards and explore their crea This simple guide to calligraphy teaches just the basics allowing novices to jump right in and make their own wedding invitations hand label envelopes write their own placecards and explore their creative sideWith the rise of do it yourselfers there is growing demand for a calligraphy guide that is much simpler than what's currently on the market This book answers that call with a focus on only the popular Italic alphabet rather than the scads normally covered by other books Gothic Uncials Half uncials and so on After learning the basic letters this book presents an open invitation and a bit of inspiration to make calligraphy one's own with creative flourishes for every project and occasion With a modern two color design and simple explanatory text  Simply Calligraphy's unintimidating approach proves that calligraphy is as easy as picking up pen and paper. The sample alphabet in these pages will help you learn the proper form of letters as they were created long ago during the Italian Renaissance Called italic this is the hand most commonly seen on wedding invitations hand lettered menus and other artful presentations This is the kind of book one really needs in physical form I bet it's greatThat aside I liked it I must say I'm by no means any skilled now in calligraphy than before reading it It takes practice to find the perfect instruments pen and paper and even practice to achieve that beautiful writing But it is fun and the book has many interesting information in itBy the way did you know that It's a good idea to warm up each time you sit down to do calligraphy? I would have never thought of thatI thank Judy Detrick Ten Speed Press Watson Guptill and Netgalley for this copy in exchange for an honest review You surely won't be a skilled calligraphist afer having read this little book but it was a lot of fun practicing the various strokes that make up the letters and to write down everything I wanted in a fanciful way my own writing stile resambles little inky claws a chicken left behind while wandering on a piece of paper soI recommend it to whomever might be interested in the beautiful art of Calligraphy I bet that the physical book must be gorgeousI kindly received this book from its publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review When I saw this book as an option on Blogging for Books to review I had to take it Lettering has been something that I want to get into However I am not very good at it yet so I figured that I should pick this one up and see if it could teach me a few thingsAnd it does Yay That is always something you want in a book like thisThere is actually a lot reading involved in this book than you might think a calligraphy book would have you do but then again the best way to learn is the right way? I don't know if it is necessarily the right way but for me it works out One thing I would have really liked of though was alphabets This book actually only contains a few So this book Simply Calligraphy to me appears to just have some very basic lessons Definitely meant to be for a beginner again something that is perfect for someone like myselfAll in all I liked this one I look forward to using it to practice and help me get on my road of being able to do amazing looking letteringThis review is based on a copy provided by Blogging for Books in exchange for a fair and honest reviewFind of my reviews here Want to know something funny about me? I am a lot likely to misspell something while typing than I am while writing it out by handI love writing things out in notebooks And I have been keeping a journal since I was well technically 9 but officially since I was 12 or 13 Sadly I don't write as much as I'd like to anyOne constant thing about my 13 years of writing I have never liked my writing By some miracle it would improve by the time I got to the end of the journal but it's always been a sore spot for meI've always wanted simply to learn to write well but the idea of calligraphy has always been a dream of mineAnd this book just as the title suggests is a great beginner's guide to get started It's simple to the point and doesn't overcomplicate something that seems incredible complicatedIt makes calligraphy something I would want to stick with until I got the hang of it and not give up because it seemed too dauntingI don't think I've ever found another book that was so user friendlyI received this book from Blogging for Books for this review ORIGINAL REVIEW POST This is is very easy to follow My husband does not do well with books in the How To family but this worked well for him He does tattoos his downfall is lettering A friend of his recommended learning to write calligraphy style do to the way you hold the needle in comparison to how you hold a calligraphy pen It helped a lot I really recommend this book The way the different letters are grouped together with similar letters written with the same motions is nice Brush strokes are labelled in a 123 manner This is a nice book I read through on my phone read it in paper friends You'll get a lot out of it if you read it with a nib pen in your hand I'm working hard to improve my hand lettering Calligraphy has always mystified me mostly because I am too impulsive to follow all the directions given I wan instant results and that just doesn't happen However this is the first book that has actually made calligraphy approachable to me mostly because it is straightforward and recognizes that though the idea setup will with practice produce ideal results most people aren't going to build a calligraphy desk or acuire eleventy billion nibs and handles and inks When Judy Detrick said to practice on notebook paper I think I fell in loveI'm still practicing which is than I've done with any of the other calligraphy books I've tried My only wish is that there were full alphabets for me to see and play with but that's what the internet is forMy thanks to Blogging for Books and the publisher for sending this copy my way I have to keep it hidden so my granddaughter doesn't steal it from me when she comes over This book is very simple and straight to the point It breaks the basic calligraphy letters down into groups of likesimilar letters making it easier to figure out groupings first and then moving on to the next group It explains things very well so that any beginner could pick up a calligraphy pen and learn the basics If you are looking for super fancy calligraphy this book is not for you it's just a starting point Note This book was provided free of charge by Blogging For BooksWatson Guptil Publications in exchange for an honest reviewAlthough I am perhaps not the most ideal person when it comes to the practice of calligraphy which is several orders of magnitude of elegant handwriting than I am capable of providing on a regular basis this does make for a fascinating book to read and one which lives up to its goal of being a beginner’s guide to elegant lettering with the goal of encouraging the reader onto further reading as well as the practice of calligraphy while also providing some practical benefit for someone to spend the time necessary to master such an elegant form of writing As is often the case this book makes certain assumptions about its readers and as is freuently the case I do not fit in with these assumptions 1 given that the author assumes the reader will be right handed as the instruction in the book about slant and the order of forming letters depends on being right handed in order to do well There are books about left handed calligraphy but this is not one of them Southpaws would be advised to seek handwriting guidance elsewhereIn terms of its contents the book is short and its presentation is elegant making the book a work of artistic design itself Coming in at under 100 pages this is not a book whose reading will greatly tax the reader and both its calligraphy design as well as its font choice are elegant and attractive with good texture for its paperback cover as well The chapters of the book are organized in a very logical flow starting with the tools and materials that one needs to get started paper and pens specifically starting by getting a feel for a broad pen and how it works and then moving through small letters capital letters numerals and various flourishes that one can make with a pen including lined paper to help with one’s calligraphy After this the author discusses some project ideas on how to use such a skill effectively and then provides some additional alphabets for readers to master before providing further studies and resources and notes about the author as well as acknowledgementsThis particular book is dedicated to the author’s first teacher in calligraphy and it makes for a worthwhile first book in calligraphy Whether or not this book is the last book a reader will tackle on calligraphy depends on whether the reader finds the task of practicing letters and elegant brush strokes to be a worthwhile task to practice at as skill in this art depends on being able to have consistent lettering in a variety of ways including the angle lines are drawn at the spacing of lines the relative size and position of letters as well as the components of letters which in the book are grouped according to different families based on their shape and the pen strokes reuired to form the letters Even the reader who may not find the art a worthwhile one to master may at least find this book helpful in appreciating the calligraphy of others Regardless of how the reader approaches this book it is an enjoyable one to read and a practical one as well Readers who want to carry the art of calligraphy further will find good resources at the end of this book to carry on their efforts even further1 See for example Simply Calligraphy is a very very basic book for beginners It offers simple step by step instruction to help beginners develop a foundation for this lettering art and that is all There was nothing truly appealing about the book and to be frank it lacked in style and uality I guess what I am trying to say is I expected and this book simply did not deliver ― it was just okay for meCalligraphy is a lettering art I have always admired for its fluidity and beauty Not only that but it’s an artistic talent that has steadily been re emerging in light of the numerous DIY’s out there Thus when I saw Simply Calligraphy I instantly reuested it At first glance the book is welcoming and as you skim through the pages you notice that the book offers short easy to follow step by step instructions and exercises to better help you craft these lovely italic letters To boot it offers a brief introduction to the various tools and materials needed to master this skill Additionally the book mainly focuses on the essential foundations such as hairline strokes pen angles pen nibs paper flourishes and ornamentsIn the end however Simply Calligraphy was as its title clearly suggests a simple overview on calligraphy for beginners The pages are bland and monotone with nothing to really keep the student engaged I personally would have liked to have seen color vision examples with details to provoke me to drive to my local craft store and actually invest in some tools and materialsAll things said Simply Calligraphy is a great elementary reference book; howbeit I will invest in a interactive book that is up to par with my taste and influence me to master this beautiful and stylish art formNOTE I received a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of this review it was not reuired of me to give a positive review but to solely express my honest thoughts and opinions of this book which I have doneBlog || Facebook || Twitter || Instagram || Google || Bloglovin'

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