Beyond Glory Medal of Honor Heroes in Their Own Words

Beyond Glory Medal of Honor Heroes in Their Own Words➵ [Read] ➱ Beyond Glory Medal of Honor Heroes in Their Own Words By Larry Smith ➿ – This New York Times best selling account of battlefield courage celebrates the larger than life sacrifices of those awarded the nation's highest honor for valor in combat Exclusive interviews with the This New York Times best selling Medal of PDF/EPUB ✓ account of battlefield courage celebrates the larger than life sacrifices of those awarded the nation's highest honor for valor in combat Exclusive interviews with these twenty four men—firsthand accounts of battlefield sacrifice from the greatest generation to Vietnam along with before and after stories—form the core of this classic work The recipients as portrayed here represent a cross section as diverse as America itself—officers Beyond Glory PDF or and enlisted men; African Americans Hispanics and Caucasians; men who went on to become famous Daniel Inouye James Stockdale Bob Kerrey and others who returned proudly to small towns Beyond Glory in the voices of these heroes is a testament to the courage of the American nation. Great Fourth of July reading Candid interviews with Medal of Honor winners from World War II Korea and Vietnam One common theme is that it's almost always guys from the wrong side of the tracks who end up loving this country the most and sacrificing the most to preserve it This is what liberal columnist Anna uindlen meant when she described the American military as being made up of people not smart not rich not directed enough for collegeOnly she didn't mean it in a nice way This book or another similar book should be reuired reading for all high school students or freshmen in college Our society today has no idea of the sacrifices made by many men and women in our armed services so that we can live as we do These men’s stories were shocking heartfelt terrifying and amazing I honor all of them for their bravery and dedication to “just doing their jobs” Incredible StoriesStories from some of the men who were given this honor Their heroism is astonishing and their humility is a common thread throughout each interview Why me? I was only doing my job Their stories of life upon leaving the military reflect another kind of success Adam C Zern gives his thoughts My first semester at Rollins I heard about Beyond Glory My professor mentioned the courage and initiative of some of the Medal of Honor recipients to prove an academic point I became minimally interested in the book and put it on my Wish List where it sat for almost two yearsI eventually ordered the book and I enjoyed the stories that were contained therein The book's greatest strength however is also its greatest weakness The book provides Medal of Honor recipient's stories from three major conflicts World War 2 Korea and Vietnam The accounts are uite literally transcribed interviews This gives the stories a sense of realism but many of the nuances of storytelling and effective reporting of events are almost entirely omitted The narratives will wander to various tangents and the reuisite ability to delineate complex military logistics and situations is missing This makes some of the stories difficult to follow and they lose some of their impact Do not expect to enjoy the war time poetry prose that Tim O'Brien is able to compose or the masterful recreations exhibited by Mark BowdenHaving said that the stories are effective in getting across the main theme of the book in their own words The stories can be brutally honest and jarring War is absolute hell and many of the stories told from first hand accounts make that abundantly clear Most of the Medal of Honor recipients describe their courageous actions and decisions as being made out of a sense of duty It had to be done Lives had to be saved so they acted The simplicity of motivation is refreshing and uite inspiring Further many of the recipients are genuinely patriotic people in the best way possible and they are proof that America is filled with heroes Some of them are just given the opportunity to be awarded for it; luckily some of them have given their experiences in their own words in this book and there are valuable lessons to be learned from them I liked this book Mostly because I love books about military history but I also enjoyed the way that it was written It is in a journalistic styleprobably because it was written by a journalist rather than a novelist It takes a little getting used to but by the second or third chapter you get in the grove of things It is a just a series of stories from them men themselves In their words and some of them are just your good ol' military boys You feel like you are right there talking to them your self Many of them remind me of my grandfather and I wish that I would have taken the time to talk with him I like the fact that it spans several time frames too you can really see that even as the years pass with the exception of technology war never changes Beyond Glory is a book every American should read This book shows just how much dedication sacrifice and courage our troops have put into the wars and keeping our country free There were many times I had to stop reading this book because I was so moved by something that happened the soldier said a profound statement or I had to wipe tears from my eyes All of the Medal of Honor recipients in this book said the same thing That the Medal of Honor has changed them and they must respect the medal every day for the rest of their lives They must live with character dignity courage and compassion to others because they represent what the Medal of Honor stands for I really appreciated that they felt this way God bless our troops This book include awe inspiring stories of men of courage and valor who have defended our nation For the most part you can understand why particular actions were awarded the Medal of Honor However some actions just left you wondering why an action was worthy of the highest medal A loaner from my father Straightforward stories from a very diverse often funny group of Medal recipients whose common refrain was that they did what had to be done and earned the Medal on behalf of those who fought beside them great book with real life story's from the guys who earned their Medal of Honor ribbons 355 Smi

Beyond Glory Medal of Honor Heroes in Their Own Words
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  • 432 pages
  • Beyond Glory Medal of Honor Heroes in Their Own Words
  • Larry Smith
  • English
  • 03 October 2016
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