Killer Beach Reads

Killer Beach Reads Reading Killer Beach Reads Author Leslie Langtry 22 Summer Themed Short Stories By Bestselling Mystery And Romance Authors Enjoy Mystery, Romance, And Lots Of Laughter Under The Sun With Shorts From Some Of Your Favorite Series The Perfect Quick Reads For Vacation Lounging Or Sipping Frosty Drinks Poolside Recipes Included Stories Include One Red Cent Miranda Vaughn Mysteries By Ellie Ashe Brunettes Just Wanna Have Fun Gilda Wright Mysteries By Diane Bator A Spot Of Murder Cookies Chance Mysteries By Catherine Bruns Queenie Baby On Location Queenie Baby Mysteries By Christina A Burke Done In The Sun By Mary Jo Burke Hard To Control Hard Targets By Wendy Byrne Lesson In Fear Schooled In Murder Series By Tracy D Comstock Ice Cream Bombes Stolen Thongs Poppy Peters Mysteries By A Gardner Barbecue Bad Juju Culinary Competition Mysteries By Janel Gradowski A Killing In The Market Danger Cove Mysteries By Gin Jones Elizabeth Ashby Dashed To Death Misty Newman Mysteries By Gina LaManna Scout Camp Murder Merry Wrath Mysteries By Leslie Langtry Heating Up The Night Heroes Of The Night By Nicole Leiren Killer Conch Shell Health Nut Mysteries By Patrice Lyle The Pen Is Mightier Proverbial Crime Mysteries By Dane McCaslin Backyard Bar Be Feud Working Stiff Mysteries By Kerri Nelson Mr Montana By Ellyn Oaksmith Motion For Misfits Jamie Winters Mysteries By Kelly Rey Mystic Mojo Mystic Isle Mysteries By Sally J Smith Jean Steffens Blondes Night Out Barb Jackson Mysteries By Anna Snow Caper At Castle Rock Amelia Grace Rock N Roll Mysteries By Anne Marie Stoddard 48 Hours In New York By Stacey Wiedower Too longThis wasn t the most riveting collection of stories I have ever read It took me forever to get through all of them It just must not have been my taste in books. A few very few of these stories were worth reading These shorts were a real disappointment They ranged from sappy, predictable romance tales to mysteries that kept you on the edge of boredom The editing was poor which didn t help the writing caliber of many of these
Read it The best thing about anthologies is that you get an introduction to series characters and an author s style Or if it s a known character , you get a backstory on the main character or one of the sidekicks It s been the impetus to further explore. Too many boring stories in there. Heaven can be described as lying on the beach with the hot sun warming the sand, sprawled out on a beach blanket, listening to the ocean, feeling the sea breeze, hearing the seagulls, and reading a great book filled with lots of cozy short stories Well, heaven can be described like that to many but not to me I can do without the sand and sea and especially the sun All I need is the book filled with short stories and I m happy.Heaven to me is Killer Beach Reads This is a book filled with 22 summer stories by some of my favorite authors, like Anna Snow and Catherine Bruns and some authors who are now on my favorite list, like Leslie Langtry.All 22 of the short stories here are set in the hot summer time with loads of protagonists that have lots of different jobs, none of which is being a private investigator but they all end up becoming one by investigating a murder.The first story pulled me into the book right away In Scout Camp Murder I was introduced to my new favorite cozy author, Leslie Langtry Ms Langt
I kept saying, Just one because I couldn t stop reading This collection of mystery and romance short stories is a gold mine of great reading While I usually shy away from short stories, these are long enough to make you feel like you aren t being rushed through a Cliff Notes version of a real story The authors chosen are se
A good collection.Here is a group of short stories that makes you want to go from one story to the next However you can set it aside at any point you wish. Motion for Misfits 4 stars As curt would say Only Jamie Only Jamie can find a dead body on a vacation, and somehow know it I liked how involved and supportive Curt was Also I have to say in this series, I have noticed, Jamie is never the one to SOLVE the mystery She usuall
Some Good, Some OKThis book is a lite read of little mysteries The book started out with some good little stories but as it progressed, the short stories seemed to become trite and predictable I had a 3 Star rating in mind, and then I came to the final story, 48 Hours in New York, by Stacy Wiedower A great read and a bump up to 4 stars 48 Hours in New York is intriguing and a bit mysterious, though not really a mystery but is a cleverly composed, charming, quirky, heartwarming and fun stor
Great read This was such a great selection of stories, I was hooked It was so nice to read some of my favorite characters in a different way They were all familiar stories yet different