The Art of Claiming an Alpha

The Art of Claiming an Alpha[Read] ➲ The Art of Claiming an Alpha By Marian Tee – I need werewolf prince Alejandro Moretti as my bodyguard but he wants my body in exchange for his services Calys has two things standing in her way of being alpha of her panther pack One she's an adop I need werewolf prince Alejandro Moretti of Claiming PDF Ç as my bodyguard but he wants my body in exchange for his services Calys has two The Art PDF or things standing in her way of being alpha of her panther pack One she's an adopted human and two she's a woman However Art of Claiming PDF/EPUB ¼ if werewolf royalty Alessandro Moretti agrees to be her Cavaliere she just might have a shot at being the next pack leader A good plan right Or at least it should beuntil Calys learns that the infamous playboy werewolf will only fight for her if she agrees to do everything he saysin bed. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewCalys is the heir to the panther throne the only problem is she's not a panther She's the adopted daughter of the king and she's human She's also a fighter in the underground shifter fights She's vicious and unrelenting Her pack and everyone else calls her the human monster Alejandro is a werewolf prince His brother is the king He is also a fighter in the underground fights A chance meeting at the fights ends in a meeting between Calys and Alejandro The attraction between them instantaneous Alejandro becomes Calys's warrior bodyguard and they struggle with her duties as princess and the attraction they both feelI loved this book Calys starts out being such a vicious woman you begin thinking she's this crazy deranged person Alejandro is a typical alpha male He will not admit to or show his emotions especially if he feels they would be a weakness Together they make an amazing team This book is full of betrayal action adventure and of course love It was consuming and well written I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThe Art of Claiming an Alpha My Werewolf Bodyguard is a boxed set containing the three parts of Calys and Alessandro’s storyLet me start by pointing out two major things that bothered me in this story1 It really offends my feminist sensibilities that a woman can’t rule a pack without a man by her side as her mate or Cavaliere2 What business is it of Calys to rule a pack of panthers if she is human? I understand that she is the adoptive child of the Alpha but I just can’t see how that would be logicalNow let me tell you about the two leads Calys she has basically three parts to her personality The first is the strong and badass fighter which is really cool but ruined by the other two The second is the “Oh I shouldn’t do this but my body can’t resist his touch” which is really getting old as it is a trait of most heroines in shifter stories and undermines women’s control over their own bodies The third is the part that is a dork that believes in real life superheroes and likes to uote superhero movies and comics which I don’t find very compatible with the first two either Alessandro I really didn’t like him at all First he seems to be extremely damaged by the fact that his brother was left by his human mate thus making him incapable of love Lame reason not to love if you ask me Second he treats Calys like a sex thing and seduces her even after she tells him that she is saving herself for her future mate and consort a position he has no intention of occupying Third he continues to seduce her even after she confesses her love and he tells her he could never love herI started reading this story because I really like hot stories involving bodyguards and also stories involving shifters and this one promised to be a combination of both but I was disappointed I found this set to be an unexpected surprise Calys is not your usual character in a shifter story She is the adopted daughter of a panther alpha and is a human She has great strength and abilities but will not be acceptable as the next alpha unless she gets a strong shifter to be her Cavaliere bodyguardprotector Alessandro is a wolf shifter and certainly as strong as Calys could want as her protector There is just one problem He doesn't want to just guard her body He wants personal access There are a lot of unexpected events in the books and I don't want to ruin them for anyoneI really liked Calys's spirit and goodness She believes in honesty and doing what is right Alessandro is a darker character He has issues and they cloud his decision making at times I was surprised that Calys was willing to deal with him after repeatedly getting exposed to his coldness She really is a devoted young woman with a very big heart It doesn't mean she has no issues or darkness She struggles too with an issue and it causes her to be ridiculed by many I enjoyed this series and all of the unexpected events you don't see coming There is no easy path for these two and it is very entertaining to watch them navigate through all the adventures they have together They have great chemistry but as with many passionate people they also have big fights I received a copy in return for a honest review I really enjoyed this series It was fun hot and easy to read I loved Calys she was so sweet and had a great personality always caring about others Alejandro on the other hand was sweet too at times but definitely had a dominant figure and I loved how Calys was stubborn enough to always deal with Alejandro even after having a hard time with her own dark issuesI absolutely loved them together and the unexpected turns the story has It had left me wanting after the series ended Such a great book that I loved I love the story of Alejandro and Calys Short but hot fun and thrilling I really enjoy it