Called by the Bear Parts #1 9 The Complete Edition

Called by the Bear Parts #1 9 The Complete Edition☄ [PDF / Epub] ☃ Called by the Bear Parts #1 9 The Complete Edition By V. Vaughn ✓ – This is the complete collection of the serial Called by the Bear and contains parts 1 9 When Carly is called to Maine by a dream of a tattoo a hot guy and bear she's in for the adventure of a lifetime This is the complete collection of the the Bear Epub à serial Called by the Bear and contains parts When Carly is called to Maine by a dream of a tattoo a hot guy and bear she's in for the adventure of a lifetime Three other human women Sierra Lily and Taylor join her to save the werebear clans of the Northeast Kingdom True mates children and family await them But evil threatens to ruin all they work for and the devastating end will surprise everyone. My Thoughts 4 out of 5 Unicorns I really liked it I choose what I read and review based on what intrigues me I own this set but no one tells me what to think feel or write about any book This is the complete set which I’m assuming was originally a serial series and it is for adult only due to the steamy content Obviously it is important to read these books in order since it was a serial This book does switch points of view often but each chapter tells you whose POV it is in I know this is a point of contention for some readers so I thought I give you a heads up if you don’t like thisI have read this book over a couple day because it is long with than 100 chapters in it I really enjoyed the book though it was emotional for sure because there are happy moments but there are also moments of rage and profound sadness I was thrown for several loops throughout the book In this book good people do bad things and bad people do some good things It really mimics life because both bad and good things happen to the characters I really enjoy this world and Annie Carly and Sierra are my favorites I love how they are called and they are tied with the special tattoo This book has bear shifters true mates treachery tragedy magic and I recommend this set to bear shifter fans who like complex stories where everything isn’t perfect I can’t wait to read in this world I want to see what happens with Annie and hope I get to know about what happens in the clan Part 1 of the Called by a bear by V VaughnGreat start to a new writer for me Carly and Sierra are bff and family they are alone and plodding through life working at a tattoo shop Both are having sexy dreams about huge sexy man bears that do naughty things to them Looking forward to them finding their matesPart 2More development between Carly and Brady but not much between Keith and sierra So far really enjoying the relationship between Carly and Brandy it's almost like insta love and everything is moving very uickly They are bonking like wild animals but so far it's hot and steamy and not annoying isn't happening in story I am liking that is being developed in story then just bear shifters finding their life mates especially at the end of the book Looking forward to happening between Keith and seirraPart 3 Carly is still main focus in this story while her bff Sierra is struggling with victor in her head Sierra is starting to have feeling for Victor and the relationship between her and Kieth is deteriorating to the point she is planning to move back in with Brady and Carly So story's progressing well Brady is having issue with Carly being a alpha and not been able to command her but does see sense and apologies Taylor and Lily from previous have finally turned up in town to shake the mix up I hoping next book focuses on Sierra and sorting out her Victor problemPart 4Carly is shot and sedated in a cage with Victor offering Sierra an out but she must produce a child with Victor and leave the child with Victor's family Taylor has made progress with Kieth and lily is making dangerous decisions with Victor and things will not end well I've really enjoyed these book for far from the True Love Shifter anthology but just check the next book in series and I think for each book it's £245 for only 70 pages So this might be the end for me Bears GaloreThis was not your average shifter story There was a plot There was danger and intrigue I truly never knew who would survive Carly and Sierra are called via recurring dreams to relocate from Venice California to Bangor Maine to become mateswives to members of a dying clan of bear shifters whose female members have become infertile We start with a buddy road trip as our girls make the trek across country Once our adventurous ladies arrive in Maine the fun truly starts and they are greeted by a big warm loving family of bear shifters Sparks flies Couples are formed Enter the conflict All is not Shangri la There are interclan rivalries Danger lurks and touches our ladies This is definitely a female story These women rise to the challenge and learn how strong they truly are when love family and their continued existence is concerned The antagonists are fully realized However there are some open uestions that I hope are eventually answered in the following series Poor Keith and Ian just can't catch a break So what did I do after reading this series straight through? I bought the next series of course I'm addicted to this world Brady and Carly Sierra and Keith This is a serial 9 parts pretty slow and unimaginativeI'm pausing this after finishing the second book Good for when you can't get to sleepThe audio reader does a great Boston accentPart 1; The book is mostly from Carly's POV with an occasional chapter from Sierra's They both work at a Tattoo shop in California when Carly starts having sexy yet scary dreams of a hot guy and a bear She is a tall large woman who bemoans her body shape yet hates exercise and only seems to eat ice cream entire boxes of cookies donuts and bacon I am in no way exaggerating It was like every other page she was shoveling junk food in her mouth yet worrying about her muffin top But don't worry in the next book she will miraculously become muscularly defined and physically fit without any effort And that's the problem with these books They are obviously the author's fantasy come true than they are a character driven story about the paranormal The entire first book which was only 64 pages but felt like twice that was just Carly and Sierra driving cross country following a mysterious calling by their hunky bear shifters You don't meet the shifters til the very end and that was boring too The worst kind of insta love A hint at a diabolically stupid arch villain Part 2 Carly and Sierra join the ranks of shifters The arch villain is stupidly villainous More eating of bacon and junk food More about Carly's deplorably poor self image Some boring sex Took me 3 tries to finish this one Kept falling asleep and loosing my place in the audio bookThere is a hint that something went wrong with Sierra's mating with Keith maybe the next bookinstallment will be interesting? Lackluster characters sporadic story lineCharacters lacked depth no continuity to the plot Received the first story as a freebie wished I hadn't bought the rest While reading this I kept hoping it would get better but unfortunately it didn't Not worth the time Loved this seriesPart 1We meet Carley as she and Sierra follow the signs in there dreams Can they find what they need or a nightmare Will the girls they found on tge way show up Whats next Cant wait to read the rest of this seriesPart 2The Carley and Sierra find there guys Carley was turned by accident She learns some new things about herself At her wedding all hell breaks lose What will happen now?Part 3We learn about the clans All the girls have arrived We have some big problems going on can they get worked out Whats to happen next? Part 4Taylor finds her mate They find Carley Sierra is still missing Lily thinks she found her guy What will happend when they learn where Sierra is being held Whats next?Part 5All has happened in this part The highlights are that the triplets are born Sierra got married There is still alot of drama going on everywhere Whats to hapoen next?Part 6Lily is learning her new role Carly and Sierra open there tatoo shop Carlys siblings make an apperance What will happen nextPart 7Things are getting weird Taylor is getting visions or nightmares from a shaman from the Victors clan They just celebrate thanksgiving Lily learns about the babies What will hapoen next?Part 8This part concentrates on Taylor We learn about the clans Lily learns the truth Can they stop all tge bad stuff Whats to happen next?Part 9This is the final part of this set We see how the ckans become one and how they are growing We see how Annie meets her match Cant wait to see what happens next This was a long book mostly due to the version I picked the whole series in one shot I sort of thought it would be broken down book by book instead it just went on and on I really liked how this one started out how Carly and Sierra were being called and how they followed the trail running into other women along the way that were also being called I did think it a bit funny that they ended up in Maine of all places Both women did fairly well with learning all they did about the bears and embracing the new life There were challenges along the way in an enemy of the clan who went to great lengths to hurt the women and the clan and their future What was done to Sierra was horrible I think what made it worse was knowing she had to live with that knowledge of what was done to her and how she was made to participate Taylor didn’t have it any better but she paid the highest price I wished there was a better outcome for her Lilywith her I was on the fence for so long But in the end she came through she did what needed to be done to bring peace to them even if it cost her a great deal A World You Never Want To LeaveThis trilogy had me hooked from the first chapter I can't believe how much sleep I lost because I just couldn't put it down While reading this it felt like I was there in their world and I didn't want to leave I couldn't wait to see what would happen next I truly loved the character Donna She was a blast to get to know I couldn't help but love Carly Sierra and Annie As a matter of fact I loved most of the characters I can't wait to see how Annie's life will turn out and I'd love to know what's going to happen for Keith Ian and Isabelle You'll have to read this trilogy to know what I'm talking about They need stories of their own too These are the most captivating Bear Shifter books I've ever read and I'd give them 10 stars of I could This is a must read ladies if you are into shapeshifter reading and like werebearsIt all starts with a curse that needs to be satisfied by human womenI will tell no Hate spoilers But I know once you start this and love shapeshifters you will be as hooked as I amStart with this the beginning with a full series edition and then go to the complete edition of Tempted by the Bear It doesn't end there either but there are so many that look for complete editions to save some bucks BUT they are worth the dollars for the enjoyment if you buy the seriesLove this series ladiesits got supernatural love suspense murder intrigueyou name it's got itAnd the wonderful sex scenes are to die for Enjoy ladiesenjoy Hot and SteamyI love this trilogy and how it carried on with no gap as i read the whole trilogy I love Carly and Sierra They are so adventurous and outgoing to completely pick up and move across the country all over dreams is wild I have to say though if it was me I would’ve done it to Than to meet others experiencing the same kind of dreams is wicked To learn they are all connected is pretty epic I so wrapped up in this one I cant wait to see what happens next with Annie My heart is broken for poor Keith and i have so many unanswered uestions about Lily and Ian and the mysterious bear in the woods that each girl saw on their way into town I hope to get some answers in the next Trilogy