Susan and her Classic Convertible

Susan and her Classic Convertible❮PDF / Epub❯ ☄ Susan and her Classic Convertible Author William E. Butterworth III – When Susan inherits her great grandfather's 1947 Cadillac her efforts to rebuild the engine bring her into contact with people she's never met before No one wants her to take auto shop her former frie When Susan inherits her her Classic PDF ✓ great grandfather's Cadillac her efforts to rebuild the engine bring her into contact with people she's never met before No one wants her to take auto shop her former friends spread rumors when they see her with the boy whose family owns the junkyard and her cousin can't get over the feeling Susan and Epub / that the car should have been his A malt shop teen romance as written by a man. I do not know how Susan puts up with anyone in her school family or neighborhood Even her charming father fails her when she wants to take automotive maintenance instead of home economics Despite the overpowering sexism I enjoyed this book about a teen who inherits a fabulous car from her great grandfather and wants to rebuild it herself The author's disdain for women as seen in his military fiction written under the name WEB Griffin is legendary they all fall into the saint or harlot category He pays Susan a rare compliment that she is intelligent talks only when she has something to say and is without pretension or snobberyDespite this critiue I am a big fan of all his books I enjoyed this a great deal where in Emery we get details about girls redecorating rooms and sewing suare dance skirts here we get changing tires rebuilding engines and cleaning gunsThe book is still tremedously sexist IMO Susan is the author's own female insert I can almost hear the idea of if I were a girl I'd be sensible not stupid like regular teen girls Susan is written as a level headed sensible MAN in a girl's body The other women in the book are all shallow harpies concerned only with appearances As far as entertainment value goes it was moderately successful In terms of if I would read it again maybe But it's dating shows and to me it is not always in an endearing light Spoilers ahead just to warn youWriting wise it drags oh does it drag Which is not a great idea when you're writing less than a 200 page novel I get a lot of repetition of phrases I don't need such as the rank and full name of a character literally only two pages apart It's unnecessary and I believe could've benefited from better editing in that regard Dialogue is clunky at times especially when he has other characters talk about women It's as if the words 'women' 'woman' and 'girl' respectively don't exist until he wants them too and he goes out of his way to make even the level headed not supremely sexist characters sound sexist 'the fairer sex' isn't so bad 'Female' ReallyAlso this may be because of the decade it was written in or for the audience at the time; being reminded that Susan is a girl who isn't like other girls at the time got rather irritating and really took away from the very sexist moments she does face It was also rather unbelievable to me that Susan was the only girl who 'dared to be different' in her town in 1970 as a teenager The town has to be pretty big if there's a large hospital in itSo it's just not feasible to believe that only Susan is different Though my guess is that we're only focusing on one class of people so we never see any other girl than Susan be different Further it comes across as just a tad condescending to men who didn't pursue 'manly' hobbiesJust a bitCharacter wise we're given very little to work with Susan is the most developed as a character and even then all we really get from her is that she's an Army Brat with a chip on her shoulder Charley is in a reversal of fortune the standard love interest because all the details we know about him connect to Susancome up because of Susan So his character is lacking but since this happens to female love interests all the time I'm okay with it in his caseTerry despite being on the back flap isn't a major character at all and his only purpose is to move the plot forward So why even mention him It's a baffling choice to mention a character who isn't even that important on the back flap of the book Ted gets all the focus and character Charley should've gotten and his chemistry and interactions with Susan set up a better romance than her just randomly deciding to get with Charley because 'Well teenage boys are so silly I want a man' is really how it comes acrossRandy Oh Randy Terrible antagonist choice since he only shows up to be a bit of a jackass and then disappears for several chapters before showing up again His motives make zero sense especially when he could EASILY RESOLVE THEM It bothered me uite a bit when I was thinking about itIt would've bee one thing if it was all about pride but he didn't come across as being particularly prideful or even spitefulvengeful at the way Susan talked to him or treated him Which I think would've made him a better antagonist if the author had gone that routeOr even if there was something in grandpa's Cadillac that he wanted like hidden treasures or a treasure map or something But no he's just an idiotAll in all it was okay but it's clearly a book that hasn't aged well and suffers from a lack of plot beyond repairing the car and romance with a rather unsatisfying ending But hey this is only my opinion I liked most of Butterworth's car books well enough although I started reading them because my brother loved them Totally predictable; usually warm hearted; often included homey details and supportive adults; and just generally fun if you're a car fan Butterworth had a fair number of level headed females in his books when he had females at all but usually they played second fiddle to his hero; Susan gets to play the lead yay I read this as a kid and frankly this book was life changing I loved Susan and her spunk and her desire to be herself despite the odds and the horrible feedback she got from everyone around her Yes it's dated but I think that only makes it poignant I adore this book by the author AKA WEB Griffin Details about car engines guns and hunting thrown into an Anne Emery storyline are pretty amusing