Colma: The City of the Dead/Elegy for Skeptics

Colma: The City of the Dead/Elegy for SkepticsPDF Epub Colma The City Of The Dead Elegy For Skeptics By John Laue To Celebrate The Fifth Year Anniversary Of FutureCycle Press S First Poetry Chapbook Publication, COLMA Has Been Released As A Full Length Edition With New Content And Photos Of The Massive City Of 18 Graveyards That Is Colma The Original Chapbook Of The Same Name Was Printed On A Laser Printer And Hand Bound And Trimmed On A Kitchen Table By Now Director Of The Press Diane Kistner, Who Says We Ve Come A Long Way, Baby We are the publisher, so all of our authors get five stars from us Excerpts VII THE MILITARY CEMETERYA field of close trimmed greenwith rows of cold white stonesimmaculate as dominoesset straight at regulation distances.The graves march up a rolling hill,then lap over, vanishing below the crestas if they might go on forever.Soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines their ranks all equal now,they lie in strict formationunder these extreme conditions.As wars repeat,entrenched battalions of the deadforever hold their dark positions XV ONE LAST LOOKHow dazzling when, at dawn,under red and rolling clouds,the cemeteries standthick glazed with light,dew still on the grass,the long sun shining.Hands that will never holdthe colors of dawntighten into fists,their tendons drying rawhide feet curl in darkness lungs grow leathery as punching bags.The relatives we touc