Moon Chosen #1

Moon Chosen #1❰BOOKS❯ ✭ Moon Chosen #1 Author Mac Flynn – Twelve kidnapped young women a lonely island and a hauntingly sensual curseA young woman named Sophie finds herself among the twelve kidnapped from their homes and taken to Wolf Island There they are Twelve kidnapped young women a lonely island and a hauntingly sensual curseA young woman named Sophie finds herself among the twelve kidnapped from their homes and taken to Wolf Island There they are forced to participate in the Choosing an ancient ritual that binds them to a man who is than he seems She refuses to submit to their demands and plots only to escape but she finds herself entranced by the man to whom she is bound His alluring eyes catch her like Moon Chosen Kindle - a moth to a flame and she finds herself falling into a world of dark desires and feral lustMOON CHOSEN is the first book in the MOON CHOSEN series. 💝 FREE on today 12042017 💝 Moon Chosen started out good I didn't know what was going to happen to Sophia and the other girls Where were they being taken I liked that Sophia fought back She didn't let these guys push her around she spoke up fought ran tried to escape This book kept me reading But then it changed One minute she's a fighter the next she's uivering in the guys arms I'm like what the hell Sophia I thought she would be cool and stand out from the other girls who cried and did nothing to escape but she just couldn't fight the feelings or the blood Well at least it started off good I do want to know what happens next How Sophia will adjust and fit in in an island filled with werewolves I dislike serial novels and this was partcularly not good A word of advice? Don't waste your time Omg I love this it is so wonderful Mixed feelings here I have positives and negatives to say If the author should read this I hope they find it a useful critiue I try to never just bash anyone or belittle anything creative they've doneFor the very beginning I'm going to use the hero's journey in my critiue I felt like the author skipped the ordinary world entirely and started right in the middle of reluctance there was a moment within it when she did briefly think about her job but for me it wasn't enough So I feel the introduction was too abrupt I had a little trouble suspending disbelief with the setting as well but not so much that I couldn't get into the charactersCharacter development was done well for the very short time we got to know the side characters and the main character without a doubt was a very brave indomitable and moral woman shown in several instances which I appreciated The possible male protagonist who seemed to begin as an antagonist while not given much action or speech to express his personality was still fleshed out well as a character through his demeanor and subtle expressionsThe situation itself the choosing was far different than the norm in the supernatural canon which I love There is nothing I enjoy when reading about vampires werewolves or anything else of that sort and seeing the breed and their world in an entirely different light than I have in the past was a major plus Uniue world building is something I look forCan I add the sex scene was delicious? As an aspiring erotica author I'm really looking at the sex scenes with a sharp eye If you've read a lot of erotica you know it can range wildly from coy hinting with a fade to black to XXX blow by blows of every body part involved in the act and personally I would prefer to write something in between It's hard to find good examples of that So I'd like to say THANK YOU to Mac Flynn for hitting what I think of as the sweet spot as a sexual wordsmith My last criticism it was too short and definitely a cliff hanger I felt like nothing had been resolved It hinted at an escape and a possible ally so the main character never moved passed upheaval to acceptance and that was the most I was offered as a denouement Yes the book was free and it was book one This was probably done to encourage you to buy the second book My first thought was the second book would be just as short and may or may not give resolution This is speculation but enough for me to not have my curiosity piued I wouldn't expect complete resolution I just feel if there is a cliffhanger it should come from a new problem that surfaced towards the end or at least give resolution to sideline problems that came up during the telling of the story So as a sandwich all the stuff on the inside was pretty tasty but I'd put it on sourdough or rye or some other bread next time Mac Flynn writes well and I feel if the author keeps putting work out they'll be a great writer And I would like to stress this was a very short story So of course some elements I want to see will be missing for the sake of brevity And it is my personal choice I understand others won't feel the same but I prefer shorts such as this remain stand alone stories If you like the world and characters and want to reuse them then do so maybe even write a trilogy later but use stories with a much higher word count Oooooo the curse of the short story When they are good they are too short This needed to be a full on book but alas there is a series of short stories I want to read them all now Sighs This was a uniue story There is to this story even though it is so short and it seems like a cut and dry story Depth Yes there is depth in this PNR A group of gals are kidnapped to be sacrificed upon the altar of matrimony They are blood tied to the pack and their future mates I wonder WHY they have to get a human woman and turn them into werewolves Can they only have sons naturally? I am curious and I want to learn about this world You see the story in Sophia’s eyes so you know as little as she does So confusing so intriguing at the same time I’m glad there is no insta love for Sophia and her mate They both did not choose this and now they must learn to love each other Yes there is some lust but that was due to the blood tie ritual I’m glad they are both trying to escape in some shape or form He wants to break this tie and she wants to save the other girls and get back home I do hope we find out about Sophie and her human life She feels flat right now I’ll give this a pass right now because 1 this is a short story and 2 she is in the middle of trying to escape and she hasn’t had a moment to think about her life before all this nonsense However I hope the next installment gives her some character building Of course I can’t wait to learn about this world as well MORE PLEASEI’ll give this 3 stars Pretty good but it is lacking in some spots This is one of those books where the main character narratesspeaks in an antiuated voice that doesn't suit the supposedly contemporary time period that the story takes place in Which means the author wasn't paying attention to what they were doing People who live in rough neighborhoods don't talk about it like this My confused fuzzy mind tried to comprehend what was the matter This wasn't my small dank apartment in my rough neighborhood nor was it the large department store I worked in Cheap broad descriptions in the place of actual character buildingNice title but I'm not interested in And unfortunately it seems this author makes up a chunk of the free paranormal romance novels on Kindle the errors in grammar in this series we're completely exhausting to try to read through whoever the proofreader is should really consider a new career I mean this was ridiculous I have never read a book with so many errors in it other than that I found the story intriguing and enjoyable I did not enjoy how short the stories were what happened after the battle did they indeed have a little girl was the cursed truly broken there's so much detail it could have been added to make this story even better Ok Reserving Judgment on Continuing SeriesI'm not sure that I'm interested in continuing this series The beginning of this story captured my imagination uickly with the kidnapping of human women as mates for werewolves As the story continues the main couple seem to fall into a very personal relationship too uickly for my taste I guess that takes away from my accepting this story as believable I guess I expected there to be hardship occurring for the couple before they reached nirvana