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Some Enchanted Evenings❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Some Enchanted Evenings Author David Kaufman – Mary Martin was one of the greatest stars of her day Growing up in Texas she was married early to Benjamin Hagman and gave birth to her first child Larry Hagman She was divorced even uickly Martin lef Mary Martin was one of the greatest stars of her day Growing up in Texas she was married early to Benjamin Hagman and gave birth to her first child Larry Hagman She was divorced even uickly Martin left little Larry with her parents and took Some Enchanted PDF/EPUB or off for Hollywood She didn't make a dent in the movie industry and was lured to New York where she found herself auditioning for Cole Porter and his new show Leave It to Me After she sang the bawdy My Heart Belongs to Daddy she ended up on the cover of Life magazine Six years later she became the Toast of Broadway when she starred in South Pacific After that she flew as Peter Pan yodeled in The Sound of Music took Hello Dolly on the road and shared a four poster with Robert Preston in I Do I Do Her personal life was just as interesting In NYC she met and married Richard Halliday a closeted upper class homosexual who adored her Broadway and interior decorating though probably not in that order They were a powerful twosome There were rumors about Martin too being in a lesbian relationship with both Janet Gaynor and Jean Arthur Peopled with legends like Ethel Merman Ezio Pinza Noel Coward and a starry cast of thousands David Kaufman's Some Enchanted Evenings is the delectable story of the one and only Mary Martin a woman who described herself as a chicken farmer from Texas only to become Peter Pan and capture America's heart. Very detailed maybe too much so biography of a star who has fallen off the grid South Pacific was my first play and I saw her perform in three others During her heyday she was ueen of Broadway Gossipy well written bio of Mary Martin a Broadway legend in the mid 20th century largely erased from popular culture now because despite the popularity of the stage musicals in which she starred South Pacific The Sound of Music Annie Get You Gun she made very few movies and none at all after she became a stage superstar The only real record we have of her at her peak is the video of the TV broadcast of Peter Pan which was actually done several years after she had done the role on Broadway The author is occasionally guilty of including material just because he went through the trouble of digging it up the chapter on her life in Brazil includes much tedious detail simply because Kaufman had lots of source material letters interviews but generally this is fast and satisfying read for entertainment bio fans I'm really not sure what compelled me to pick up this book In the Merman vs Martin discussion I have always been soundly in the Merman camp Films in which I have seen Martin perform have not captivated me at all Her cast recording of Hello Dolly has always struck me as lackluster and pokey So why did I read this? I wanted to see what I missed Kaufman does a good job of painting a pretty compete portrait of a fiercely private woman who valued image and career above anything else including her parents and her children The one exception was the man who became her second husband Richard Halliday A closeted homosexual himself he was the ideal Pygmalion to create the Martin the world came to know and treasure Kaufman pulls no punches in his assertion that Martin herself was probably a lesbian as well Maybe they each found someone with whom they could be themselves It proved a profitable and lengthy relationship of mutual dependence I enjoyed reading about the many people with whom Martin worked and her predictable run ins with virtually all of them I'm not sure if hardcore Martin fans would enjoy this book but for the rest of us it provides a glimpse into what all the fuss was about Very lengthy Very informative I feel like some subjects are covered ad nauseous and some subjects were hinted at andor glossed over but not covered properly I found Mary Martin's life is certainly fascinating and I enjoyed the book very much I am a musical theater fan so I ate it up for the most part I did like the gossipy parts It made an attempt to get personal with Mary Martin something she apparently does not do at all in her autobiography so I appreciated that as well Pretty good book Kaufman managed to boil Mary Martin's life and career into a gooey yucky mess It seemed written by Hedda Hopper Don't bother with this one Mary Martin is known to many as Peter Pan the boy who refused to grow up But do you know about her attempted Hollywood career or how she got her start on Broadway? What about her fascinating marriage to producer Richard Halliday or the fact that she is the mother of legendary TV actor Larry Hagman? All of this and is explored in David Kaufman’s fantastic biography SOME ENCHANTED EVENINGS THE GLITTERING LIFE AND TIMES OF MARY MARTINKaufman begins with Martin’s childhood in Weatherford TX where she was beloved by her family and community It traces her attempt at a Hollywood career in Los Angeles where she becomes known as “Audition Mary” and marries Richard Halliday a closeted gay man whose alcoholism and erratic behavior was disparaged by many Kaufman also hints at Martin’s own homosexuality but never outright confirms it The book also explores her fraught relationship with Larry her son from her first husband—she left Larry with her mother while pursuing her careerKaufman reveals the complex underbelly of this sparkling congenial charismatic performer whose charm and humor endeared her to millions Drawing from Martin’s memoir another enjoyable read and interviews with those who knew her Kaufman has conducted a well researched biography with an appropriately critical eye He also writes in an engaging style that while analytical never feels too academic for the average reader A treat for fans of Broadway musicals and pop culture history SOME ENCHANTED EVENINGS is a delight to read I really didn’t like this book much at all Although I don’t expect biography writers to fawn over their subject over much this took the opposite to extreme He seemed almost as if he resented Mary Martin Very weird She had an interesting and very unusual life Meticulously researched yet very readable biography of one of the greats of Broadway It was very informative but a bit dry There were some gossipy tidbits as the other reviewers said but overall I found the book a bit difficult to finish as I lost interest after the middle part due the protracted detailed pacingThere was mildly interesting thread of Mary Martin's supposed lesbianism but that actually petered out toward the end ha I actually found the sidebar information about Larry Hagman her son the most interesting and was drawn toward his story as an abandoned son who made amends with his mother toward the end of her lifeIf you are a musical theater fan this is a good book If you are seeking high drama or life changing inspiration this may not be it Mary Martin had a wonderful life and she had many fans I hope she felt happy for her accomplishments When the skies are brighter canary yellowI forget ev'ry cloud I've ever seenSo they called me a cockeyed optimistImmature and incurably greenI have heard people rant and rave and bellowThat we're done and we might as well be deadBut I'm only a cockeyed optimistAnd I can't get it into my headI hear the human raceIs fallin' on its faceAnd hasn't very far to goBut ev'ry whippoorwillIs sellin' me a billAnd tellin' me it just ain't soI could say life is just a bowl of JelloAnd appear intelligent and smartBut I'm stuck like a dopeWith a thing called hopeAnd I can't get it out of my heartNot this heartThis biography of Mary Martin was an eye opening look into one of my favorite Broadway stars After reading this bio I know that Ms Martin was a very complex person and that although her favorite role was Peter Pan she was Nellie Forbush from South Pacific At the age of 16 she gave birth to Larry Hagman after marrying his father a few months earlier The marriage didn’t last long and her parents raised Larry until their deaths when he was around 12 Ms Martin’s husband Richard Halliday and Larry did not get along at all Mr Halliday was a closet homosexual but he and Ms Martin’s relationship was a loving one There were rumors that she enjoyed women than men but I will take her word that she really preferred the stage over any person place or thing Needlepoint came in second Mr Halliday was able to take care of everything for her so she could concentrate on her roles Ms Martin was the first to play Nellie Forbush in South Pacific Maria Von Trapp in Sound of Music and in “I do I do” with Robert Preston She always had problems learning her lines and as she got older it got even tougher After her husband’s death she relied on her family and was able to enjoy motherhood and grandmother hood at last She was always a cockeyed optimist and had a very strong drive in the theater to give the best performance she could give each night She said she regretted not being a better mother but she honestly said she couldn’t have done things differently and survived I enjoyed this book and recommend it to others that love the theater

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