A Love More Precious than Diamonds

A Love More Precious than Diamonds[Download] ➸ A Love More Precious than Diamonds ➽ Rachel de Vine – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Danny was a 21 year old student when he met Gem in London 1992 She was the most beautiful sensuous and sexy woman he had ever met She was some years older and married to a wealthy businessman So why d Danny was a More Precious PDF ☆ year old student when he met Gem in London She was the most beautiful sensuous and sexy woman he had ever met She was some years older and married to a wealthy businessman So why did she pick him from all the men she might have chosen Their affair was brief and dramatic and introduced Danny to sexual passion the like of which he had never experienced before It also introduced him to the kind of woman who desired control and discipline in her life Even A Love MOBI :¼ though the affair lasted just a few weeks it changed his life and his perception of the type of woman he wanted Twenty years later Danny was living in New York a successful wealth management consultant when he met a young woman named Vicky He is immediately attracted to her and she seemed to be his perfect woman But unknown to them both they have a connection Would this connection prove to be fatal to their budding relationship Or would they be able to overcome this seemingly insurmountable barrier and find a Love More Precious eBook ´ real and lasting love. Spanking good readThis is a story about Danny who at age 21 is propositioned one night by a gorgeous woman Gem outside the place he bartends It turns out to be an eye opening experience for Danny and a night he’ll never forget Gem’s aged husband Victor introduces Danny to spanking and domination over Gem in preparation to his having sex with her while Victor watches Danny can’t believe his luck and is absolutely thrilled that Gem and Victor agree to meet a few times for him to sexually dominate Gem After a week Victor announces he needs to travel abroad for business but can’t risk taking Gem with him and he suggests Danny to act as her temporary Dom while he is away The three sexually blissful weeks Danny spends with Gem as her Dom is an indelible memory that will forever affect his sexual preference in the futureThe 1st person POV is told in flash back from London 1995 and in New York 2012 Now twenty years later the mature Dan pits every woman he desires to the sensual memory of Gem and the kink he prefers One restless night finds Dan taking a walk close to his Manhattan apartment towards a pub where he has a chance encounter with Vicky He’s awestruck that this beautiful younger woman is a spitting image of Gem He learns she is working on her PhD and bartends part time The palpable desire he feels for Vicky is instant and he wants her As they get to know each other the sex is amazing and they have the same kinky preferences While at a charity ball the realization that Vicky and Gem are related hits Dan like a bat to the head as he watches Gem walk towards Vicky Dan is facing the woman of his past along with the woman of his present Its apparently an awkward moment and Vicky realizes the truth Heartbroken Vicky storms out of the event and Dan chases after herThe last third of the book is Vicky’s POV which involves a bit of flash back memory between 1995 and 2012 of being raised by her grandparents and how life was like living with her mother What I found interesting about A Love More Precious Than Diamonds is the peek we see in the relationship of Victor and Gem the dynamic of Master and slave Through both Dan and Vicky’s eyes we see of how Gem is fleshed out as a character She has a desperate need to be dominated than being a mother and the author portrayed her as a selfish spoiled child She left Vicky as a young child to be raised by her grandparents to ensure her lifestyle but I’m sure Victor’s eually to blame I found both Dan and Vicky to be pretty well defined and the storyline was intriguing I loved that Vicky was a strong heroine who decided to seek professional advice to help her heal emotionally from this betrayal And I admired Dan for offering friendship and not giving up on the relationship while Vicky needed the time and space So what I liked about the book is the strong storyline good spanking scenes and our likeable hero and heroine What I did not like is the stilted dialogue It just seemed flat and didn’t work for me I mean everyone of the characters with the exception of the Texas businessman spoke and sounded the same Ms De Vine did an admiral job and I would read of her workI received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review My rating 35 THE MOMENT OUR LIFE CHANGED FOREVERThis was a uniue story with several twist and turns and moments of shock and suspense The characters are well defined and the story is told in multiple POV The dialogue is entertaining and the plot kept me captivated and the pages turning The story switches back and forth between 1992 and 2012 In 1992 Life for Dan changed when he was 21 years old that shapes his sexual desires but also leaves him bitter and harden towards love In 2012 Vicky a 21 year old student has had a very unusual childhood estranged parents but is focused on her studies for her career path The similarities in Dan and Vicky's schooling and work have brought them together This is their journey with the good the bad and the ugly The world really is a small place Danny is seduced by a much older woman in London and turned on to spanking with sex and as a 21 year old fell in love with Gem Fast forward 20 years we find Dan who is now a successful businessman in New York and has never settled down with one woman Restless he heads to the neighborhood bar on a Wednesday night for a beer and live Jazz music and meets the bartender and sparks fly Vicky is a PhD candidate and just as attracted to Dan and he is with her There were parts of this story that made me uncomfortable and I am glad Vicky received counseling and the ending was redeeming I'm not going to give anything awayReceived a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewUnfortunately from the start this book had a hard time catching my attention It is about a man who has a turning point of life event with an older woman He is introduced to the world of slight kink As the story progresses we see Dan maturing but then he meets a new person This person has a connection to his past I was turned off by the constant back and forth of the time frames I thought switching to the new person's point of view half way through the story was a little like hitting a brick wall in the story It flowed fine to that point and then bam lets go back in time again I really enjoyed this story It was full of twists uniue characters and spicy passion The change in the character's perspective was very easy to go along with as well as the change in year The twist with Vicky was definitely a thrill and I loved reading from her perspective Although Danny isn't the type of main character I usually prefer to cheer for I did find myself loving the type of guy he was at the different points in his life that I read Overall great read and unexpected twists I've read many books by this author and I think this is one of her best ever writtenThis book follows Danny through his first romantic entanglement and introduction to the BDSM lifestyle with Gem Years later with his tastes and desires cemented as part of his genetic makeup Dan is thrilled to find another exciting young woman who enjoys the same spicy relationship that he does But will the new relationship survive when he discovers an unlikely connection to his past? This book started out with a bang fizzled a little and then ended strong We meet young Danny who is seduced by an older Gem and taken on uite a ride Years later Dan meets Vicky who is younger but all that he is looking for Until one day when their worlds collide I enjoyed this story and was so glad that Vicky was not Dan's daughter he was withI received a free copy in exchange for an honest review