Limits and Stakes (Suit of Hartes #3)

Limits and Stakes (Suit of Hartes #3) Reading Limits And Stakes Suit Of Hartes 3 Jacqueline Grey Professor Danny Stone Doesn T Date Students Though The University Does Not Forbid Such Relationships, He D Rather Be Safe Than Sorry With His Sparkling Blue Eyes And Silky Blond Hair, Christopher Owen Looks Like A Fallen Angel Come To Earth Just To Tempt Him Danny Finds It Difficult To Resist Him, Especially After Kissing Chris Over Winter Break.Spring Break Will Be Different Danny S Plan Is To Spend The Week At A BDSM Club A Few Towns Over Playing With A Sub Or Two, Who Have No Connection To His University, Will Do Him A World Of Good, And He Can Put Christopher Out Of His Mind But When The First Sub To Catch His Eye Turns Out To Be Christopher, Danny S Willpower Is Put To The Ultimate Test Christopher Is Brand New To The Scene And Feels Safest With Danny Will Danny Be Able To Introduce Him To The Wonders Of BDSM Without Crossing Too Many Lines Or Will Fate Pull Them Together And Show Them That Sometimes, Rules Are Destined To Be Broken This installment is a bit similar to the last in that one MC is experienced in the BDSM scene, and one is not Here, we have a Danny, a professor who shared an attraction and kiss with Christopher, a student, but chose to not pursue it Instead, Danny decides to take his mind off of Christopher by spending some time at a BDSM club away from where he works Unfortunately, among the potential subs he finds the very man he was trying to forget.Once they get over the surprise of finding one another at the club, it doesn t take long for Christopher to convince Danny that he would prefer Danny be the one to show him the ropes, so to speak, since he already trusts him to some degree Not wanting Christopher to get hurt or end up in a bad situation, he reluctantly agrees but insists that sex remain off the table As Danny gives Christopher and sub experiences, it doesn t take long for the no sex rule to be broken.This series is somewhat on the lighter side and has a beginner feel to it Perhaps those just starting their BDSM reading journey will find it quite enjoyable There were a few niggles for me, use of the titles, the Dominant, the Submissive, the Professor, etc that got tiresome, but the story was interesting and short enough to not become too much of a factor There isn t a terrible amount of angst or drama, and though the characters and relationships are not super deep or overly developed, they are believable couples nonetheless So, if you re looking for a starter se
3.5 stars