All Your Wishes (Blood Singer, #7)

All Your Wishes (Blood Singer, #7)❰PDF❯ ❤ All Your Wishes (Blood Singer, #7) Author Cat Adams – An ifrit tries to take over Celia Graves's body so he can free thousands of evil djinn to plague mankindA client begs Celia Graves—part human part Siren part vampire—to help return a genie to his An ifrit tries to take over Celia Graves's body so he can free thousands of evil djinn to plague mankindA client begs Celia Graves—part human part Siren part vampire—to help return a genie to his bottle The attempt makes Celia a target for the currently incorporeal ifrit If she doesn't give him her body he'll kill everyone she loves If she does he'll use her physical form to free thousands of evil djinnCelia's not going to hand over her body but her client tries All Your PDF/EPUB or to trick her into it—so that he can kill the ifrit while it's trapped in her flesh That doesn't end well for the client Celia might not get paid for the gig but she's got to get the ifrit re bottled before all hell breaks loose—possibly literallyNow written solely by C T Adams under the Cat Adams name All Your Wishes continues this outstanding urban fantasy series with a thrilling new adventure. Feb 28 2016I don't really know how I feel about this upcoming book what I do know is that it will likely answer a few uestions I have regarding what happened to Creede's character I was unaware that Cathy Clamp CT Adams had parted ways if you go to Cathy Clamp's website under the FAS she goes into how they'll split the bunch of series they've worked on between the two of them It goes into further detail that they bickered alot would decide character paths with freaking coin tosses It really ticks me off to think that the ruination of my favorite character Creede was likely a victim of one theseIt also goes on to reveal that CT Adams was the main author for this series Cathy was only lead author on Demon Song Isis Collar So this book is currently in copy edit stage right now so I guess when it comes out soon it will show which one of them ruined the series Creede character salvaged Cathy Clamp wrecked itCreede still ruined CT Adams wrecked itIf it turns out to be CT Adams then I really have no freaking clue why she is even bothering to try to continue the series since it seems to me the majority of us who liked the series hate Bruno with a fiery passion If he's the horse she's backing then she's a an utter dumbassApr 7 2016 Well that summary write up is sloppy AF If that is any indication of what the book will be like then I think I'll be done for good with this series 25 starsLoved Bruno dying I hated his character so much It made me enjoy the book uite a bit than I would have done Now if only Celia would get a backbone and stand up for herself and the series would become so much entertainingEveryone treated Celia like crap and as usual she never stuck up for herself Most characters acted hostilesuspiciousbitchy around her it was super boring to have the MC bitched at constantly especially when there was no bitching back Why on earth was Celia blamed for everything? I think it's become a UF staple to have the heroine be blamed for every bad thing to happen Also hardly anyone helped Celia unless something was in it for them even though she did everything for those around her Which again is like every other UF heroine they're all written the same way and it's just not interestingWhy did Celia not have an emergency stash of nutrition shakesfood on her when she knew how severe the conseuences would be if she didn't eatdrink regularly? She always seemed to get in situations where she needed food urgently to stop from killing people yet she never learned to feed herself regularly or keep lots of emergency foodIt felt like half the book was taken up with just Celia being pointlessly uestioned by various law people There should have been less of that and actual plot as well as of Celia standing up for herself This series started out pretty good got not so good and has gotten much better over the last couple of books I like being focused on her job again it’s the core of Celia’s personality not the crazy siren stuff and international conspiracies Or love triangles with people who I never liked that much My only real complaint is that as with many long established authors the editing had gone to hell There were a bunch of things that were repeated too many times Even just saying a couple of them using different words would have helped It definitely wasn't Laurell Hamilton level annoying in any way just noticeable and somewhat irritating I liked the feeling that finally or the beginning of a new? the series was building toward a larger story arc with the demon thing The pieces might have been there before but I didn't get it or maybe the author just decided to go for the long arc and used elements that were already in place I haven't been reading these books very carefully so it's very possible that I didn't pick up on the implications of some of the things that happened or I just forgot Is this the end of Celia Graves and this fresh series with its totally engaging cast of characters and save the world story lines? Well regardless of the answer to that uestion All Your Wishes has it all dire foreboding a sketchy client betrayals failures and devastating losses And lots of action First let me say that I really like this series and highly recommend it One thing that has bothered me however especially during the last few books is how so many people absolutely hate Celia to the point of wanting to kill her even though she has never bit anyone and has saved the world publicly so many times At least in this book there is one character who actually changes his opinion of her from negative to positive after spending time with her It also seems that the majority of her friends as well as her mother the original Dr at the clinic the FBI head etc tend to blame her for the bad things that happen when she is around Hello she is a body guard and goes above and beyond to help out in every situation she can even if she isn't sure she'll get paid for it Of course bad things will happen around her because she is always interacting with and did I mention saving the world from the bad people who want to destroy everyone How is this her fault exactly? It's like blaming the victim for the bad things that happen to them Also it seems that almost all law enforcement want to convict her of murder even though she obviously is acting as a bodyguard and saving her client The police were also absolutely convinced she was a murderer when an assassin tried to inject her with poison and someone else got in the way and died instead of herIt would seem realistic to me that everyone would appreciate Celia and give her the benefit of the doubt after proving herself over and over again and sacrificing herself for the greater good Sorry but to me it just seems unrealistic how people blame her and hate her all the time even though she constantly saves everyone A good example would be when during the FBI uestioning a demon tried to come through a tear in reality Not only was she the one to realize this she was the one to close the rift hurt the demon get the building evacuated and get mages to come do a permanent fix instead of running out of the room like everyone else After this the FBI head absolutely hated her blamed her for the incident implied that she was still a murderer and told her to never come back to that city I would think that everyone would be thanking her profusely and giving her medals for saving them And she is so good about not snarking back or defending herself even though she is in the right As you can tell this aspect of the series REALLY bugs me For the most part reasonable plot akin to a good episode of CSI or Buffy But a epic final battle and decent denouement Hey guys Just wanted to say its a good book but my thoughts are different than most of you guys I will tell you one thing if you don't like broun then you will love the ending of this book He dies So if you read the other books you will understand it better Just so you know i was basis on the men Whaaaaat? Three years later and we're getting another installment? Anxious to read it It was good to finally have a new installment in this series As we've already been accusomed to there was great writing some happy moments and some gut wrenching moments I liked that Celia was moving on with things that she wasn't deterred by the things which have happened to her I also liked that the characters mentioned throughout were vivid nearly alive and given a good chance to play out as well as the appropriate honours when their song ended It was very much what we should expect from Cat Adams because she's amazing at it I didn't particularly like as others have noted some of the drawbacks that Celia has had in this book I agree that there should be people fearful of Celia's power but in any world there should be balance and there seems to be too much hate of Celia and never any fanatics who think she's amazing There's hardly anyone with respect for her which she hasn't had to earn and that even then is given begrudgingly It gets a bit tiresome and above all else harder to defend With that kind of anti Celia sentiment I would have expected her to be locked up already people who hate and fear usually demand witch hunts I also felt that it was a great disappointment to have John Creede mentioned a fair few times in the book and for him to never actually show up When Dottie said that there was an ally for every enemy my mind conjured the mage as an obvious ally at her side But seeing as he was only used to draw power here and there it seemed as though there was no point in bothering to mention him at all John Creede needs screen time and space relative to his importance throughout this series if I had picked up this book randomly and read it without any context I'd never have known the blood and sweat and tears that Creede has poured for Celia So in this aspect I feel very much affronted I can only wonder if it wasn't Cat after all who had wanted Creede out of the picture Regards Bruno I must say that even though he had his time to shine it didn't seem like he did a great lot And for someone of his power and importance it again felt like an injustice But that's done and dusted All in all I'm looking forward to the next book because I'd really love to see where this is headed I'm sad because it may be that not everybody comes back to this series after the prolonged hiatus and that would be a great injustice in light of the fact that we all know Cat Adams does amazing writing We'll wait and see As is so often my norm I've jumped in on Book #7 in a series about which I know nothing other than this is the book at hand and I'm ready to read it That said there is doubtless considerable backstory world building and context established in the preceding six books that would have informed my reading of All Your WishesThe protagonist Celia Graves is the proprietor of Graves Personal Protection She inhabits a world for all intents and purposes the US that is peopled by all manner of paranormal creatures including assorted ghosts demons werewolves and other shifters djinns ifrits vampires sirens etc in addition to your garden variety humans As near as I can tell Celia's business began as a traditional bodyguardsecurity firm but uickly evolved into high risk paranormal jobs for which she and her team are uniuely ualified given their very particular set of skills Celia herself is a siren about which next to nothing is said other than like the sirens of mythology she is able to compel men to certain actions and is conseuently intensely disliked or distrusted by women has been bitten but not fully turned by a vamp That said she is able to curb her Hunger by eating the few items of human food that her body is able to stomach and convert into energy It can make for some tense moments when she is between protein shakes but for the most part serves to demonstrate that has a clear code of right and wrong doesn't wish to chomp on the passersby but given her uite striking physical appearance is freuently mistaken for a full on vamp On the plus side because this is a reality in which most of the Things that Go Bump in the Night are out TSA and otherwise soft targets are freuently euipped with anti siren and presumably other charmsSo the story Celia and her crew are on a brief post move hiatus during which they've agreed not to take any jobs until their unpacked and everything including a ginormo casting circle in the visitor parking lot is all sorted She is uickly drawn into a job protecting the life of a Guardian tasked with getting an escaped ifrit back into its jar a proposition that will likely end in both the client and Celia's or Celie as her friends refer to her get it Seelie you folklore fans? demise So we go on a mad romp around the country mercenaries are brought in chaos and loads of property damage ensue and the case is brought to its close It was a decent read but not so compelling that I must go find its six predecessors

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