To noč sem jo videl

To noč sem jo videl[Reading] ➶ To noč sem jo videl ➽ Drago Jančar – I Saw Her That Night a love story in time of war is a novel about a few years in the life and mysterious disappearance of Veronika Zarnik a young bourgeois woman from Ljubljana sucked into the whirlwi I Saw Her That Night a love story sem jo Epub Ü in time of war is a novel about a few years in the life and mysterious disappearance of Veronika Zarnik a young bourgeois woman from Ljubljana sucked into the whirlwind of a turbulent period in history We follow her story from the perspective of five different characters who also talk about themselves as well as the troubled Slovenian times before and during World War II; times that swallowed like a Moloch not only the To noč PDF/EPUB or people of various beliefs involved in historical events but also those who lived on the fringes of tumultuous events which they did not even fully comprehend—they only wanted to live But “only” to live was an illusion it was a time when even under the seemingly safe and idyllic shelter of a manor house in Slovenia it was impossible to avoid the rushing train of violence. Five characters recount their experiences with eccentric noblewoman Veronika around the time of her disappearance Opening with an account of an affair with her horse riding instructor Stevan an affair that in the time honoured tradition spells downfall the novel reveals events from shifting perspectives teasing out pivotal details from Veronika’s mother a faithful servant Joži a German doctor friend and the traitorous Jeranek until the unpleasant climax Less inventive in terms of structure than The Tree with No Name this novel is still an engaging and interesting addition to the formidable heap of war obsessed literature I saw her that night as if she were aliveIt's amazing how this first sentence can capture so much foreboding mystery and sadness And all the following sentences do not disappoint either for Drago Jančar is a great storyteller who leaves you spellbound until the endI won't go into details of the story because of its interesting structure The woman in the title is Veronika a young woman who wishes to distance herself from the Second World War as much as possible but who unfortunately gets caught up in it anyway From the beginning it is unclear what happens to her exactly and this uestion is the driving force behind the narrative Veronika may be the focal point but at no point is she the main character While it is her story that is being told the book consists of five parts with five narrators who all knew a different side of this womanWhile this structure may sound a bit scattered for a book of 180 pages it actually works very well The five narrators speak from memory which makes each chapter very associative and leaves a lot of gaps which makes the reader try to put all the puzzle pieces together in order to get the full picture of Veronika's life during the war Jančar gives each of the narrators their own voice and while I read I Saw Her That Night in translation the language came across as very natural Of course I love a beautiful poetic style but in this case that would come across as uite stilted The characters themselves are also loosely connected most of them have not had much contact with the others This gives the novel even of a mysterious air a name casually dropped in one storyline is the main character of the other and it is up to the reader to find out why they matterThe story may be set in wartime but I am not sure if I would classify this novel as a war story What all the narrators and most importantly Veronika share is that these are all normal people trying to lead normal lives while the world is not for some time normal As one of the characters expressed itWe live in a time when the only people living or dead accorded respect are those who were prepared to fight and even sacrifice themselves for shared ideals The victors and vanuished alike see it that way Nobody respects people who just wanted to live Who loved other people nature animals and the world and felt good about it That's not enough for our present time 103And that's what I Saw Her That Night ultimately is a beautiful testament to the lives of good normal people during the absurdity of war Odlično knjigo ampak žalostenI had a vague idea of what the book was about but I bought it with no expectations whatsoever I've been studying Slovene for a year and a half now and I've the philosophy that to learn a language immersing in the culture is just as important as grasping all the grammar right I read a Spanish translation which I thought was really good because my Slovensko je malo Drago Jančar is one of the best contemporary Slovene writers or at least that is what my professor said She was the one who introduced me to this story and gave me a picture of Slovenia's timeline around the World War years and after so I could understand better the story I was impressed by the partizani in domobranci the Republic of Yugoslavia and everything she said but nothing impressed me most than hearing Jančar had written his story based on a real account of what happened to a woman and her husbandThis is a short novel my translation had around 200 pages and yet it took me almost a month to finish There were so many things to grasp and come to terms with that I felt I couldn't read this book fast The title particularly intrigued me; who was this Veronika? What had happened to her? Why did she live in a castle? Why nobody knew where she was? Why was she so loved by many? Jančar offers five chapters told from five different perspectives in a sort of stream of consciousness way and he provides the necessary clues for us readers to try and solve Veronika's puzzle But as one reads it's easy to figure out that To noč sem jo videl is not so much a story of Veronika per sebut a story of war and how it affects everyone even those who didn't want to take part in it and tried to alienate as much as possible I guess it's not easy to lead a normal life when the world is actually twisted and upside downI always have difficulty when I read war books perhaps because I always think I'm so alien to those events that I find it hard to put into those characters' shoes but this book was the exception It managed to capture me and make me feel there in the heart of Slovenia reflecting about that sad time and also about the world in general Of course as I started to understand everything Veronika's eccentricity grit passion and her crocodile became just minor details of a bigger picture about humanity in general and how perhaps what somebody thinks is a wise decision or something worth defending can actually have disastrous conseuencesOverall this is a great book it is definitely sad I was so overwhelmed by the time I made it to the last page but still worth reading I'm certainly looking forward to reading about this author though I hope next time I can do so in Slovene It's not easy to find translated literature so I always accept recommendations We live in a time when the only people living or dead accorded respect are those who were prepared to fight and even sacrifice themselves for shared ideals The victors and vanuished alike see it that way Nobody respects people who just wanted to live Who loved other people nature animals and the world and felt good about it That's not enough for our present time 45 stars Again a book for the book club Even though my fellow readers in the book group loved this book I really had to force myself to finish it and I did not like it at all The idea to create a picture of a person situated in an interesting historical scenario by telling the story from 5 different points of view sounds very compelling However the style of each person telling the story did not really change it was all written in the same way That was already annoying because maybe due to the german translation I did not like the writing at all Further the different people and their point of views became not real to me and the main character the woman remained very distant to me I did not even like her vey much I think the author wanted to draw a picture of a woman that was a free spirit and not interested in politics or not aware of the impact of desperate people in desperate times but I just found her extremely egocentric and naive which made me uite angry during the reading So based on the book group this seems to be a great book But my personal opinion is a different one I gave three stars because I can follow that the overall idea of the book is uite good and the story told is interesting Upon finishing the book I got an enormous underwhelming feeling I was hoping for something much interesting or epic or anything really but the end was so Underwhelming That really is the word But maybe the power of the book resides in this particular fact you don't need something grand to make a point? I don't know I might have to re read it to really shape my opinion of it A very poignant haunting tale exemplifying very well the pointless and confused violence of a war that was so much complicated than it is often portrayed a war that nobody could escape from a war in which it is so much easier to be considered wrong than right bad than good in which one misunderstood whispered message one giant fucked up game of Telephone can end your lifeI only found out at the end of the book that this was a true story but it seemed clear from the start that it was a story that could happen as sad as that is that this fucked up shit is something that happens among humans Reading this while residing in the area of Trieste where all these different cultures Germanic Italianic Slavic live and love and hate and die together and have done so for centuries gave it extra poignancy On my bike I came through Palmanova a star shaped fortified town built by the Venetians at the end of the 16th century and which the Italians used as a prisoner camp for Yugoslav partisans It was precisely because there was nothing there to see precisely because this town was just a sleepy not even particularly pretty Italian town that its tumultuous history hit so hardA book that will serve to depress you about human nature if you happened to still be a believer This may be the best novel I have read all year Incredibly succinct it wastes no time in taking you right in to the story I may choose to come back and write a longer review after I've processed it a bitWarning though maybe read the Wikipedia on Yugoslavia before you read this It will help you make a little sense of the politics although it's by no means obligatory to enjoy the novel Chilling novel that keeps you guessing till the very end

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