Thoroughbred (Jessicas Stable #1)

Thoroughbred (Jessicas Stable #1)➞ [Epub] ❥ Thoroughbred (Jessicas Stable #1) By Megan Pony ➨ – Caught up in a moment of wild defiance a young woman named Jessica uickly finds herself in the center of three uniue men's attention After she visits their seduced mansion she starts to learn the secr Caught up in a moment of wild defiance a young woman named Jessica uickly finds herself in the center of three uniue men's attention After she visits their seduced mansion she starts to learn the secrets not just to their incredible wealth but what they also have kept hidden from the rest of the world At will each of the men can transform into an euine version of himself; the mighty thoroughbred Argo the palomino Trent and the powerful mustang Raine After a night with Argo her passions for the men turn dangerous when a tragic fire drives them from their home and into the night EXCERPT Jessica heard the beating hooves on the ground below a double thump as Argo galloped at full speed under her She loved the feeling of his silky soft back on her bare skin his powerful muscles flexing in between her thighs that she held tight to keep her balance She had a handful of his mane and gripped it tightly as he leapt over a small gully He landed smoothly but Jessica still cinched her legs down for safety The night was warm but because of the wind from Argo’s speed she shivered Being completely uncovered wasn’t making her any warmer either She had left her clothes behind in the rush to escape and now was regretting it It was a scary situation but she trusted Argo to see her to sanctuary After all he wasn’t just her steed any he was her friend She bent over his long neck to bring her mouth close to his velvet ear “Let’s stop up here in the trees” she said and pulled back a little on his mane Sometimes while in euine form Argo would have a hard time responding to only spoken commands His spirit was strong and he wanted to run for as long as he could caught up in the moment of freedom Argo slowed and finally came to a halt in the grove of trees that she had indicated Jessica threw one leg over his back and slid off to stand next to him her hand trailing along his hide as she walked up to his face Argo’s eyes were big and soulful with long lashes that winked at her when she looked into them He lowered his head and she patted it as his front hoof pawed playfully in the soft earth “We need to talk Make a plan for what happens next” she told him and his large head went up and down to acknowledge her Jessica took a step back giving him the room he would need for the change Argo reared to his hind legs and let out a whinny that echoed his human voice Towering above her Jessica could not help but to stand in awe of what a large and powerful creature he was His front hooves flashed in the moonlight as they pawed the air as the change began His body began to shrink down until he stood just over six feet tall His long face had pulled back and his ears grew smaller until she saw his human features in the dim light His coat of deep brown hair disappeared to be replaced with the tanned skin of a human man standing naked before her She would have given him something to wear but he had left his clothes behind as well in the haste of running from their home Argo stumbled a step forward into her arms while he regained his composure and balance as the hard hooves changed back into his bare feet She caught him and they tumbled to the soft ground holding each other “That was close” he said heavily Jessica wanted to say how much she had grown to care for him but couldn't find the words and just kissed him again as sweet as their first time. uick read getting to know one anotherThis first book in the series feels like some preuel novellas where the primary focus is on bringing the characters together getting to know them and establishing the most important tenants of this UniverseArgo comes across as the leader of this stable in many respects but I am curious if that will change and evolve given we have three eual partners bound by friendship and so much Horse shiftersThis was actually the entire series I found some of I charming as Argo Trent and Raine did behave as a horse would have However there wasn't much of a plot A lunch read Thoroughbred A Shifter Romance Jessica's' Stable Part1This is an interesting shifter story Argo and Jessica man and woman or shifter? Readers will enjoy this different kind of shifter story Thanks