Lustful Conseuences

Lustful Conseuences☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Lustful Conseuences By Carlton Lamberth ✩ – An attractive 24 year old college student attending state college in the mountains of North Carolina Jenny is working towards graduating with a master’s degree in Education Afterwards her plans are An attractive year old college student attending state college in the mountains of North Carolina Jenny is working towards graduating with a master’s degree in Education Afterwards her plans are to find employment as a teacher and live happily ever after And she has all the ingredients in which to do this Jenny has a boyfriend; his name is Phil He is very much in love with her Jenny senses he’s going to ask her to marry him after she graduates Although Jenny believes she is also in love with Phil the thought of commitment marriage and everything about being adult and responsible scares her Phil has been in love with Jenny since the first day he met her She is everything he could want in a woman Phil foresees nothing but good things in life for the two of them His plans to ask her to marry him and spend the rest of his life trying to make her happy A chance meeting by Jenny with a local deputy sheriff Chris Heffner leads to a steamy and initially unwanted sexual affair with him Older than her and married Jenny knows nothing good can come from her sexual liaisons with Chris And yet she allows her own lusts and desires to influence her decisions despite the conseuences This sexual attraction continues even though in the end it may jeopardize her life and her relationship with Phil Chris becomes consumed with Jenny and his sexual desire for her He must possess her at all costs Jenny eventually realizes her relationship with Chris is unhealthy and must stop Chris has other ideas and he goes about with plans to make Jenny his forever Chris’ obsession with Jenny ultimately leads to an unpredictable and violent conclusion A deadly confrontation ensues among Chris Phil and Jenny leaving one of them lying dead in a pool of blood. 09 04 15 WARNING SPOILERSBook Review Lustful Conseuences by Carlton LamberthI just finished reading Lustful Conseuences by Carlton Lamberth I found the story line to be very entertaining His Jenny was a bit of a whore who didn't seem to realize it and a bit kinky as well For the most part it didn't matter how many times she said no as soon as her panties came off she was in the game She screwed her way through college and it is left to one's imagination how many of her good grades were the result of grateful professors Where in the world was this girl when I was a young man? The book has grammar and punctuation errors that could have easily been corrected had the publisher put it in the hands of a competent proof reader There were a couple of timelines that I would have liked to see in a different order as well I gave the book three stars because of the mistakes I encountered I added back one star because I really liked the story itself If the grammar and punctuation errors and the timeline had been corrected this book would get five stars easily I blame most of these problems on the publisher Writers send in their work to publishers who should make sure everything is in order before it is made available for sale BUT writers should also read read read and then re read what they have written before it is sent to the publisher in order to check grammar and punctuation errors It may be helpful to hire a proof reader to peruse a book before it is even sent out to publishers I have found it useful to read out loud what I write as the mind sometimes adds words that are not on the paper that you just wrote It is just your brain making sense of what your eyes think they see My mind always works faster than my fingers on the keyboard so I am always making errors when I writeAnyway I was a bit frustrated at the end of the book when it became apparent that poor old Bob was not going to get to sample Jenny's wares as did many other men and the cop got something that her boyfriend had asked for and was denied There was also the hint of another young man who sounded like he could have ended up forcing Jenny to enjoy another sexual encounter But of those three scenarios I really felt bad for Bob When I read this type of book I usually skip over the sex scenes I read all of this one though and found it to be very entertaining If Lamberth decides to write a seuel to Jenny's story someday I hope he takes his time and does it right Hey give Bob a shot A lot of romanceerotic writers just churn out books and hope the sex sells it The GOOD books all genres take a very long time to write And by long time I mean a lot longer than a few weeks or months Some Best Sellers take years to go from ideas to the bookshelf Don't be in a hurryTaking everything into consideration I felt that this was a decent first book by a new writerI am sure this review is filled with mistakes but I am not a writer ; I received a copy of this for free through Goodreads First ReadsThe story was very good however I found a lot of errors Overall the story made up for the awkward language and errors

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