Felicity❦ [KINDLE] ❁ Felicity By Mary Oliver ➡ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Mary Oliver winner of the Pulitzer Prize celebrates love in her new collection of poems   “If I have any secret stash of poems anywhere it might be about love not anger” Mary Oliver once said in Mary Oliver winner of the Pulitzer Prize celebrates love in her new collection of poems   “If I have any secret stash of poems anywhere it might be about love not anger” Mary Oliver once said in an interview Finally in her stunning new collection Felicity we can immerse ourselves in Oliver’s love poems Here great happiness abounds  Our most delicate chronicler of physical landscape Oliver has described her work as loving the world With Felicity she examines what it means to love another person She opens our eyes again to the territory within our own hearts; to the wild and to the uiet In these poems she describes—with joy—the strangeness and wonder of human connection  As in Blue Horses Dog Songs and A Thousand Mornings with Felicity Oliver honors love life and beauty . While a number of verses were uestionably poetic some gems are in here as wellThings take the time they take Don’tworry cSome words will never leave God’s mouthno matter how hard you listen cDo the trees speak back to the windwhen the wind offers some invitational comment? cAll important ideas must include the treesthe mountains and the rivers cThe point is you’re you and that’s for keeps cLove is the one thing the heart cravesand love is the one thingyou can’t steal c“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field I’ll meet you there” RUMIWhen one is alone and lonely the bodygladly lingers in the wind or the rainor splashes into the cold river orpushes through the ice crusted snowAnything that touchesc Oh reach into the night sky and hand me 5 starsso I can give you a 10 star review I really enjoy Mary Oliver's poetry She writes a lot about nature and animals This book has poems about love They are beautiful I Don't Want to LoseI don't want to lose a single threadfrom the intricate brocade of this happinessI want to remember everythingWhich is why I'm lying awake sleepybut not sleepy enough to give it upJust now a moment from a year agothe early morning light the deft sweetgesture of your hand reaching for me This isn't where I would start with Mary Oliver and it pains me to give this collection only 3 stars But they are a bit thin on connection and insight compared to her normal worksHere is my favoriteMomentsThere are moments that cry out to be fulfilledLike telling someone you love themOr giving your money away all of itYour heart is beating isn't it?You're not in chains are you?There is nothing pathetic than cautionwhen headlong might save a lifeeven possibly your own Humility Poems arrive ready to beginPoets are only the transportationFor Tom Shaw SSJE 1945–2014 Where has this cold come from?“It comes from the death of your friend”Will I always from now on be this cold?“No it will diminish But alwaysit will be with you”What is the reason for it?“Wasn’t your friendship always as beautifulas a flame?” Things take the time they take Don'tworryHow many roads did St Augustine followbefore he became St Augustine?That is how Mary Oliver starts The Journey the first part of her latest book that goes by the name of Felicity How brilliantly appropriate wouldn't you say? Reading this first poem titled Don't Worry on the very first day of a new year Makes you think about the urgency of the resolutions whispered before midnightMary Oliver's voice feels familiar as if you have been listening to it since the moment you took your very first breath Inner peace in the middle of the turmoil that is life that's how I would describe her voice There's a wiseness to it Not self proclaimed though There's respect to each herhis own pace She sees with her heart her hopes and fears and she then lays these portraits gently on the page with the help of wordsOnly if there are angels in your head will you ever possibly see oneIf I were you I would buy this book and read a poem a day I believe it might be one of the ingredients of the recipe to happiness And if you don't find it in her voice do not give up One will come that will resonate with youAnd just like that like a simple neighborhood event a miracle is taking placeI honestly believe Felicity is the reassuring hand as you take a leap of faith as you dive in head first into the immense universe that is life Even through the darkest moments it will guide youEvery day has something in it whose name is Forever “Do the trees speak?Do the trees speak back to the wind when the wind offers some invitational commentas some of us do? Do they also talk to the sun?I believe so And if such belief need rest on evidenceLet me just say sometimes it’s an earfulBut there is if you can hear the trees in their easy hoursof course you can also hear them later crying outat the sawmill”I can no longer clearly see the trees but I can hear them rustle in the wind I can smell them and feel their shade and most of all I can feel the leaves their texture and their shape Aand I can almost tell you by their shape what kind of trees they are If only I try I can also hug the trees and wish them a long life free from all dangers for we must protect what has been lovingly given to us It seems you love this world very much“Yes” I said “This beautiful world”And you don’t mind the mind that keeps youbusy all the time with its dark and bright wonderings?“No I’m uite used to it Busy busyall the time”And you don’t mind living with those uestionsI mean the hard ones that no one can answer?“Actually they’re the most interesting”And you have a person in your life whose handyou like to hold?“Yes I do”It must surely then be very happy down therein your heart“Yes” I said “It is” Beautiful touching Important read the edit below this after rereadingNote to self and others read this when blindly in love If read when harboring a momentary distaste for love this book may cause you to think tell me about love later Mary Oliver because right now I don't entirely believe youEdit read this again but read it about yourself It sometimes takes another try ❤️ Always perfect when I want to read slowly'Dont WorryThings take the time they take Don'tworryHow many roads did StAugustine followbefore he became St Augustine?'