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Your Voice Is All I Hear☁ Your Voice Is All I Hear PDF / Epub ✎ Author Leah Scheier – I was the one he trusted I was the one he loved the only one who believed him even when his own mother had locked him up and thrown away the key And now I was going to pass down the white tiled hallwa I was Is All eBook ☆ the one he trusted I was the one he loved the only one who believed him even when his own mother had locked him up and thrown away the key And now I was going to pass down the white tiled hallway knock on his doctor's office door slam his secret notebook on her desk and make her read it make her understand what he was hiding make her see what only I had seenApril won't let Jonah go without a fight He's her boyfriend her best friend She'll do anything to keep him safe But Your Voice PDF \ as Jonah slips into a dark depression trying to escape the traumatic past that haunts him April is torn To protect Jonah she risks losing everything family friends an opportunity to attend a prestigious music school How much must she sacrifice And will her voice be loud enough to drown out the dissenters and the ones in his head. Your Voice Is All I Hear is a book that beautifully and realistically portrays Schizophrenia If you're big on mental illness in YA definitely give this book a shotI'm not saying this book is perfect though Normally when I post rage y Goodreads updates that means I'm just about ready to DNF a book And I was about to about 20% in with this one But boy am I happy I stuck with this one because it definitely redeemed itselfBut because I'm unsure of how to review this book a whole I'm going to break down my review into partsPART 1 The One Where Everyone Was an Asshole the first 30%Ah this part of the book and I had a BRILLIANT time together Not Gosh it had everything I hate in a book heavy stereotyping you know hot jocks gorgeous ueen bees the ueen bee's cronies and all that jazz judgmental characters which is typically okay since I can be pretty judge y sometimes too but this one took judgmental to a whole new level and a horrible case of insta love It hurt my brain cells And my eyeballsLet me indulge you all with these uotesHe had put up a picture of a dog which meant that he probably looked like one Really? I just can't with this one What the fuckMiles the hottest guy in school took one look at her and panted himself in a nearby seat as if staking out his territoryOkay YOU CAN'T OWN PEOPLE We're not pieces of real estate you can rent live in and call your territorySo basically he's kind of a sparkly mimbo?For those of you who don't know yeah I looked it up mimbo male bimbo Yeah not okay with thatThe new boy seems pretty decent For a guyOkay I'm a feminist And to this uote I say WHAT? So normally guys aren't decent??So what are you some kind of fag?This was said to an artistic guy Which I totally don't understand I don't know about people from other countries but in ours artistic males are highly respected HighlyPART 2 The One Where I Wasn't Raging around until 60%Things started getting better after that fortunately When the two main characters got together it seemed like everything was just going uphill The romantic pacing still sucked thoughFor one the heroine stopped being a bitch to other people Okay maybe she was still really selfish and INCREDIBLY naive but at least she didn't bring other people into it I never really liked her but she was better than when she first startedI really loved how things started to get intense around here We're shown the tougher grittier side of Schizophrenia the one where things could turn to complete shit in just the blink of an eye And even if you've never experienced it or know anyone who has this book is definitely going to make you aware of this illness and how much it can affect livesFamily and friends became prominent around these woods too Parents were realistically in denial of Jonah's situation and while they might not have been 100% on board with April's decisions they let her make them and didn't try to dictate her lifePART 3 The One Where My Emotions Exploded 70% onwardNow this is where all the clouds part to let out all the sunshine No I don't mean the story gets happier I mean the book stops being horrible and starts shining some intense feels on readersI was basically just crying my eyeballs out through this part This is when the desperation and despair comes in and will take you down with them I sympathized so much with the characters and just wished the best for themDeadly Darlings | The Social Potato | The Book Geek | Twitter | Instagram Beautifully written stunningly heartbreaking and utterly captivating Your Voice Is All I Hear is a breakthrough in YA literature To say this book rendered me completely speechless is an understatement After I read the final page I sat there for a few minutes my head reeling with the intensity of the book I'd just finished and a thousand other indefinable emotionsThe story follows a teenage girl April Wesley who is reluctant to go back to her school Fallstaff High after she finds out that her best and only friend Kristin is transferring to a private school But then she meets the attractive new boy Jonah Golden Jonah and April soon grow very close and before anyone knows it they're a couple and officially dating April who thinks she's a plain Jane and finds herself completely unattractive is ecstatic that she finally has a boyfriend especially when it's the boy she's been crushing on Her life should now be blissful and filled with happiness but then Jonah starts behaving strangely As he slips into a dark depression trying to escape the traumatic past haunting him April is torn When Jonah is diagnosed with schizophrenia April is devastated but she still clings determinedly to the small hope that he will come back to her To protect Jonah she risks losing everything friends her family an opportunity to attend a prestigious music school However because April loves Jonah she decides to stand by him even humoring him by stepping into his delusional world and doing what he asks of her But will her voice the only one he trusts now be enough to drown out the dissenters and the ones in his head? I was the one he trusted I was the one he loved the only one who believed him even when his own mother had locked him up and thrown away the key And now I was going to walk down the white tiled hallway knock on his doctor's office door slam his secret notebook on her desk and make her read it make her understand what he was hiding make her see what only I had seenI was finally going to do itI was going to betray him Even before I'd begun reading this book I knew it would break my heart All the signs pointed to it But what I never expected was how this book would become a memory permanently ingrained in my mind I did not anticipate this book leaving its mark on me forever Your Voice Is All I Hear has several crucial messages It tells of the cruelty of bullying the ridicule a person faces if heshe is LGBT the importance of supporting and sticking by your loved ones in times of adversity the dilemmas people face when their loved ones are no longer familiar to them But most importantly it shines a light on schizophrenics the details of schizophrenia and the difficulties faced by the people who love themSchizophrenia is often a life long struggle and tends to appear in late adolescence or early adulthood It is a breakdown of the relation between thought emotion and behaviour leading to faulty perception withdrawal from reality and personal relationships and journeys into fantasy and delusion It is characterised by hallucinations delusions and other cognitive difficulties A schizophrenic will most likely hear voices that no one else can hear which gradually convince himher of a different reality than the one heshe is living This results in the person having so called delusions In the book Jonah believes the government is trying to break into his mind and control him for example April this wasn't just a disorganised paper I'm worried because Jonah stopped making sense As April mentions in the story schizophrenia is not like other long term diseases or chronic illnesses not even cancer When someone gets cancer friends and family band together to raise funds show support and help the person in any way they can But with schizophrenia it's different Schizophrenics are an embarrassment to their family who often try to deflect uestions about the patient resorting to making various excuses to explain hisher absence such as overseas study or visiting faraway relatives There are many stigmas surrounding schizophrenics such as the misconception that they are lunatics who might go crazy and stab someone any moment or the one that they are amnesiacs who have lost their memory and won't remember their actions All of these are not true Schizophrenics not the people around them are often the victims of their own mind Oh April he knew she murmured He knew what was happening to him And this was how he tried to tell you I had pictured a clean break A healthy mind and then confusion But what if Jonah had seen this coming? Could it have started slowly? Could he have had moments of clarity when he knew that something was very wrong? It would have been like the minutes before a plane crash You know exactly what's coming and yet you're powerless to stop it Sadly this has happened in my very own family as well My father's cousin has schizophrenia although I believe his form of the illness has led to him having intense OCD I only learned about this a few years back when I was mature When I was young however and too naive to know any of this I would see their family at Chinese New Year gatherings and the adults including my parents and my father's siblings would tell me that my father's cousin had done something wrong and he was sitting in the room alone as punishment and they would remind me absolutely not to go near him without an adult around I accepted this explanation without uestion but the warning itself didn't uite work on me I ended up feeling sorry for him instead sitting all alone with no one to talk to So of course I sometimes approached him when no one was looking and I would catch him staring at a certain point and sometimes smiling or chuckling to himself Years later this novel serves both as a rude awakening and the dawn of understanding I have seen many many books about mental illness but most of them touch on the subject of suicide All the Bright Places being recently the most famous one even though I haven't read it This is the very first time I've seen a YA book about schizophrenia Far from inappropriate handling of the subject Leah Scheier tells the story in a bluntly heartbreakingly honest way without mincing any words or seeming insensitiveYour Voice Is All I Hear also touches on the subject of bullying with regards to various characters Having been a victim of bullying before due to my appearance I cannot understand how someone can take pleasure in tearing somebody else down I speak personally when I say that the hurt and the blow to victims' self esteem is than anyone can comprehend Especially during the teenage years when everyone is still discovering their identity and has some measure of insecurity I am only lucky because I have innate resilience and strength and though honestly I have contemplated suicide before ultimately I have grown into someone beautiful risen above the ashes like a phoenix and never let anyone get to me again I cannot emphasise this enough bullying is despicable It is deplorable It is intolerable It can drive people to extremes and wound people beyond words And I love this book because it brings home that realisationIn this novel April seemed like an average character at first but over time I grew to love her strength stoicism and determination She had remarkable strength of character and knew what she wanted and she would put all her heart and soul into following her dreams and never let anything get in the way No matter what? he echoed You've said that to me before do you remember? That's kind of been your motto hasn't it throughout our whole relationship? April stood by Jonah throughout the tumult of his diagnosis and the subseuent months after defending him in his absence against hurtful classmates and believing in him even when he didn't seem the same to her any She was wonderful and supportive and it just brought tears to my eyes when I read the ending because she didn't deserve it The ending I think I had the inkling that I wouldn't be getting a HEA not when it came to this book with all its darker themes and sombre plotline but I hoped I still hoped anyway And then my hopes were crushed Fortunately as I read the last chapter I found the ending wasn't completely sad after all It was in fact bittersweet But the final sentence of this book still brought me to tears It spoke of a future filled with possibilities It spoke of two star crossed souls knit tightly together by destiny torn apart by illness and cruel fate but patched together again by hope the hope that they would someday meet again But someday far off in the future maybe we could put together a different ending We'd both be a little older; he'd have learned to trust himself again and I'd have learned to stand on my own without him Then maybe we would run into each other one last time somewhere when we least expected it in a mall or at a park some simple place like a corner bus stop And maybe then Jonah and I would finally finish our first kiss Your Voice Is All I Hear was a wonderful eye opener a heartbreakingly real story filled with desperation hope disappointment dreams love and all the things that make us human I will never forget the messages embodied in this book and I am thankful to have read it and gained understanding as well as shattered my own stereotypes and assumptions of schizophrenics I had assumed that this would be a sad book but it is than just tear inducing It is so much This novel is inspirational without preaching too much mournful without being too cloying sad without being too dark desperate without being too destructive It merely describes the reality of schizophrenia as it is and leaves you to form your own conclusions and opinions I implore everyone to read this book It will change your life Before Reading I have a feeling this book is going to break my heart Also the cover is super aesthetic So even if I didn't like the book it would look great in Instagram photos Who's to says YA books cannot deal with risky topics and excellent writing on mental healthillness and schizophreniawhich is just a few subjects in this story that was written aboutthis kind of disease mess with the mindyou have suicide thoughts etc its extremely dangerous in ones family setting if you're not getting the right psychotherapy treatment and medicationthe author wrote aboutApril Jonah relationshiphow they were to each otherthe support etcit was too good to put downhighly recommend Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to SOURCEBOOKS Fire and NetGalley “I can’t take it any I’ve had enough of their advanced academics and brain control” This was an interesting story about one girl’s brush with mental illness as her boyfriend started displaying signs of psychosisPoor April got a bit of a poor deal in this story she not only had to look after and defend a boyfriend who was clearly hearing voices but she didn’t even get thanks for it and had to deal with people at school bullying her for being the psycho’s girlfriend “My life at school is over I thought bitterly I’d be the girlfriend of ‘crazy boy’ forever long after they forgot about him” The storyline in this was pretty good although the pace was a little slow in places Jonah started to show clear signs of psychosis and paranoia and it seemed pretty obvious what was going on even though April continued to try to defend him The romance in this story wasn’t really overt but it was in the way that April stood by Jonah even when things got tough “Nothing I could say would make him see that he was wrong To him everyone else was crazy; he was the only sane one in the world” The ending to this was a bit sad and April once again got a bad deal really65 out of 10 wwwmelissa413readsalotblogspotcomMild SpoilersThis book really got to me This book is about schizophrenia bullying and certain people that just never give up on you The reason is got to me is that I have mental and medical issues and I can understand what it's like to deal with them I have know someone who's father was schizophrenic and the things they had to go through This is the disease that terrifies people Yes the person can be dangerous and yes sometimes they can be monitored to where they can have a life and be in control April starts back to school very much dreading it because her best friend Kris transferred to an upscale neighborhood and transferred her to an upscale school April doesn't want to be at school without her best friend She feels without her best friend she will just be invisible and have too much to worry about But then she meets Jonah He's the new boy in school and really kind of cute and super nice to her After a bit of time they form a bond and start going out Her friend Kris is nagging her about why he hasn't kissed her after two or three weeks April is wondering the same thing but you see Jonas is just a really nice guy and the day finally comes that they kiss and are in love But something is happening with Jonas Why does has he started holding his hands over his ears? Why does he look around frantically?April and Jonah mom have become friends and they start talking about Jonas just being sick Until Jonas starts having desperately scary episodes and they have to take him to the hospital Jonah has a back story where his best friend that was gay ended up being killed He was bullied because of who he was and was killed for it Jonas blames himself and one other person in his life for that happening The doctors that have him in the psych ward think it may have started his downward spiral into this new world April stays by his side through all he has to go through She's there every day after school visiting him and trying to help him She was so strong for him and so many things happened that were not so good but I just can't give out those types of spoilers This book is under one of my favorites now and I plan to buy it when it is released It is sad and happy at the same time I know that seems weird but it is and I loved it so much I wish people in this world would not look at people with mental illnesses as lazy or say just get over it I mean you wouldn't say to someone with cancer just get over itright? Wouldn't we all JUST GET OVER IT IF WE COULDHere are some sites for information and advocacy on this particular disease if anyone needs help on the subject Thank you to the author for supplying these wwwschizophreniacom wwwsaardaorgRECOMMEND TO EVERYONE I would like to thank NETGALLEY and SOURCEBOOKS Fire for giving me the opportunity to read this wonderful ARC for my honest review “Mental illness turns people inwards That's what I reckon It keeps up forever trapped by the pain of our own minds in the same way that the pain of a broken leg or a cut thumb will grab your attention holding it so tightly that your good leg or your good thumb seem to cease to exist” Nathan FilerLeah Scheier an American author has penned a heart rending YA tale Your Voice is All I Hear which unfolds the story of young high school teenager who meets and falls for a newcomer boy and gradually when this unpopular girl's love story takes up full course that sweet innocent boy's ghosts from the past surface up thereby making him miserable and depressed with fear which finally leads to institutionalization Whereas on the other hand this girl won't give up on her boyfriend whom she loves than everything in her universeSynopsis I was the one he trusted I was the one he loved the only one who believed him even when his own mother had locked him up and thrown away the key And now I was going to pass down the white tiled hallway knock on his doctor’s office door slam his secret notebook on her desk and make her read it make her understand what he was hiding make her see what only I had seenApril won’t let Jonah go without a fightHe’s her boyfriend—her best friend She’ll do anything to keep him safe But as Jonah slips into a dark depression trying to escape the traumatic past that haunts him April is torn To protect Jonah she risks losing everything family friends an opportunity to attend a prestigious music school How much must she sacrifice? And will her voice be loud enough to drown out the dissenters—and the ones in his head? April is the unpopular girl among her peers and is often subjected to nasty remarks passing in her high school But things change when a transfer student joins her school Jonah may not be the perfect good looking jock type guy but he is sweet that made April fall for him instantly But as their relationship started to grow Jonah's voices in his head took control over his life but April is a fighter and won't give up on Jonah As the conditions worsened and Jonah is diagnosed with schizophrenic symptoms April began to sacrifice her life both in school and in home to support and care for Jonah Will April's love for Jonah bring him back to reality? FYI You need a whole box of Kleenex handy before reading this book Firstly let's begin with the book's cover which immaculately captures the main character's grief on her face and it totally justifies with the story line The author's writing style is elouent and heavily layered with PAIN in big bold letters The narrative is engaging as well as poignant enough to break the hearts of the readers millions of times The theme of the story is spot on and thoroughly realistic and the way the author has delivered it is simply enthralling The pacing of the book is pretty good but at times the pace went up and down like an ECG graph The climax is another thing that made me love the story even as it is extremely heart breakingApart from being an emotional roller coaster ride the story offers mild bullying in high school realistic high school characters and depression among teens And the author has arrested this whole situation of Jonah's psychosis sensitively The author even strikingly captures the fact that how high school teenagers often hide about their mental problems from their parents friends and teachers The pain endured by Jonah while he is hearing voices in his head and starting to lose his control from reality is vividly portrayed by the author and there is so much depth in those scenes that I felt goosebumps while reading about Jonah's painful encounter with his ghosts from an uneventful pastBe it a high school football jock or a mean ass teen diva or a strict cancer survived teacher or the single parent of a teenager or the nurse of some psychotic ward the characters are all genuine and practical The protagonist April through whose first person POV I got to see the whole story is an exceptional misfit girl in her teenagers Unlike some she never gave any heed to nasty comments from mean students She is strong and level headed when it comes to situation of life When Jonah was institutionalized April was subjected to violent remarks yet she kept fighting for Jonah till the very last page Now April here broke my heart a lot Her character graph is not at all pristine it has flaws and shortcomings but her imperfection and her deep love for Jonah made her stand out and leave a lasting impression even after the end of the book April was so much devoted to Jonah's well being that she gave up her dreams of going to a good college she alienated herself from her only best friend and never gave any thoughts to what her mother's advice Her dedication towards Jonah is simply astoundingThe love that is featured in this book is an insta love so I must warn you before judging the story too harshly But not much happens between Jonah and April it kinda goes into a downward spiral before even Jonah and April shared a proper first kiss Their love might not be a true one or a passionate one but it was uite sad Both the characters are talented one in arts and the other in music so their shared passion of arts and music bring them close to one another and that really gave justification to their insta love storyIn short this novel is compelling to read even though it brings tears into the eyes of the readers Verdict If you like reading about mental illness among teenagers then this is the perfect book for you Courtesy Thanks to the author Leah Scheier for giving me an opportunity to read and review her book 35 starsIt is difficult to review Your Voice Is All I Hear but I think Aimee's review says it best several parts of this book make you feel and think several thingsThe first part for instance was mind numbingly generic and stereotypical You know bland main character has only one friend who happens to be gorgeous but MC manages to catch eye of gorgeous guy and they fall in love within two days seriously she says they're dating two days after she meets him I was just about ready to give up on this bookBut I'm glad I didn't because once Jonah's schizophrenia came through the book started building and building It's not a pretty sight but it really packs a punch and will stay with you for a long time I honestly don't know much about schizophrenia so it was uite shocking to read But that's the beauty of this book it doesn't shy away from the gritty reality of this disease It delivers beautifully on showing you everythingThen there's the last third of the book which is less shocking and designed to hit you right in the feels which it does effortlessly soOverall this is a really good book and has taught me uite a bit about schizophrenia which is what I was hoping for Not only do we see Jonah's struggles in detail but we see April's side of the story as the girl who has to watch her boyfriend disappear before her very eyes It is gritty and raw and happy and sad and the ending is uite satisfyingYou just have to get through the beginning first Thank you NetGalley for providing me with a copy this book does an incredible job about how schizophrenia affects those who have it and especially how their loved ones are affected by it i actually really enjoyed this except for some minor issues with the pacing and writing props to the author for no love heals all bullshit 👏👏👏full rtc I’ve read uite a few books this year that focus on mental illness Your Voice Is All I Hear is one of the standouts for me Beautifully written and emotionally resonant I was in this all the wayDon’t be fooled by the start – where it begins is with a fairly generic but compelling love story April is missing her best friend but meets Jonah who she develops a connection with However things are about to go very wrong for Jonah and April’s loyalty will be tested to some very intense limitsJonah exhibits increasingly strange behaviour that has April baffled Eventually hospitalised with a diagnosis of Schizophrenia this is where the story starts to come into its own as the author explores the difficult path faced not only by those suffering but by those who are in their lives In this case April is a young girl faced with some untenable choices – this is gritty and authentic evoking an emotional response and to my mind giving a great deal of insight into this particular subject – Leah Scheier has a certain way with language that both informs and engagesIt is sometimes dificult reading – there are no punches pulled no overly sentimental angst to glamorise the issues – this is a tough and often harsh look at the realities but also a deeply moving story of a boy on the edge and the girl who loves him April often exhibits far adult behaviour than those actual adults around her but this comes across as very real The author uses the teenage condition when we all feel things far deeply than at any other time in our lives to tell her story and to give added depth to the unfolding eventsIf the object of this book is to inform invoke discussion give a spotlight to this particular illness then job done Watching Jonah descend into chaos is heart wrenching – watching April cope as best she can never giving up is even so uite aside from all that is the wider picture – Jonah’s parents and April’s family the medical profession Dr Mina is a particuarly well drawn and important character the initial denial heading into acceptance and at every point the author tugs on the heartstrings and makes you feel it in your bonesThe general attitude to mental illness is also explored really well here This is a uote that stays with me and it seems with others“A person sick with cancer has the support of the community Everyone bands together and tries to help Friends organize runs for a cure and put together bake sales and blood drives Next door neighbors bring tuna casserole to the family There are no casseroles for Schizophrenia People are afraid so they keep away The families are embarrassed so they hide They pretend that their son or daughter has gone abroad or is busy at school anything to avoid telling the truth”Incredibly resonant obviously well researched and very cleverly constructed for maximum effect Your Voice Is All I Hear is both an important and very readable tale a Young Adult novel tackling some topical and very important issues the ending had me in pieces This is one that will definitely stay with me for a very long time and as such is highly recommended This uote There was a ripple of shock when I explained that symptoms of schizophrenia usually begin in high school or college and that it affected nearly two million people in the United States There are so many who suffer from this I concluded but each one feels like they're completely alone It's not like other illnesses A person who's sick with cancer has the support of the community Everyone bands together and tries to help Friends organize runs for a cure and put together bake sales and blood drives Next door neighbors bring tuna casseroles to the patient's familyThere are no casseroles for schizophrenia I said People are afraid so they keep away The families are embarrassed so they hide They pretend their son or daughter has gone abroad or is busy at school anything to avoid telling the truthDefinitely would recommend this book to a lot of friends It's far FAR from perfect but it's still beautiful and I think it's well worth the read Full rtc